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Help my mouth ulcers are killing me. Why do i always get this?
Home remedy for mouth sores! How to prevent it from happening?Thanks.

take plenty of vitaminsss... thats enough

Personally I find that using scope kills them within a couple of days.


First you should get the proper treatment from a doctor because you might get an infection in your mouth and it would be worst for you.

You can try swishing warm water with a bit of salt a few times a day.
Rinse before bedtime with warm water&salt. Do not rinse with regular water until the next day. This will dry them out and prevent infection.

Good Luk

Ouch! I have had a few and you are right. They do hurt! I found swishing Listerine or a good mouthwash helped some, but placing a lump of Alum on them dried them up fast. It is used for making pickles, but tastes awful. I think the other person's use of the styptic pencil would be very similar. You want to be over the sink when you do either of these as the saliva will really flow.

Good luck, hope this helps.

You could always ask your doctor and maybe he or she could explain why you keep getting these.

Mick W
corlan pellets (hydrocortisone) available from the chemist or stronger ones on prescription, placed against the ulcer will pacify them, also using two or three applications of frandor tincture, to each offending crater will reduce the discomfort considerably.

I get fairly bad mouth ulcers every now and again

Apparently mine are caused by stress, and can appear if i am tired or run down

If yours are caused by stress too, it may be helpful to get to bed a little earlier, and cut down on caffine in the afternoon/night time. But you can't prevent them really.

My dentist gave me a few tips for clearing them up faster though, and making them a little less painful

* wash your mouth out with warm salty water a few times a day. Don't use mouthwashes, they are too harsh on the open sores
* When you are cleaning your teeth, be careful not to irritate the ulcer too much. This will damage the scabs, and take longer to heal. It is important to clean your mouth properly though. (when you have ulcers, using a flouride cream, along with regular brushing, may be helpful if you can not effectively brush your teeth)
* Get some rest, and de-stress!

Go and see your gp or dentist about them. they will be able to help you a lot more

I hope they clear up, and that you get some useful answers!
Best wishes

Hiya i know you siad yo wnated home remedies but i have a good solution for mouth ulcers. Its called corsodyl mouth wash or corsodyl gel. Eitha rinse your mouth in the mouth rinse 1 hour after you have eaten your dinner (it does not taste very nice and will weaken your taste buds for the rest of the night which is why i say 1 hour after dinner) and the ulcer should be gone within 24 hours or just place a blob of the gel on trhe ulcer and agai within 24 hours your ulcer should go. Im not sure what its cost is but i do know a bottle of mouth rinse or the gel will last you a very long time.

You are having what is called "aphthosis". Whereas there is no known cause or cure for this, several home remedies can be tried. I"ve found that the application of a styptic pencil to the ulcer areas as soon as they arise seems to shorten the course of them. Also, topical numbing agents make them feel better. But, unfortunately, there is no CURE for them.

anyone or few of the following could be the possible reason :


late night sleep or insufficient sleep


improper digestion or say bad eating habits

deficiency of vitamins (especially vitamin B complex)

heat in the body (reduce tea/coffee)

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian
My son gets these; they're viral, and to my knowledge, there's no cure. It seems to run in families (his father and paternal grandmother also get them). I get them occasionally, but mine don't seem to be nearly as severe as theirs. The one thing that works on mine is to hold a piece of ice on the sore as long as you can stand it. I don't have a clue WHY it works, but for me, they will start to heal within about 24 hours after doing this. This works for me; it didn't do much for my son's dad. However, it's free to try, and if you don't get any results, you haven't lost anything.

Good luck!

Good dental hygiene will prevent it. In the meantime, gargle with warm salt water. And if you can stand it, put salt directly on it for at least one minute. It will heal within one day.

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