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 PLEASE i am asking you to pray?
My friends mom is at the doctor RIGHT NOW and today, she will find out for sure if she has breast cancer or not!
she does not have a lot of money and needs alll of your prayers! please pray a ...

 Non smokers, What have you done? You have killed a culture and increased the sale of tranquilisers by 20%?
Cancer deaths are rising. What have you done? Are you nuts?
Additional Details
Source. The Times.. Today....

 Do you anyone who has died from Cancer?
What age, and what type of Cancer?...

 Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
having dreams where I am being diagnosed with some illness or even cancer. Should I worry about this? I don't have any symptoms I feel perfectly health. It is too weird and many times I wake ...

 my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
im scared about all this going on !he seems like its nothing!!...

 I just found out my older sister's cancer is gettig worse. I want to be with her but what's the best approach
We have always been pretty close even though there ia a 11 year age difference. I just lost another sister last February to an auto-immunne disease and she was only 55.
This sister recently ...

 My mom's Breast Cancer Stage IV question?
the doctor said she was already incurable :(( does it mean she will just die??

pls help

right now she is just continuing her chemo's and checkup's and med's

 I have cancer, How come im not worried..?
I recieved my results few days ago, and have been told that I have an incurable lung caner. I have no smoking, history, I work out regularly (2 to 3 times a weeK). Im 22 ut for some reason im have no ...

 Skin cancer age 13?
Is it remotely possible to get skin cancer at age 13 when your in the sun maybe 15 min every few days?...

 What do I do? My Mom is dying of cancer in the USA (where I'm from) but no one knows when, and I live in UK
I just went to see her this month, but my sister says it's getting worse, yet my Mom denies that....

 Does sleeping in a bra make you have breast cancer?
Even if it doesn't, are there any downsides to it?...

 are there any positives to smoking?
if there are any.if not what are negitives....

 Is it possible for a 17 year old to get cancer?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to get cancer? Just a yes or a no answer. I don't want any "its usually more common in older people"...

 my dad died on the 19th from difficulty breathing with lung cancer? can you answer this question please?
ok so my dad just died 3 days ago since its 12 am here
and i just found out his doctor was on vacation who the **** gives a sick patient a doctor on vacation people can really be evil..
and ...

 do i have a brain tumour?
i am so scared .... i have been having constant headaches and head pains ..... i went to the doctor and they said there was nothing visably wrong with me and my blood pressure was fine. then today i ...

 Help my friend is not going to be a cancer survivor what's going to happen to her ?

 Billions & billions of dollars have been raised for cancer research, but no cure. Do you think they really...
don't want to find a cure because pharmacuetical companies, hospitals and doctors make so much money off of the disease?...

 what is your opinion on the cause of the somewhat recent cancer outbreak?
my personal opinion is that geneticaly engineered foods have alot to do with it because ever since there debut in the 90's autism and cancer have skyrocketed to the point where 1 in 8 women will ...

 will my hair fall out? ?
i've got a benign brain tumour. i may need to have radiation. what is this? will my hair fall out? will i need support? i live alone and dont hav anything to do with my family and cant count on ...

 where can i talk 2 people with cancer??
i was recently diagnosed with cancer and am currently going through chemo ..........my family and friends have been gr8 but it's hard to talk 2 them because they dont realy know what i'm ...

what is a good gift for someone who just finished chemo & radiation?
my mom just finished chemo & radiation. we were taking her out to dinner & wanted to get her a gift. what would be a good gift? she is 59 & had breast cancer.


A pretty bra!
All women love underwear

as long as she has a sense of humour i think that's a good idea!

grin and barrett
Pitch in for a spa treatment. If shes up for a mani-pedi or a facial or body message if she's up for it. I had to take my radiation by pill and my skin was really dry as a side effect.
God bless to all of you, cancer is a family affair.

You should care for her but don't go to the extreme. Just let her do what ever she want. Probably go to some relaxing place like a beach at sundown or the mountains. That makes her feel in peace.
Let her other relative know not to bother like with phone calls or visiting for a while.

God bless her.
I've finished my treatments too not so long ago and these places help a lot.

☮ sienna ☮
my friends put together a basket full of hair products, lol. they said that since my hair would be growing back soon, i would be needing them! they put in my old favorite shampoo & conditioner, hairspray, ponytail holders and clips, headbands and also a waver! (*i had always wanted one!) it was really sweet

Verite R
What a nice family you sound. I expect your Mom will probably be put on some sort of hormonal drugs, which she may have to take for the next five years as a preventative.

Sometimes these drugs have side effects - if you go to www.after-cancer.com there are details of lovely skincare that is very suitable for patients with cancer - and are nice as well.

Plus some ideas under Treats category.

And have a lovely dinner.

Verite R

Well I'd get her something to make her alittle more comfortable at home. Get her anything she likes! I'd just go out and look for any gift you'd normally get her regardless of her medical treatments.

A very nice hat or headscarf, if she lost her hair. Otherwise, a keepsake with an inscription of strength and how much you need her.

I would get her a puppy. Why?

Because it is all about love, and she needs to start being active now more than ever she needs to do exercises and stay limber. Our physical therapist said that we will have to do stretching exercises for the rest of our lives along with physical exercise to beat the fatigue from cancer that her body has had, and will continue to have for awhile.

Her doctor specializes in physical therapy and said that fatigue can happen even years after treatment, so exercise beyond your activity before cancer must now be your daily routine. And what a great routine having a puppy to walk would be for her.

That is what I'd do, but congratulations...we will be there too in about five weeks!


What she probably needs most of all is a few weeks free of household duties. Chemo in particular wipes a person's energy out big time. A couple weeks just to rest and relax would be a godsend for most folks in her shoes - and that includes not having the family thinking they have to trundle Mom all over the countryside to "let her do and see all the things she's missed all these years". She'll let you know when she feels up to a little "moving and shaking"...

give her a keepsake maybe a photo book with updated pictures of family or loved ones

mookie pookie
give her something that the cancer held her back from

My family shaved our heads...

my son gave me the softest cuddliest throw in my favorite color, so I could snuggle up to watch TV, it's my favorite.

There is a girl at my work who had problem with cancer. She almost died but they saved her. She is cancer free now but she is still so very afriad the caner will come back. I bought her a small rose bush and told her that as long as it is living she will be cancer free it even had pink roses she liked the gift so much she cried and she always says how she loves that plant

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