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Additional Details
its BCC or something i only found out today i have to have it cut off if its receptive to treatment she also gave me a blood test for something or ...

my husband has brain cancer told about 3 mos to live ,all bills are in his name, how do I change them to mine?
all bills are in his name, I want to change them into my name, before he dies?

wow your husband is dying and all you want to know about is changing the bills, You need to call the companies who are billing you and ask them to change the name its that simple, some companies will require a credit card so work on getting one of those
Im sorry to hear about your husband
ya know the doctors aren't always right

you just call customer service and start changing them to your name. Contrary to what Mo said you will be able to use his life insurance to pay the bills even if they are in your name.

Jill M
I am soooooo sorry! I know how it feels :( You should talk yo your local Municipal Building and see if they can figure things out.

Sorry to hear your husband has brain cancer. :(

Gee Whillakers
Why would you want to do that?

I am so sorry to hear about your husband, mine died on May 1, 2009, this month. It is rather real easy, take your bills, your ID, tell them the situation and tell them you want them changed to your name. You might want to take your marriage license to confirm identity and or marriage. I hope some miracle happens and turn things around. My prayers are with you and your husband and all of ya'lls family.

First: you're going to be overwhelmed with bills. If they're in your name, they're coming after you. Keep them in your hubbies name and present them w/his death certificate. They can't come after you and they sure can't collect from a deceased person, though they've been known to try.
Second: get Hospice involved.

Don't make any decisions without first discussing all your options with people you trust.
You've been given some really scary information and you're losing your husband. Why in the world would you get all his bills put in your name? Pay them off as you can or if you can. But don't burden yourself in such a way. Think everything through before you make any financial decisions.

I've read the other posts and they've given you some really helpful info. All good.
Good luck.

my condolences first off. secondly, if you want to make sure that every thing is taken care of contact the creditors and explain the situation. in some cases some creditors can even give a forbearance to where the debt is significantly reduced or eliminated. as far as the utilities are concerned you simply need to contact the billing departments of each utility involved. this part will probably feel like its drawn out and tedious especially with what is going on, but there should be no problem if it is explained.

that is so sad I was wondering if have tried any alternative cancer treatments that maybe your doctor dose not know about or will not try if you want read more about this look below.

First I must say I am deeply sorry for your situation. You should consult an attorney and if you don't have the funds to do that you need to begin calling your companies you have services with such as utilities, bank, insurance, mortgage, tax etc... Your husband will need to be involved and agree to have your name put on accounts. If he doesn't or is unable then you will have to be prepared to start your own accounts yourself. You should contact his employer and life insurance carrier to ensure that any funds given in the event of his death will be sent to you. Check your state's laws regarding spouse rights, all this may occur automatically in the event of his death.
You will be in my prayers.

LYNN in FL (suspended @#*%)
Bunny, I am so sorry for your troubles. Are you in any support groups? Ones for just BT caregivers I mean? We can help you if your interested. If you've never dealt with a BT situation you don't always get it.
I tried to change the electric/power bill into my name recently which is the only thing left in my husbands name. They said they had to turn it off, refund the deposit and I'd have to pay another deposit to re start it. i just added my name as authorized user. What a pain.
If hospice is involved please let them guide you in this. They have much experience. Sending hugs from Florida.

Why in the world would you do that? Specially for credit card bills, leave them in his name! That way his life insurance may be used to pay them off!!!

First of all, I'm very sorry to hear about your husband. I hope that your time together is cherished and amazing in the next few months.

On that note, I would suggest trying to keep the debt related bills in his name. In the best case scenario, they may write off the debts because the person that owed the money passed away. This happened with my dad when he passed away. Now I know there might be a mortgage and power and water, maybe a car... etc in which case you will probably want to switch so they can't take anything away.

Worst case scenario, they still make you pay them.

I guess it all depends on the situation.

I am very sorry about your husband BUT please do not change everything in your name. Your insurance will pay credit cards etc off if you keep in his name. Once he is gone the things you want his name removed from like accounts in both names you can just fax copy of death certificate and they will remove his name. I am truly sorry

Wait until he passes. A lot of companies will require a death certificate so be prepared. God bless him.

Wow I am so sorry. As for your question I agree with the first person to answer. Other than on going accounts like power etc I wouldn't change them.

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