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Also, how is laughing gas put into the body(is it injected or inhaled or something)

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Getting 4 teeth extracted for braces?
I am just looking for reassurance that getting for teeth (bicuspids I think) removed for braces is not as bad as I think.
I think the dentist will be removing them all at once, and I WILL be awake.
Has anyone got any advice?
How long will it take for all 4?
Do people typically get the teeth removed BEFORE the braces are put on?

Katez x
i had that exact treatment done

you want the truth???
you are awake they inject you in mouth so half of your face goes numb you feel a tiny scratch they pull your tooth out with pliers which you can't feel anyway

you need two appointment 2 teeth for each i think

ya i got the same thing done...i had laughing gas though so obvoiusly i dont remember it and i didnt feel a thing. dont worry they will probably do the same thing to you unless you have crappy insurence

Chris R
I had braces a looong time ago but also had to get 4 teeth removed, all adult teeth. I had too many teeth for my small mouth.
The teeth were removed, the braces went on, and 6-months later I had a great set of teeth (and still do).
Trust your dentist but if you're really worried I would get a 2nd opinion.

Yeah, they dope you up enough where you won't even feel it. Just get used to eating yogurt, and mashed corn for a while because that's all you'll be able to eat. But in all seriousness it isn't as bad as it sounds. The orthodontist understands how uncomfortable it can be, so they do their best to help out.

Yes i have had this done before try 8 teeth all at once awake! well i had my 1st 4 teeth on top for my braces on when i got them pulled and no it doesnt hurt at all all you feeel is a lil tugging when they pull the teeth and you'll be numb and the shots just hurt a lil... like a little pinch..... and 4 teeth shouldnt take long at all maybe 30 min or less :] Good Luck =] it will be ok!

They give you some shots to numb the pain. I got two teeth pulled quite recently and that's why I stopped to read and answer your question. But, it doesn't hurt too bad, just like a slight pulling on your gums, the shots are the worst, and they aren't even that bad.

Best Wishes!

Micky W
Don't listen to the people who say it hurts. You're awake because they put a shot in your mouth (painless). Believe me there is nothing at all to worry about. I promise.

My friend had several teeth removed before braces were put in, i think thats normal

If you need to, you have to get them taken out to make room to straighten the teeth. It won't be so bad since you will have freezing. The worse you think about it the more scared you will be. My brother did it and he is a chicken so I wouldnt worry! Good Luck!

The braces I don't don't really no about so I can't help w/ that

The teeth being pulled out, I know a thing or two... It won't hurt because they numb your mouth with novacaine and then they give u tyleneol w/ codeine. The makes you sleep all day. You can't eat anything hard for a few days. And you have to rinse your mouth with salt and warm water for about a week and a half. Other then that your good.

George N
It's not uncommon to have teeth removed before getting braces. It helps eliminate overcrowding problems.

I'm guessing they'll wait a while after the extractions to let your mouth settle down.

Extractions are typically pretty fast assuming their are no complications like impactions.

Ask for some nitrous gas if you're not going to be otherwise sedated. It will help the time feel as if it's going faster.

I got 4 too! all at once!!!
Yeah, it really wasn't that bad. Especially since your getting yours all at once because then you only have to go through getting your mouth numbed and the blood 2 times.
My advice for you is to EAT ALOT before the appt, like I went to Bob Evans and ate crepes and sausages b4 my appt but i was too nervous to eat it all, so afterward i was hungry but its very hard to eat with gauze in your mouth. so dont be nervous and eat a lot so you wont be starving like i was.
And the morning after you get them pulled there will be blood and crap stuck to your toungue and the roof of your mouth, so try to drink a lot of water to prevent the caking.

And... relax while they pull your teeth because i didnt and i got SO dizzy i thought i would pass out. and i saw double. so relax and hold someones hang.

i had braces on while they pulled them but i think its more normal to have em pulled b4 you get them.

hope i helped and good luck!!! :)

i got a tooth pulled and it DOES NOT hurt at all. no lie. u can even feel it. they only part that u can kind of feel is when they give u the novicane. but thats the worst part. i have to get teeth removed when i get my braces. and i dont think its that bad

Mansour A
well extracting the teeth doesnt hurt as much as when you first put the braces, you wont eat for several days you will only drink liquids ( water, soup, milkshakes)

This was many, many moons ago but I had the same thing done to me before I got my braces put on. 4 permanent teeth removed, all done at the same time. I have a small jaw and needed to have the teeth removed so it would be less crowded then the teeth could shift around and become straight when the braces were put on. I was awake when it was done but was given shots of novacaine so I didn't feel any pain. Afterwards you'll be numb for awhile and packed with cotton. Your dentist may give you some tylenol with codine or you might be fine with just Advil.

My son had some teeth pulled before braces. That's how it's usually done. It would be harder to remove them once the braces are in place. They will give you plenty of Novocaine, so you won't feel any pain. You might feel a little tugging, but it doesn't hurt. Afterward you should take some ibuprofen (Advil), because you might have a little discomfort once the Novocaine wears off, but it won't be anything you can't handle. Good luck!

I actually just got braces on a month ago and teeth pulled, and yes they usually pull teeth before you get them on if your mouth is overcrowded because it gives your teeth space to shift. I didn't get any gas or valium when I got my teeth pulled (2 molars). They just numbed my mouth and pulled, the pressure is kinda weird but you don't feel any pain. Plus they give you pain meds after so any pain you may feel will be easily treated. GOOD LUCK!! AND DON'T WORRY PEOPLE GET TEETH PULLED EVERY DAY!! :)

My advice would be to not sweat it to much. They'll likely give you some novocaine to numb it or some laughing gas, so you won't feel it when it happens (though it will hurt the next day, sorry to say).
It shouldn't take to long, for four teeth though I'd guess anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how the dentist goes about it.
And yes, people do normally get teeth pulled before getting braces, because sometimes the braces wouldn't be able to straighten all the teeth otherwise and it would be pointless to even get braces then.

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