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 Im 22 and dying of throat cancer I think its probably my fault. Its to late to be treated what should I do?
Im saying its my fault because i started drinking and using tobacco when i was 16. I quit dipping 8 months ago but it was to late a month after i quit i kept getting a sore throat. I went to a couple ...

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 When patients and family members say. "We want everything possible done."?
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 Do phones cause cancer?
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 i keep thinking i have brain cancer?
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 Does the majority of people having breast cancer... die?
I just found out today that my mom has breast cancer. I cried to death knowing that my MOM had to be the ONLY person in my whole family (including relatives) that has breast cancer! My family is not ...

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 Microwave oven & Plastic. Cooking in it causes cancer?
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 Can A 20 Year Old Get Lung Cancer?
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 What is the worst type of cancer?
I've heard that liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and blood cancers are the worst, but what do you think?

I'm really curious. I personally think that liver cancer is the worst. It&...

what is your opinion on the cause of the somewhat recent cancer outbreak?
my personal opinion is that geneticaly engineered foods have alot to do with it because ever since there debut in the 90's autism and cancer have skyrocketed to the point where 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer and it is being increasingly common from men to be diagnosed with breast and prostate cancer. now whats your take on this epidemic(ish) outbreak?

Three factors at work here: one is the contamination of the food supply, by use of pesticides, hormones, artificial sweeteners, colours, and flavours, as well as the GMO food you mentioned. Second is the increased meat and dairy consumption among the populace ( owing to agribusiness advertising propaganda ), which has been shown to promote illnesses including cancer. The third factor is the mandate of the medical industry, where it is quite profitable to diagnose cancer and other illnesses, in assembly line fashion, among the population. These diseases may or may not actually be present. As for autism, that has increasingly been linked to the MRR vaccine.

Heidi N
I am shocked at all the people here who are denial of the horrendous decline in health of the world in general. What's even more odd is that probably everyone who posted has some kind of chronic condition, such as reflux, allergies, asthma, or something else. Diagnoses used to be rare, but now everyone is ill. For example, people are always thinking they are healthy, even though they have chronic kidney stones or some other ailment. They tell me that when they are too disabled to work, then they will pay attention to vaccines, toxins, GMO foods, etc., but not before. Fortunately for them, there are already many who are ill who are now entering courts, Congress, research, etc. to change things. We'll see what happens.

As far as Cancer goes. Well, it depneds on which organization you ask. They do not agree on the statistics. Since many of my friends and acquaintenances have had cancer, it is definitely a problem. Last word I got, brain cancer, possibly from cell phones, has increased dramatically.

Fuzzy M
The oncologists I've spoken to don't think the prevalence of cancer is exactly increasing. However, compared to many years ago, you may see more people dying of cancer than other ailments. That can be explained by the fact that there were plenty of other things in the past that could kill people before they even had the chance to get cancer, so we may not have even seen at that time how common cancer can be. We've developed prevention and cure for many of the other things, so it ends up being the stuff we haven't worked out yet (like cancer) that kills us.

Deficiency of vitamin b17. It isn't my THEORY - it has been proven but supressed by the FDA and big pharma because it doesnt generate profits as a company cannot patent and SELL a soemthgin that naturaly occurs in nature.

Here is some good info on Cancer that is not mainstream:



"World without cancer" (book)

I believe it is a combination of things: our food supply (pesticides, GMOs, hormones etc.), pollution, lifestyles etc. I think that as we continue down a path of less desireable ways of life that cancer risks will increase.
Are you talking about cancer in general? or just breast cancer?

I agree with you. I was only 26 years old when i was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago. And now i am hearing of so many people getting cancer now. There was a 10 year old girl from California who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past April.

cross-stitch kelly
I think 1. We're exposed to a lot more toxins these days, not just foods. Chemical additives are everywhere, and they're bound to have an effect on us. 2. Cancer is easier to diagnose than it was in the past. Even 50 years ago, a death from cancer was more likely to be treated as death from "old age" than these days, or even when it is too late to do anything. Now it is easier to find in early stages, so it receives more public attention in an attempt to find ways to cure it.

Steven J
Check out this website on autism behaviors...

Cancer is an ancient disease . . its always existed not only in people but in every living cell on the planet . . its not 'new' at all. The only thing that is new is that about thirty or forty years ago the medical community began serious research into how to 'cure' cancer. On the human map . . thirty years isn't a long time at all . . and progress has been made. We now have cancer survivors . . people who are actually living after they have had cancer. Survivors are a fairly recent phenomenon for cancer patients . . in the past the majority died. There were hardly ever any cancer survivors as little as thirty or forty years ago . . so I ask you . . why do you think we now have so many patients who are surviving cancer instead of dying. And you can examine the statistics since the 1950's . . why do we suddenly go from cancer being a death sentence . . to people surviving.

The history of cancer

Timeline of cancer

What you have noticed isn't more cancer . . but more people surviving cancer after diagnosis.

Try going in to your pantry and grabbing the first thing you can reach. Read the list of ingredients,fillers, colors, shelf life extenders.....all for greed......very little food left in what we eat.Get yourself closer to the soil and less in the box store.

We're not in an outbreak.

Its the same thing as h1n1 virus. It's called media burnout.

The media has made people think its this horrible disease that will kill you and your family and your dog, but in reality, its no worse than it was before. Im not saying cancer isnt deadly, but were not in an epidemic.

Part of the answer lies in early detection, record keeping and proper diagnosis. More women are being diagnosed with breast cancer because of screening , many older women in the "olden days" probably had it but it was never diagnosed and especially if it did not contribute to their death.Some women had it and it was kept from the family. Some women died of "female problems", meaning? Some died of "consumption"...does everyone know than means TB? How long ago was the term "Autism" coined?
Just some thoughts....

What recent outbreak are you talking about? Where is it?
Women have a lifetime risk of 1 in 8 for breast cancer and that is because we now live long enough for 1 in 8 to get it.
The incidence of prostate cancer has declined since 1992.
There are about 1,800 men diagnosed with breast cancer in the US each year – that is far from common.
So unless you explain it’s hard to give our take on this.

I disagree. I don't think we are seeing a surge in outbreaks of cancer.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) are keeping better records and have started tracking the cases to see if there are any related causes.

Also, when a doctor diagnoses someone with cancer now, they are required to report it to the American Cancer Society and the NIH.

"Denisedd" knows her statistics, but you should look for yourself. Here is the ACS site for 2009. http://www.cancer.org/docroot/PRO/content/PRO_1_1_Cancer_Statistics_2009_Presentation.asp Look at the curves for different cancers from 1930 to the present - male and female - slides 7 & 8. Note that only lung cancer has skyrocketed and that we do to ourselves by smoking cigarettes. If you want something to blame, blame cigarettes before all other minor factors such as genetically engineered foods. You may also blame increasing life spans. 100 years ago the life expectancy was 47 years in the USA. Cancers are far more common with increasing age. The average age of breast cancer patients is in the range of 60. Women often died from infections before breast cancers could develop 80 years ago. Even lung cancers are declining now because more people not smoking. 90% of lung cancers are caused by our own behavior - smoking cigarettes. Lung cancers account for at least 31% of all cancer deaths in the USA.

The national, overall cancer rates have been declining due to the ability of physicians for early detection and treatment. Early diagnosis is the reason for some of the statistics but the death rate has been declining for years. I think your perception is incorrect.

There has not been an outbreak of cancer recently.

Breast cancer rates have not changed significantly in the last 20 years or so, although survival rates have increased.

Breast cancer is mainly a disease of ageing; 80% of those diagnosed with it are over 50 and the average age at diagnosis is a little over 60.

The 'one in eight' statistic you give is incomplete; it's a a lifetme risk - the actual statistic is that on average, an individual woman has a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer over an 80 year lifespan.

With improved health care more women are living into old age than ever before, and so more are living long enough to get breast cancer.

The ten year old girl Angel refers to actually had a very rare form of childhood cancer located in the breast, rather than the 'adult' breast cancer it was at first thought to be, and the case made headlines worldwide because of its EXTREME rarity.

Breast cancer in men is extremely rare - fewer than 1% of all those diagnosed - and most men diagnosed with it are over 60. Prostate cancer is extremely rare in men under 50; over 80% of men diagnosed with it are over 65 and half of all cases occur in men over 75. So again - more men are living long enough to develop these cancers.

With modern diagnostic techniques and screening., cancers that would not have been spotted in the past are now found through routine screening.

And of course we hear more about cancer these days in the media. When we didn't have TV, or the internet cancer didn't get as much coverage as it does now. And people are more open about cancer, more willing to talk about it. As recently as 15 - 20 years ago, celebrities would have kept quiet about it if they had cancer; now they will talk about it openly and give interviews about their experience.

All these things can give the impression that cancer rates are higher than ever before, but it isn't true.

When my dad got cancer in the 1950s, his mother was really embarrassed because she associated cancer with dirt - I bet she didn't mention it to anybody she knew, as someone in her position would these days. In those days, and far more recently - many people mouthed the word cancer rather than say it out loud. Now people discuss it openly - so it appears it's more common.

And cancer isn't new, it's an ancient disease as old as humankind and older. The origin of the word cancer is credited to the Greek physician Hippocrates (460-370 BC), and the world's oldest documented case of cancer is from ancient Egypt, in 1500 BC. The details were recorded on a papyrus, documenting 8 cases of tumours occurring on the breast.

The oldest available specimen of a human cancer is found in the remains of skull of a female who lived during the Bronze Age (1900-1600 BC). The tumour in the woman's skull was suggestive of head and neck cancer. And evidence of tumours have been found in the fossil remains of dinosaurs.

It's a commonly held belief that incidences of cancer and deaths from cancer have increased hugely in recent years, but the facts don't really bear this out.

If you have any statistics which show an increase in rates of any cancer since the 90s I would be very interested indeed to to see them

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