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I cant stand it. It hurts soo much!
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 How can you make your breath smell nicer?
Except for obviously brushing and mouth washing your mouth [:
Thanks [:...

 I got braces yesterday... it get's better right?
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(no money for a dentist visit at this time)
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 Have you had your wisdom teeth/tooth out?
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 Have you had a root canal done? If so, did it hurt?

 My son has really bad teeth?
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How do you get rid of bad breath?
Can you help me because i brush my teeth in the morning but people say it smells really bad it might be that i keep my mouth closed for a long time anything matters as long as it kills bad breath

have a sip of soda everytime u want ur breath to be k.. if u dont like chewing gum or ne thing. then its the best way. but not then get some mints.. that wud keep u moody

Drink more water. When you brush your teeth, you also have to brush your tongue. You can start from developing good oral hygiene habits like brushing your teeth every time after meals. Mouthwash and mint sweets will only help to mask your bad breath and not helping you to get rid of it. If you already have very good oral hygiene habits and has been trying different ways to get rid of your bad breath and it is not working. I think most likely you are suffering from chronic bad breath. Here is a site for you to find out more on the home remedies for bad breath. http://www.squidoo.com/badbreath-remedies


Gargle a cup of lukewarm water mixed with salt or half a lemon juice.This is best done before going to bed. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. Put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toothbrush top it with toothpaste, and then brush your teeth. More useful remedies at http://useinfo5.blogspot.com/

i would try lemon drops , they really do help.

It is highly recommended by dentists that you brush your tongue! The tongue has a bumpy surface that is home to tons of bacteria. These bacteria feed on the remnants of things you eat. This is the main cause of bad breath! If the situation gets really out of control, it is referred to as Halitosis.The only way to get rid of this odor-causing bacteria is to clean your tongue. There are a few different ways to accomplish this. One is to use the bristles on your toothbrush and gently scrub at your tongue. It doesn't take a lot of force or time. Alternatively there are some toothbrushes that provide a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush. Follow the instructions on the packaging. Finally, you can purchase a tongue scraper. These mechanisms look a little scary, but the concept is the same. You just gently pull the scraper across your tongue and it removes that filmy layer of bacteria and food particles to leave you with a pretty, healthy, and clean-smelling tongue.

ms. dew
Proper oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, mouthwash and tongue scraping) are the essentials in keeping teeth and gums free from plaque and bacteria that causes dental problems. Aside from that, be sure to eat properly, acid reflux can also cause bad breath. Avoid dehydration by drinking enough water and preventing dry mouth. If you think the condition is chronic, consult your dentist to know the cause of the bad breath to get the best treatment. Although about 90% of the bad breath comes from the mouth, the rest of the causes can be from underlying health problems that need immediate attention.

cleaning your teeth aka flossing after every meal is the best way to keep your breath fresh...

i found a product that lets me floss after every meal in like 30 seconds and i can take it with me in my wallet everywhere!

its called brytonpick and its this really small thin device that goes between my teeth. if you get food stuck in there it is THE best thing i have EVER found to help me ...

i think i found it on www.knowfloss.com ....good luck! hope this helps!

You should definitely check out this website, http://www.bad--breath.net My friend told me about it when she was looking for solutions for her son. They have treatments that really work!

drink water regularly. after a while it washes away the bacteria that cause stinky breath. for that matter, there are mouthwashes that tend specifically to that. C=

chew gum
tic tacs
DON'T USE MOUTHWASH it's proven that the alcohol in it just kills the breath for a short period of time.. then it comes back and it's worse
just remember to eat (DRINK ESPECIALLY) because if you don't eat or drink your breath will stink.

You can have bad breath / Halitosis for many reasons :

1. Dry mouth or xerostomia : Because of the lack of saliva, there is simply no washing effect. Every little thing sits in your mouth, gets putrefied and causes the bad breath. The following artilce will explain more and give you ideas as to how to handle that :


2. Inadequate oral hygiene : I know you brush your teeth, but do you floss. Food particles can stay stuck between your teeth as well and rinsing with Listerine is not an alternative.

3. Do you get regular cleanings (once every 6 months) done ? Poor oral hygiene due to poor home care and long-time negligence can result in gum disease. If you do not seek professional dental care for a long time, you will develop these problems.

No matter how much one tries, one cannot get rid of the bad germs from growing into the hard to reach areas. It is also hard to prevent the tartar build up altogether. You will have to get that removed or eliminated by getting the professional cleaning done. Regular flossing and brushing cannot get the hard tartar off. Special tools are required to do that by the professionally trained dentists and hygienists.

Once the hard tartar forms, that in turn harbors more bad germs and initiates local destruction of the bone. That gradually creates more gap between the gums and the teeth, resulting in more food and germ impaction, and worse mouth odor.

If untreated, the vicious cycle continues. Gradually, the teeth become very loose. If treatment is sought at this point, the dentist recommends a 'deep cleaning' (which is called Scaling and Root Planing). Usually the periodontists and the hygienists evaluate you on a case basis and make that call.

4. These days dentists and hygienists recommend brushing your tongue as well, because food particles stay stuck in the crevices of the tongue also. You can ask for a tongue scraper the next time you see them.

5. Your diet also plays a role. If you eat too mauch garlic, for instance. Also, for example, if you drink milk or even orange juice, you cannot let that sit in your mouth for long. You have to chase it with water. That will minimize some bad odor.

6. Skipping meals will increase the amount of gastric secretion / acidity causing damage to the teeth, more bad breath and malnutrition.

7. Sometimes bad mouth odor can be the earliest indication of some underlying medical conditions that can be brewing, like Diabetes or GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder) / acidity.

8. Rinsing with Listerine just masks the bad odor temporarily. It won't take the problem away. Most of the time bad odor / smell is caused because the germs ferment the residual food particles. So, if you can kill those germs that will help. According to basic Microbiology, those bad germs cannot thrive in the presence of salt. Therefore, instead of Listerine, rinse with luke warm salt water every night. Make sure you have dinner, brush and floss and rinse with it. Go to bed like that. Let it sit in your mouth the whole night. Don't rinse it off with plain water. You can use it multiple times throughout the day. Add only a pinch of salt in a glass of luke warm water. You don't want to make the solution too caustic. Make it warmer if you can tolerate a little bit more temperature. You can continue that the rest of your life without any problem.

Try all of these. You WILL see results.

Don't forget to see your medical doctor and dentist on a regular basis though.

Hope this helped. Good luck !

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