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Im getting braces this month and want all the info on them!! what are spacers? ALSO I HAVE SOME MOLLARS THAT ARE BABY TEETH STILL WILL IT MESS UP MY BRACES?? thanks all info on pain and facts would be appreciated!!

Queen Of All Games
don't get them
braces are painful and ugly
also you have to get them adjusted every month which hurts a lot and you can eat only certain foods (soft and mushy)
instead get invisalign
its clear and no one can tell you are wearing it
also its easy to remove and wash so you can eat regular foods
and there is no pain!!!!!!!!!
its just like braces but much better

Spacers just move your teeth further apart so the teeth have room to grow in. They only hurt the first week or so. When you first get them, they will hurt cause they are tugging on your teeth. The glue they use to glue on the brackets tastes sour. No, your molars won't mess up your braces. IM me if you need more help, just go to my profile. I'm just a 14 year-old girl. And I have braces now, I've had them 15 1/2 months

they are bad the first month or so but you get used to them. spacers are little rubber bands the put between your back teeth they don't hurt. if the braces start to hurt they give you wax and you put that on GET LOTS OF IT. other than that they are fine. they say don't chew gum buts its fine don't worry about it. and as for your molars it is fine they will fall out and the ortho can take out the wire that they put in your teeth and put new wire on (the teeth come out with the wire). good luck. its all worth it in the end.

Okay spacers kill! They are tiny clear elastics that go in between our teeth to create a little space. The day after you get them on it hurts so much too chew! Then you get them off in about a week or two.

Then you get your braces..
getting them on is the most annoying thing ever. It doesn't hurt but it is very annoying because they put this like mouth thing in your mouth to keep your mouth open for like 30 minutes...

Braces are not that bad, some days hurt then others but not as bad as the spacers. Try not to eat apples unless cutting them up, and avoid chewy things like tootsie rolls ( i eat them anyway lol!) But then just be aware you might have food stuck in your braces so you might want to go to the bathroom after you eat!

Hope this helps!
Good luck (:

yay, i question i can actually answer..

spacers are these rubberbands i guess. they put them on between your back teeth to make spaces for these metal things to connecte the wire of the braces too.( excuse my terms.. i dont know dental terms. haha) you wear spacers for a bout a week, maybea little longer.. at first they hurt because there is pressure.. its moving your teeth.. you'll get used to it in a day or two.. its doesnt hurt for everybody though. when you get braces it will most likeley hurt, and you'll feel pressure. i've heard many stories that it hurts for about a week, like mine did. but many people say it didnt hut at all for them. it all depends on how sensitive you teeth are.. hope it helped. :)

Carolyn D
Spacers are tiny rubberbands that are stretched and put inbetween some of your teeth - imagine folding a rubberband in half and then using it like floss, that's sort of the idea. They stay in place for a day or two to make space for the bands of the braces to go around your molars. They'll only be used in places where your teeth are very close together and they shouldn't bother you too much, but if they make your teeth sore you can take some Tylenol or other painkiller. You won't be allowed to eat anything too sticky because it could pull the spacers out.

I'm sure your orthodontist knows that some of your teeth are still baby teeth and will make sure your braces work with them. You might get braces on just some of your teeth and then more will be added as more adult teeth come in, but every person's braces are different depending on the positions of your teeth.

Having the braces put on isn't too bad. Sometimes your mouth gets tired from being open for so long and some of the glues they use smell bad, but it usually doesn't hurt. After they are on, your orthodontist will make adjustments to them periodically. These adjustments make your teeth move (that's how braces straighen your teeth), and that can make them hurt. The best thing to do is take Tylenol or another painkiller before your adjustment and afterward as needed. Eventually you will have your braces taken off and that process can be a little uncomfortable, but it usually doesn't hurt. After they are off you will probably have to wear a retainer for a while to make sure your teeth don't move anymore.

Other than that, the best advice I can give you is to take care of your teeth and listen to what your orthodontist tells you. Not listening to what he/she says usually means you have to wear braces or a retainer for a longer time. And make sure you brush your teeth well and often - I didn't and now I regret it because I have stains and you can see where my brackets were from when I had braces.

Good luck! And if you have any other questions, ask your orthodontist or his/her assistant, they are usually happy to explain things.

Xb Nm Vbcgng
i have braces and they r really not as ba d as i thought... when first get them on they do hurt really badd for about 4 days but after that they feel completely fine... befor i got them people tld me when i wentback everytime to get them tightened or whatever that it would hurt but it has never been a problem for me

Ahhh its rough but its all worth it in the end. Spacers are like little wedges they stick between your teeth...it makes your molars a little sore..my spaces would constantly fall out...you should only have those for about a week, 2 weeks tops. Getting the braces put on is not as bad as you think, it doesn't hurt until like 3 hours later and thats just because your teeth are sore from them shifting. All in all its really not that bad, I just hated going to my ortho appointments because I knew that they would be adjusting my braces which made my teeth sore. Stock up on the ice cream!!

[email protected]
Spacers just spread your teeth so all your adult teeth can grow in properly. As for baby teeth molars, they will fall out themselves. However, if your doctor says they'll mess up your teeth, prepare for them getting pulled out. Otherwise, don't worry about them. Braces hurt for like a day only. You'll barely notice them after. FLOSS EVERYDAY, cause when they come off, it won't be pretty. XD

spacers are tiny like rubber bands they put in between usually your molars to help space them out.

an orthodontist shouldn't be putting braces on baby teeth..but if there are only a couple then no it wont mess up your braces.

also, they do hurt pretty bad (ive had them) and you might want to take Tylenol to relieve the pain.

they do give great results though =]

The spacers that I had were like little rubber bands that they stuck between your back teeth. They make room for the bands that you around your back molar.
I think it's ok if they are still baby! Your orthodontist wouldn't be putting braces on you if they thought they might mess your teeth up. :)
Don't worry about, good luck!

when you get braces you will have these silver rings that go around your molars so the wire can go into them, and the spacers make room around that area in order for the ring to have a nice fit. now for the baby teeth i'm not sure, i ended up getting mine pulled right before i got my braces on. about the pain it isn't too bad. the only thing that hurts the most is the spacers. i couldn't stand them. but right before you get your braces on take 3 advil then after take 2 and i'm telling you, you won't feel a thing, i didn't. also when you get them on it will cut your mouth a little so be sure to use your wax for the first month or so! good luck with them :)

I had braces a while ago for two years. They don't really hurt although when you go to get the wires changed every so often they put a tighter wire on so when your teeth adjust to this it makes your gums all soft. Sometimes this makes it a little painful but if you take paracetemol it'll be fine and eat soup or something like that because you won't be able to chew properly for a couple of days after you have the wire changed each time. It is worth it though to have lovely teeth in the end :)

Ok, i will be honest with you getting braces is a little bit worrying at first. It doesnt hurt at all when they put them on. But im sure you will find out later on it hurts as of your teeth are moving.

I have braces - they hurt me for about 5 days so i was on pain killers every 4 hours. Your molars won't mess up your teeth. Spaces are little things they stick between your teeth - sorry but they will hurt. After a while you get used to the braces and you will hardly notice them there.
Hope this helps - good luck!

Nic B
Spacers make space for your teeth to move.

The baby teeth will just have to come out soon.

The most painful part is getting braces tightened, and you can get painkillers for it.

Once you have a perfect smile, you'll know it was worth it.

Spacers are to make room in between teeth-- to stretch them apart. If they need to be pulled farther apart, you might get a spring on the wire.

Getting them on doesn't hurt at all-- you barely feel anything. When the wire is tightened you feel a little pressure, but it doesn't hurt. Right after you get them, your teeth will hurt for a while and you won't be able to eat proper food. This will last for about a week.

The first time you get them tightened also doesn't hurt while it's being done. Once again you can feel the tightening and it may be a little uncomfortable, but you'll get used to it. Your teeth may be sore again after that, but it won't last as long.

It's also uncomfortable because braces rub against the inside of your mouth, which takes some getting used to. Sometimes they can even cut inside your mouth.

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