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 to any or has/had braces?
when you got your braces off- did you notice a big difference?...

 how many people have straight teeth, crooked, chipped,gaped,yellow,white?

 Root Canal & Crowns?
Hi. I have a hole in my tooth and on Monday I am having a Root Canal. Will the crown fix the hole in my tooth? Is the Root Canal painful or will I be in pain when the pain stuff wears off? Thanks!...

 whats something you loved when you were younger but cant stand now?
like, when i was little i ate cold cheese sandwiches for lunch and dinner everyday for like a year in a half, haha.
now i cant even eat a piece of cold cheese D:...

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant- how much can I expect to make after a few years?

 Wisdom teeth removal?
I'm 16, and getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on tuesday morning. I'm freaking out! But how bad is it going to hurt? I'm going under anesthesia too. 2 of my 4 wisdom teeth are ...

 I just got braces yesterday and they hurt really bad! Help please?
ok so yesterday i got my braces on and they have been hurting really bad lately!

I cant stand it. It hurts soo much!
What can i do to make the pain go away or atleast to ease the ...

 How can you make your breath smell nicer?
Except for obviously brushing and mouth washing your mouth [:
Thanks [:...

 I got braces yesterday... it get's better right?
Yeah... i'm on ibprofen and it's bad... help......

 Which hurts more: wisdom teeth extraction or getting braces?
Already had my wisdom teeth removed (6 months ago), getting braces in about three weeks.
Additional Details
When I had my wisdoms out, wasn't able to take medicine until a couple ...

 What can you do about bleeding gums?
(no money for a dentist visit at this time)
Additional Details
I only have a short time left on my pre-paid internet program. When that runs out I won't have internet access. There ...

 i have a toothache and it hurts really bad. what can i do about it?
i can't go to the dentist and i don't have any medication in the house.
Additional Details
i appreciate your help, but please pay attention to the question!!!! i can NOT go to ...

 OKay so im getting my wisdom teeth taken out, what can i expect?
okay like i said im getting my wisdomt teeth taken out tomorrow morning, what can i expect and like anything that might help??i am soo scared, heh....

 At what age did teeth usually get full grown?
i'm 12 and my teeth are still little i've lost most of my teeth but still ave a few ...

 can i do anything about the spots on my teeth?
the medicine i used when i was younger caused me to get spots of white in the middle of my front to teeth. its not from braces. is there anything that could help make them less noticeable or go away?...

 Have you had your wisdom teeth/tooth out?
If so, how was the op? I'm due to have one of mine out and I cannot wait for the relief. Did you get knocked out or was under local?
Additional Details
Oh don't be sorry lol it ...

 Have you had a root canal done? If so, did it hurt?

 My son has really bad teeth?
I've got 5 kids, aged 3-11, and my 11 year old son has really bad teeth. Every time he goes to the dentist he needs to get at least one filling, he had fillings in practicaly all of his baby ...

 Milk tooth falling out but root is in gum? Normal or not? advice?
Top part of tooth is very wobbly but looks like top part of tooth has broken away from bottom part of tooth. IRoot is still in gum....

 I chipped my front tooth.. PLEASE HELP!!?
So in PE today we were playing soccer and three of us were going to the same ball and.. well knocked into each other. When we collided my jaw was punched up and at first i didn't realize what ...

Support Breast Cancer Research
How many teeth have you had removed?
I had 4 wisdoms in the 90's and 3 removed while I was in Florida last month!!!

Saved By Grace
I have had 7 removed. Thank goodness they were all in the back, so you can't tell by just looking. Bad teeth run in my family.

8 - Four wisdom teeth and four teeth when I got braces about six years before that.

two wisdom teeth, and one regular tooth.

7 when I had braces at 10 years old and 4 wisdom teeth. I have a very small mouth.....

I ♥ my fam, zumba, and God! =)
I had four teeth extracted when I got braces two and a half years ago.

Rob Bob
I had two top pre molars remove for braces when I was younger

I just recently (last month) had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and those are the only extractions I've had.

4 in the name of orthodontics

The VC 06
None-thank God!



Yes, It's Me
8 teeth. 4 wisdom teeth, 2 for ortho and 2 because they wouldn't come out on their own.

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