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Veggie Maniac, RN
Bleeding gums - but not gingivitis?
There is one specific spot on my gums, between two teeth, that bleeds very easily when I floss. It's been this way for maybe about 4-5 weeks.

I had a routine dental exam a few weeks ago, and the hygienist said it is not gingivitis, and recommended that I floss it very well and rinse with salt water, which I have been doing.

Sometimes it heals up for a few days, but it's still recurring a lot. What could the reason be? It's only one specific spot.
Additional Details
Good answers so far, that all makes sense - I'm sure that I'm not brushing or flossing too hard though, I'm being very gentle with it since it started bleeding. The hygienist even remarked that it bled really easily.

I just wonder if anyone else has experienced or heard of this? It seems disturbing to me but maybe it's not a big deal.

The Tycoon
Ask a periodontist.

You probably just haved sensitive gums. My teeth used to bleed everyday, till I found out I was brushing my teeth wrong (LOL). Plus flossing usually causes bleeding if you use to much force. You hardly bleed a drop anyway, I would say its nothing to worry about, hardly a life threatening situation but if your gums start to get inflammed then go and see a dentist. Because it could be an infection in the gum or something. My dad goes to some over priced dentist and they failed to find the infection till he had to have 3 teeth removed and hes only just turned 39, hes hardly an old man.

(sorry life story lol). x

Ninja dude
do u floss often?if no thats the reason if u do floss often go ask a dentist

Maybe you brush too hard in that spot, I know I brush too hard in a certain place and it's always bleeding. If your worried get a second opinion at another dentist, or go back and tell them your relay concerned and want to have it checked out again just to make sure its nothing serious.

Well i could be tht ur brushing harder there. Maybe u should give it a brack , u know not floss there for a while let it completly heal.

you might have something in it that is irritating it i suggest that you use peroxide, that's what my dad does and it helps a lot just don't swallow none but it might help you.

p.s. it might hurt a little.

I think you flossed too hard, that happened to me on one tooth, and it stopped on the others, cuz I went a bit lighter on it.

Wait Until You See The Prize!
I had bleeding gum but not gingivitis I had a cyst on the root of my tooth.

能量龍 Energy Dragon
Omg I am having the same problems sometimes I wake up with blood on my tooth but it's just my front teeth and no other teeth.

you may be brushing your teeth too hard

Davey P
it IS gingivitis-gingivitis simply means inflammation of the gum, but doesnt define a cause. there are many causes,but the commonest is a layer of plaque or even some 'tartar' just below the gumline. other cause include rough edges to a fillingor crown, pregnancy, diabetes,or medication. try dipping the brush in mouthrinse (corsodyl is good), and working it down the gum, disregarding any bleeding. Dont avoid it cos it bleeds or it'll worsen.

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