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 Wisdom teeth removal?
So i am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, and i am really afraid, i an not afraid of needles but i am more afraid of AFTER the surgery. I just don't wanna get sick from my painkillers. Also ...

 Root canal being done help!?
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for her birthday. she's 13 and in need of them. My dad doesn't have us on dental. I'm 19, can I put her on mine?

How would I go about giving her braces for her birthday? If I...

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iv brushed my teeth maybe 20 times since last summer only thing i do is scrape the plaque off with my finger nails and my teeth do not hurt there still white..
i used crest white strips a few ...

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I am having a lot of pain with this tooth....

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 OUCH, I had my WISDOM tooth extracted today!?
I had my wisdom extracted Tuesday, today is Friday! I only took 3 of the 16 pain pills. The side effects were worse than the relief! I used ice pack, tylenol, salt rinse...whining, holding my cheek, ...

 HI anyone know if i can put on braces only for the upper parts of my teeth?
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 My boyfriends teeth? help?
ok so i love my boyfriend alotttt...ive been w. him for 10months and dumping him its not a solution.. lately wen i kiss him i notice that he has like plaque or sumthing on the root of his teeth like ...

 I'm getting braces and I'm nervous?
I'm 13 and I'm getting them for a year and a half. I'm going into 9th grade next year and I'm really not excited to get them because all of my friends have already gotten them off....

 my wisdom teeth operation hurts.. cures?

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 I'm getting braces What to expect?
I'm 13
Additional Details
What foods can i Not Eat?...

 If you dont have a retainer when you get your braces off,do your teeth go back to being crroked?

How come the skull still has teeth attached to it?

Because when all your baby teeth fall out, you get permanent teeth. and your permanent teeth are bones that stick (sorry, I don't know how.) to your skull.

they are similar to bones

Teeth are bones attached to the skull by roots.

They are just there because that's where they were, you can pull them out very easily

Mr. Peachy®
To give the gums something to do.

Because teeth have roots.

kristin m
Because the teeth roots are so strong that they wont fall out when you die. Also, teeth are considered a bone too, so go ask a dentist. or kill soemone, and see if they fall out.

all i know is, since i had an upper molar operation about 15 yr ago,i ve been suffering a lot whenever i got a flu ,,with my this pulled molar,my sinus get affected badly,during a flu.,

Picture Taker
Like this??? http://members.aol.com/swf08302/skullfront.jpg

I agree 100% with Dr. Jon. Thanks.

The jaw bone holds the teeth in place, the gums don't. They hold them in place when the roots (also teeth material) wrap themselves around the jaw bone. Ever have a tooth pulled? It's no easy task to release that tooth away from the jaw...good queston by the way!

Dr. Jon
The reason that you can still find teeth in the jaw bones of the skull even after someone has died is because the teeth have long roots that are attached deep within the bone. When a person is alive, these roots are attached within the bones by lots of little ligaments (called periodontal ligaments). These little ligaments secure the teeth to the bone. When baby teeth are exfoliated, you do not see the roots because when the adult teeth begin to erupt, they resorb the roots of the baby teeth. When a person dies, these periodontal ligaments dry out and undrego a typr of calcification that somewhat fuses the teeth to the bone. Also because teeth (especially molars) have more that one root this helps to physically lock the teeth in place after a person dies.

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