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 i just smoked a cagar I am 14 will i get cancer. i have smoked 2 times before?

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i forgot to mentoin after i was done smoking it felt like i swollowed somthing and it was stoke in my troat so i drank water and it felt wierd is this ...

not sure whether i'm intitled to a bus pass for travelling to and from hospital.?
i spend a lot of time at several hospitals due to breast cancer and back problems, it's costs me a fortune, just wondered how to go about this.
Additional Details
yes i'm on living disability allowance classed as disabled due to slipped disc arthritis trapped nerve and sciatica so carn't walk far. Just want to say thankyou to all for the advice apart from one person he kinda made me feel a bit upset never complain carry as best i can. But been on the phone to mcmillan nures and they seem to think yes i'm intitled to help, so thaank once again for your kindness and good advice.x

anyone can get a bus pass. go down to your transportation center and buy one.

jackie m
Unless you are a pensioner then no but if you get disability allowance you might get it.

Paul T
I hope you can get one. Ps hope you get better soon.

mr help if i can
hi you can claim travel at your hospital if you are on benifits or having treatment like you keep reciepts and take them to the hospitals cashiers dept or the genral office at that hospital you are visiting you may also claim this from the dss under medical treatments like yours you will fill in a form at the hospital thay normaly give you the money there depends on the amount
you need to show them your on benifits but do ring your dss office you may get help from them good luck and have a speedy recovery

Macmillan nurse will advice they can help with costs if you cannot get a bus pass

Vicki R
It always drains your wallet when you get sick. Breast cancer is unfortunately no exception. If you're in Australia and not on poverty line and entitled to a health care card, you pay. Sorry and good luck.

Have you applied for DLA? if not, then you should - sounds like you may be entitled to mobility component, there are 3 levels. You may also be able to get taxi 'tokens', I think from local councils. Ask at the hospital - patient liaison, there must be a scheme of some sort! There is a community link serice in my area - there may be something similar or even 'friends of the hospital' group that could help. as another poster has said Mcmillan nurses may also be able to point you in the right direction.It must be a nightmare getting about with your probs and you probably could do with someone with you too, just for some support! Have a look at www.benefits and work.co.uk, you will find a lot of info on there that may be of some help. Hope you aren't feeling too bad at the moment!

If your illness (which I hope you recover from) is keeping you from work then it might be possible to get one because of your non-employed status. Talk to the Job Finding Company (formerly known as a job centre) and see if they can offer anything or Citizens Advice.

If you are in the US, call your local American Cancer Society to see if there is a local program that can assist you with transportation costs.

ACS: Road to Recover Service

If that doesn't work than you may also want to ask a medical social worker or nurse practitioner if there are any programs. There are some areas which offer this service based on age or low income. You may need to seek these services out. Sometimes local charitable organizations or churches will provide this type of transportation. If none of this works for you, you can contact Cancer Care online. They offer free professional social services online and may be able to direct you:

Cancer Care

If you are on Medicare or Medicaide sometimes they will reinburse you for your transportation costs. You will need to contact them to ask.

It would help to know which country people lived since medical services are different all over the world.

Good luck with this.

darren c
You could be entitled to a freedom pass due to your back problem, and Disability Living Allowance. contact your local benefits agency for advice. Benefits are not just there for immigrants ! Your Local Authority can help you with the freedom pass and you will need a letter from your gp. Best of luck.

If you are in the UK speak to your local Maggies Centre or Macmillan nurse. There is a fund that you can apply to get a grant toward some of the expenses that are incurred as a result of cancer. Things like travelling expenses are taken in to account along with the purchase of new clothes (if you have had weight loss or require specialist clothing for a mastectomy etc). My mum got access to hers through the DWP (dept of work and pension). The maximum amount is £500, but its better than a smack in the face with a wet fish.

Go to PALS in your hospital they will tell you if you are entitled to financial help with fares to and from the said hospitals, if you have difficulty travelling due to your treatment and illness you might be eligible for hospital transport, make sure you contact PALS, I am sure they will help you,all the best in your treatment. Janie

confucious says
the short answer is no go and see the ALMONER in the hospital you attend they may be able to help in some cases or point you in the right direction

Gerry Attrick.
Depends where you live and travel to, and your age. Londoners over 60 get a free travel pass. Other regions should have similar schemes. If you do not qualify, there will probably be discount tickets available, like the London Oyster Card, and Travel Card.

ask the hospital to arrange transport, my mother has hospital transport to take her to and fro her radiotherapy

If you are on benefits and have to travel to hospital you are entitled to claim the fare OR the parking fee/petrol.
If you are having treatment for your cancer you can have hospital transport in our area.
If you are claiming DLA you are entitled to a free bus pass and/or blue badge for a car.

Ask your GP or at the hospital - but unless you're an invalid or over 60/65 there's not much chance ! - !

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