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 does weed cure cancer?

 When patients and family members say. "We want everything possible done."?
Risking some angry responses here. I heard this quite often as an oncologist - "We want everything done.". But these days there are so many more things that can be done and many ...

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 why has no one found a cure for cancer yet?
my best friend has got cancer! it's not fair!!!!!!!!...

 When cancer is classed as terminal...?
When cancer is classed as terminal does that mean that that person only has months to live? I know it means that the cancer can not be cured but does it mean that person's only got months to ...

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 Do phones cause cancer?
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 i keep thinking i have brain cancer?
i dont no y but i do iv had a headace for 5 days that just wont go away..im so scared i have brain cancer and alot of people in my family have died from many diffrient types of cancer im 15 and i ...

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please please someone help.... my mom is undergoing chemotherapy for thyroid cancer and she is always throwing up, she looks really sad and she starts crying on very trivial matters. I am so ...

 Son is emberassed about having sunscreen applied on him at the beach?

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 Is this dangerous??? Plz help...!?
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 Does the majority of people having breast cancer... die?
I just found out today that my mom has breast cancer. I cried to death knowing that my MOM had to be the ONLY person in my whole family (including relatives) that has breast cancer! My family is not ...

 Should someone with a brain tumor drive a car?

 Microwave oven & Plastic. Cooking in it causes cancer?
I received an email saying Johns Hopkins Institute put out a research paper.They say cooking in plastic containers in a microwave causes cancer. It may be a hoax. But I have always been suspicious of ...

 Can A 20 Year Old Get Lung Cancer?
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 What is the worst type of cancer?
I've heard that liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and blood cancers are the worst, but what do you think?

I'm really curious. I personally think that liver cancer is the worst. It&...

 breast cancer!?!?!??!?!?
im a 14 year old female and i know that its rare to get it young and i just want to know what it is. Under my right nipple there is a lump that feels like a marble and if i squeeze it then a clear ...

 can liver cancer be cured?
can liver cancer be cured?...

O'Gara's Right Boot
where can i talk 2 people with cancer??
i was recently diagnosed with cancer and am currently going through chemo ..........my family and friends have been gr8 but it's hard to talk 2 them because they dont realy know what i'm going through is there any where online where i can chat with people who r going through the same as me .
Additional Details
i'm 24 and would like 2 find people my own age if i can

try your local hospice.

http://www.marrow.org/ try going on that website. look around on it. there are many chat rooms just for people with cancer. best of luck for everything in your future. and remember mind over matter, anything you put your mind to can happen!

Colin G
My name is Colin and I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last new years day. I have been on chemo since Feb 2007. The cancer actually spread to my liver but only a tiny bit. The chemo seems to be keeping things under control. The basic thing is to be positive - never give up. Let people see that you are upbeat. That will help both you and them to have good discussions about problems. If there is anything specific that you wouldlike an answer on feel free to contact.
Regards Colin.

The American Cancer Society has a Chat and boards under the name Cancer Survivors Network. I used it constantly during my cancer treatment and have made some wonderful lifelong friends. WebMD also has a Cancer Support Board that I'm also a part of. Both are wonderful.

Try Planet Cancer here:

This is also a great organisation, they're very kind & caring, perhaps give them a call!
Aternatives to Cancer:

Suzanne D
Go to: http://www.imtooyoungforthis.org/ (I'm too young for this...) It is a great sight and has lots of fun shows and boards. I'm sorry you're part of the "cancer club." I hope things are going well for you.

You can also try CommuniCancer.com

Contact The American Cancer Society. They can put you in contact w/local suport groups in your area. Mabe even your local hospital. Hospice, They are an organization which helps people in end stages of death, and they deal with alot of cancer patients.

SUZE The Pink Lady
The American Cancer Society has wonderful discussion boards online. Your local hospital will most likely also have cancer support groups which are invaluable sources of comfort and understanding.

There are online forums for many types of cancer. I found them invaluable. Try a google search.

I only have experience of breast cancer forums, but many of those have a board for younger people, probably other cancer forums do too

I know how you feel. I'm a teenager who was diagnosed with cancer when I was 13. One of the best places is the hospital you are being treated at. They will have a lot of resources you and your family can use. I would suggest you ask one of the nurses or someone next time you are there. Maybe even just ask one of the other patients if they want to talk. While I'm not currently going through chemo, I did a few years ago, so I do know what you are going through. You can feel free to message me if you want to talk.

You can never discount a strong support base of friends and family- go to Livestrong.org join a support group ,get a yellow braclet, it has opened many talks for me. Start a carepages. Keep your head up and Livestrong or just ask people will talk believe me. I know what it's like to live with cancer,but cancer doesn't control my living. Best of luck my friend. Beck

i will talk to you i was diagnosed with kidney cancer and i had my kidney removed in April 2007 i feel great now though i did not have chemo my friend had a Brest of just a year ago she had chemo and she gets her last treatment next month and she feels great i hope this is some comfort for you keep your spirits up when you get down talk to your doctor and he will put you on to someone to talk to best of luck you will get well think positive you will be all right.you can e-mail from here good luck

I am 24, was diagnosed at 21, and still working through treatment. You can email me from here, glad to talk anytime!

Catherine Y
if you live in england we have these wonderful oeople known as macmillen nurses or pay a visit to spring hill hospice here in rochdale i sincerly hope you find your way through all the best lol xxxxxx

There are now many online support groups for young adults with cancer. Most include a message board and some even offer retreats.

Planet Cancer

Young Adults with Cancer

LiveStrong Young Adult Alliance

I'm too young for this

Prepare to live

Real Time Cancer

Young Survival Coalition

Young Cancer Spouses

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