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 Is it normal for my teeth to feel like this with braces?
Ok, so...I got my braces on, on Tuesday and they have kind of stopped hurting but I still cant eat solid foods except like pasta because when I put together my teeth it hurts a little and feels ...

 Is losing one's teeth inevitable ?

Additional Details
I look after my teeth now but I did not when I was a child [ my parents would not let me go the dentist, long story ].I was wondering if the decay in childhood would ...

 My teeth are in good condition. Is it a Florida law that I have to have x rays done every year no matter what?
Unless I have a problem of some sort I would just like to get my teeth cleaned professionally and not be required to pay for x rays, goop to prevent cavities etc. When I went to have my teeth ...

 After braces on top and bottom, do you get a retainer for both sets of teeth?
I have braces and I'm wondering since I have them for both sets of teeth if when I have a retainer I'll get them for both sets....

 Braces, yes or no, please answer! 10points?
Ok, here's the deal.
Im 14, and my teeth are pretty crooked, though apparently, not as bad as i thought and could be a lot worse, however i have issues with them and its not overly ...

 Does it hurt to get braces on?What colors should i get?
I just found out today that i am getting braces!!! I am kinda nervour but I can't wait! my brother just got his on a month ago and he says they hurt, but then again he is a baby, and i am the ...

 to any or has/had braces?
when you got your braces off- did you notice a big difference?...

 how many people have straight teeth, crooked, chipped,gaped,yellow,white?

 Root Canal & Crowns?
Hi. I have a hole in my tooth and on Monday I am having a Root Canal. Will the crown fix the hole in my tooth? Is the Root Canal painful or will I be in pain when the pain stuff wears off? Thanks!...

 whats something you loved when you were younger but cant stand now?
like, when i was little i ate cold cheese sandwiches for lunch and dinner everyday for like a year in a half, haha.
now i cant even eat a piece of cold cheese D:...

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Assistant- how much can I expect to make after a few years?

 Wisdom teeth removal?
I'm 16, and getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on tuesday morning. I'm freaking out! But how bad is it going to hurt? I'm going under anesthesia too. 2 of my 4 wisdom teeth are ...

 I just got braces yesterday and they hurt really bad! Help please?
ok so yesterday i got my braces on and they have been hurting really bad lately!

I cant stand it. It hurts soo much!
What can i do to make the pain go away or atleast to ease the ...

 How can you make your breath smell nicer?
Except for obviously brushing and mouth washing your mouth [:
Thanks [:...

 I got braces yesterday... it get's better right?
Yeah... i'm on ibprofen and it's bad... help......

 Which hurts more: wisdom teeth extraction or getting braces?
Already had my wisdom teeth removed (6 months ago), getting braces in about three weeks.
Additional Details
When I had my wisdoms out, wasn't able to take medicine until a couple ...

 What can you do about bleeding gums?
(no money for a dentist visit at this time)
Additional Details
I only have a short time left on my pre-paid internet program. When that runs out I won't have internet access. There ...

 i have a toothache and it hurts really bad. what can i do about it?
i can't go to the dentist and i don't have any medication in the house.
Additional Details
i appreciate your help, but please pay attention to the question!!!! i can NOT go to ...

 OKay so im getting my wisdom teeth taken out, what can i expect?
okay like i said im getting my wisdomt teeth taken out tomorrow morning, what can i expect and like anything that might help??i am soo scared, heh....

 At what age did teeth usually get full grown?
i'm 12 and my teeth are still little i've lost most of my teeth but still ave a few ...

Fear of dentists ? Help please?
Ok, ever since I was a young kid, I have been scared of the dentist, my first dentist wasn't very child friendly and I think that may be why. Every time I'm going for a regular checkup I'm terrified at needing a filling or something. I have braces and going to the ortho doesn't scare me that much, I think it may be because I know what's happening there, but at the regular dentist I'm just so scared at what they're going to say. I'm going for a checkup later today and I now have a new dentist, I'm just still scared of needing work. My teeth don't feel any different from last time I went (like my molars don't feel any deeper or anything) and I don't have any pain, but I'm still scared of needing a filling. Any advice ? Thanks
Additional Details
It's weird because I haven't needed any work in years but it still worries me for some reason =/

Daniel k
why should you be scared of dentists? what are they going to do? kill you with a 3 foot needle or pull all your teeth out forcing you to blender you food for the rest of your life?

toughen up that's all i can say

So scared!! Me too!!!



Vinay M
BUCK UP you have to forget all past incidences and look for a better future dont panic you are extremely safe

brush and floss regularly

Just relax, they aint gonna hurt u or anything and if u are really terrified, tell the desntist cos they will have a special way of treating people with a phobia and they will put u at ease :)

hope this helps

Imogen J Mann
A. Learn to relax.
B. Let your dentist know you are scared. They can't guess.
C. Go regularly, and ask if anything looks likley to cause a problem in future. (be aware of your dental health).
D. DON'T try anything like weed, or relaxing remedies before hand. They DO NOT work.


There is nothing to be afraid of.They are only people assisting with your medical needs. The injection does not hurt these days, as they put numbing gel on the gum first. Our dentist has a TV above so we just watch that, and they get on with the job that they are well paid to do. Be brave.

You need to tell the dentist or his receptionist...most dentists these days have a special programme for people who are afraid...they've taken courses in how to make people feel less scared....if you tell them they will give you special care.

Me :)
I get scared if I need a filling too, but if you clean your teeth twice a day, everyday, it shouldn't be too bad. I never used to clean my teeth when I was younger, but I started doing it and it really benefitted me at the dentist.

[email protected]
Dentistry has improved out of all recognition now, to what it used to be. There is no need at all to be scared of modern dentistry.

And most Dentists have been trained to deal with people who have a fear of them. I find most dentists very consoling and sympathetic.

So don`t worry. There is less pain from the needle now, than from getting a thorn in your finger. And less than ever when they are dealing with your teeth.

Dan S
dont worry, its for your benifit... sure it might hurt but when you get looks from lads, at least when you smile back they wont die because you have no teeth!

Adrian K
Just relax, Easy to say I know but at the end of the day if there were any work that was needed just explain that you have had unpleasantast experiences (this will then make him causious) and he will be gentle with your teeth! But don't worry all the work sounds as if its already been done so just sit back and relax, you will probably only be in there for about 3 minutes!




My sister is scared of the dentist too so I sort of know how you feel. She works on a distraction basis. She makes her day really busy before she goes and she takes an ipod into the waiting room with her so she can't hear what is going on when she gets there. If you aren't having any pain etc and you are seeing an orth my guess is you will be fine today it is just your thing you don't like, everyone has one :)

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