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 I'm always chewing on something. Possible Oral Fixation. How do I stop biting?
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i hate my teeth to the point that i never smile, even in photos, and they really affect my self confidence, because there quite yellow and i never had braces. i plan on getting them surgecially ...

 My teeth are yellow help!?
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 I'm 18 years old is it to late for me to get braces?
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 What is worse...The Dentist or a broken arm?

 People who have/had braces...?
I'm jsut wondering, but did you like them? I mean, when you first got them were you really happy...and with that, any other advice having to do with braces is accepted. =]

Getting ...

 My boyfriend is experianceing swollen gums along with pain and when he pushes on them puss come out.?
gums are red and swollen they look like they are almost separated from teeth. Puss seeps out when pressure is applied. just started a couple hours ago out of no where. located onnthe bottom inside ...

 Braces...4 days! eek! im scared! Tips? What not to eat? HELP!!!?
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 What color braces would look best?
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 how long do you have to wear dental braces?
I need braces, i have a overbite and the front teeth are pretty messed up. How long do you have to wear braces? they'd be traditional metal ones. Plus, do you think im too old to get them? im 2...

 can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Hygientist. Is this career anything like sitting at a desk all day long??

 i really like this boy named Brad?
Should i ask him out?...

For how long do you brush your teeth?

TOdays my BIRTHDAY!!!!!
30 minutes


john b
I always brush for 10 minutes, and then I floss afterwards.

nick w
until i clean all my teeth then i floss

2 minutes.

Sing "Happy Birthday" in your head three times.

about two min

atleast 2 minutes.

At least 3 mins.

twice a day

maybe 2 or 3 minutes

2-3 minutes

2-3 minutes

Jeanette M
at least 2 -3 minutes ...when you brush also use circular motions

3 minutes 2x per day. Need to do three, but no time in the middle of the day.

I brush mine until my SoniCare automatically shuts off.

Munya Says: DUH!
I sing Happy Birthday twice while brushing the uppers, and ditto for the bottom, so altogether, Happy Bday gets sung 4 times.
I dont know if that's 2 minutes or not, but it seems to work for me.
(I'd sing "Born to Run" or "Blinded by the Light", but I just cant remember all the words, ha ha!)

3 minutes, I have my digital Mickey Mouse timer to make sure I do it for the time..no I'm not a kid...I'm 46! lol;

the dentist told us when we started our kids brushing to get a timer and set for 1min since then we try to brush for about 1min

I think i recall it was sing the ABCs twice.

Three minutes. I use a mini hour glass. I want to keep my teeth. LOL

Depends on the type and condition of your teeth. If you have brittle teeth, its better not to brush too long (more than 2 mins). If teeth are in good condition, you can brush at least three minutes. Moreover, its not the time taken to brush, but the coverage provided thats importent. Spend some time on the teeth along the sides and in the back.

If you are using a hard brush, lesser time spent will be good. In case of softer bristles (recommended), you can spend longer time.

✿ lαtínα вσnítα ✿
I brush for 2 minutes. I try to brush 3 times a day, if not at least twice...and then I floss!! mmm, minty fresh..lol.
Take care, sweetie

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