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 What is a good color for braces?
I have green eyes (dark green outline, lighter green inside & by pupil is a yellow color- it doesn't look like light brown either) & black hair, slightly tan. What color braces would ...

 my breath always stinks what do i do?
no matter how much i floss or brush my teeth my breath still smells what should i do someone plz help me :(...

 Does it hurt to get your braces off?
This Monday i'm going to setting a date to get my braces off my friend told me they hurt but i dont no if he is jut mesing with me so it would help a lot to let me know,


 what would leaving a whitening strip on my teeth do?
if i left it on for like 2 or 3 ...

 My teeth are really getting me down?.?
I need major dental work to fix my teeth because i was born without any adult ones and now im 21, they are all started to fall out. Im really depressed about it because my dentist told me it's ...

 how many chewing gum do you chew a day?
i chew half a pack a day, sometimes a whole pack :)...

 I just got my wisdom tooth pulled today?
I should of added that i do not have any chest pains anymore...about 3 hours ago is when it stopped.Im talking about what i can do for the pain from my tooth being removed.
Additional Details

 I'm scared to get braces... please help?
My dentist said that I needed to get braces. I have no idea what to expect. Please help me?...

 my husband had a tooth pulled. he developed a dry socket, it is really infected bad.?
they want to put him in hospital and run antiobiotics thru him. he refuses to go. has anyone ever had a experiance like this....

 What can i used to make my teeth whiter?
I brush my teeth twice a day and still get them pulled out.. What can i use to make them more white??
Additional Details
I am from A...

 Is it possible that a tooth hurts but doesn't need a root canal?
I have teeth that my dentist has put fillings in, but they still hurt - one on each corner of my mouth. He says that root canals won't help with the pain. Is this true?
Additional Details

 Why can't I eat Doritos with my braces.?
Hey. I just got braces like 3 days ago and on the list of food i CANNOT eat. One was Doritos! I was like Huh? The rest was like okay Pizza Crust i get or carmels and stuff but doritos?!...

 how to get white teeth?!?
My teeth are yellow-ish.
And i realllllyyyy want them white!
what works goood.
And is there anything i can do at home. whitening toothpastes dont work :(...

 how do i make my teeth stronger ?
see i drink a lot of soda and the dentist said i need to slow down cause the citric acid in the soda is rottening my teeth away' so if i continue drinking soda by the time i turn 21 i would lose ...

 Can a Root Canal be avoided?
I think I might need one...what can I do?...

 If I'm thinking about becoming an orthodontist, what are the pluses & minuses?
I'm 14 and thinking A LITTLE about what I want to be when I get older... they're making you pick classes in high school that relate to it or something i dont know... But I was thinking ...

 Toothache when breathing in?
I have a toothache when I breath in. It feels like I'm eating something that's too cold, except for I'm not. I have braces, but I don't think that's why I have pain. It'...

 I have to have a tooth Pulled. Its a molar.I'm scared to death. What do I do??

 how long does is take to recover from getting your wisdom teeth surgericaly removed?
im getting my wisdom teeth taken out in about a hour. and i have a party to go to tommorow night. do you think i will be up for it?...

 What color braces should i get?
i'm getting my elastics for my braces changed tomorrow.
i need help decided what color/colors to get!
any one know something that looks good cuz i have no idea!...

Braces !! :(( help !!?
okay i have had braces since april 7th 2008 and i got my traintracks in november 24th 2008 and this was my second time going back with traintracks, today i got the colour changed and the wire tightened and something else, now my teeth kill ...

what can i do, any help will do me as i am nearly crying over it as it hurts sooooooo much !! :(( xx

there used to be this waxy kinda stuff that was supposed to help - didnt do the job for though. painkillers did the job

East soft foods, like apple sauce, jello, ice cream. take some pain killers.

DO NOT EAT ICE! IT WILL MESS IT UP! Try taking some pain relevers and lie down! It might help but PLEASE dont eat ice!

Eat ice, will hurt like hell for a few seconds but will move them into their new positions faster.

M Long
The pain will ease in time. It is painful at first but it should feel normal after a few weeks.

i had my braces for a year and 4 months, it does start to hurt less every time u go back to get it tightened and its great being able to choose lots of idfferent colours.
Take painkillers before you go in the orthodontist that way no pain will come on till they ware off and by then the pain aint too bad anyways.
Dont eat anything really cruncy or hard, i.e crisps and appled etc, eat nice soft food and you'll be fine. Just remember stick em out and you'll have lovely straight teeth in the end!!

He probably put power-bands, to close the gaps. It causes your teeth to feel like you just put on braces. Try not to eat, and take a Tylenol.

pain killers!
an ice-lolly or really cold ice cream

the ice is good for when you can't have any painkillers!
good luck- it does hurt for a bit but it will be worth it!

Karen B
not much you can do, take some pain killers, eaat soft foods. it'll pass in a few days.

Tickled Pink
Take a pain reliever and do not even attempt to eat anything hard. Stick to soft foods, try soup. They'll feel better within a few days.

That's too bad! Anyway, I would recommend maybe taking some Advil, but you probably already thought of that, you should drink some hot liquids like tea or coffee. And don't worry, it will be over in a few days.

hope you start feeling better!

awww honey. I had braces for 4 years - I've been there.

Best thing you can do is take 2 advils. This should help a lot.

Try to eat soft foods.

This will all be worth it when you get your braces off and have a beautiful smile!

take some sort of pain reliever, and go to sleep for the afternoon. the pain eventually wears away...i promise. Also dont eat anything that requires you to chew, that tends to apply pressure to your teeth and make them hurt more

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