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Braces help! URGENT!?
Well I have had braces for about 3 years, and my next ortho appointment is to check that they are okay to take off.. Well it feels like a couple of my teeth are loose? Is this normal? If its not when they take my braces off will they come off too? And is there a way to get my gums down a lot before they come off, besides floss?

I think you're ok.

-Yeah, I think that's normal, because they have been moving around so much to get straight, be sure to wear your retainer!
-No, you're adult teeth will stay in your gums.
-Just keep flossing and brushing your gums. They should eventually go down.

gargle with warm salt water, and no, your teeth will not come out. Chances are, your gums are just sensitive, and need to be healed.

My teeth always felt loose too. I got mine off in September. Nothing happened with me. I'm sure if they were loose, and it wasn't normal, then they would say something to you and take care of it. Just be sure to brush a alot. Use one of those brushes that goes underneath the wire.

My brother had the same problem.
The doctor will loosen the pressure around the loose teeth. This will let the tissue grow back around the teeth untill they become stable.
Since your braces are coming off, he might want to wait a little longer untill the teeth are strong enough.
Tell the doctor everything that happened and he will do a procedure similar to the one I mentioned.
Do not worry, the doctor will not let your teeth fall out and this is totally normal.

For the gums, brush your gums often, they were always on me about that. When they come off I don't think your teeth will come off, but if you have concerns tell them. I know I felt like a weight was being lifted off when they did mine, almost like something was missing. All the money that was spent on my braces and dental wear helped a little, but they still went back a little. I hate that.

The teeth feel loose because the braces have been moving them. If you've been taking care of your teeth properly while you had the braces on, you have no reason to worry.

Amber G
No it's completely normal to have loose teeth when you have braces, it's cause they're shifting

When I had braces, I had the same thing. They just seem loose because they have been moving around due to your braces. They haven't really set in. I wouldn't worry about it.

Im pretty sure thats normal. One of mine were and when they took my braces off it didnt fall out... I don't know how to get your gums down though, sorry.

yes its normal if ur teeth feel like dey r loose..dey wont fall off..n i dun no ne thing bout bringin ur gums down

Don't worry about it. Your Orthodontists knows more about teeth than you, or anybody on Yahoo! Answers. Just tell him if you feel very concerned, but chances are, you'll be fine. You're teeth are more connected to your face than your braces.

Umm... a few times, I felt my teeth a bit loose, but they were okay the next day or two. If they move a lot (like a normal loose tooth without braces), the teeth may be loose. And getting your gums down, your dentist/orth should have told you that already. Just follow normal procedures for keeping gums healthy. (As in not-swollen.)

Yvonne B
brushing with baking soda,rubbing a slice of lemon on your gums, rinsing with oral hydrogen peroxide with water, and rinsing with listerine

Milo's Girly
sometimes with braces they do feel like that and if u have lost all of ur teeth already they shouldn't just come of, but just to be safe i would talk to ur ortho people about it before they take them of. and for the gums mine came down when they took the braces off so i wouldn't worry about that 2 much

they are gonna feel loose because the braces are pulling them out of place. ir they are abnormally loose, then the ortho will notice it.

nope your teeth wont come off. Even though your braces are going to be coming off SOON, they are still moving a litle bit. So they should be a little loose. I toculd just be gum sensitivity too though. Porbably that. Not oftn your teeth come loose for no appearant reason. ahah but its totally true
I get mine off in 23 days : )

To the first question, it's alright if they feel a little loose. You might want to bring it up, just in case, but from what I recall my teeth felt a little loose the whole time. Your teeth have been moving, so they're not quite set in one spot yet.

To the second, if you can, invest in a waterpik. It's much easier than flossing (and kind of fun). Ever since I started using it, my ortho has been commenting on how well I've been brushing and flossing.

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