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mrs tennant
my friend lied about having terminal cancer?
one of my best friends in the whole world told me she had terminal cancer about nine months ago. i was absolutely devastated and wanted to help her as much as i could. i was there when she was crying for days i even helped her plan her funeral. Then one day i met her mum in town and asked how her daughter ( my friend) was doing because i had been told she was in hospital having fluid drained off her lung to help her breathe. ( she said the cancer was in her lung and had spread) her mum didn't know what i was talking about and said my friend had gone away with her boyfriend for the Weekend. then i asked her mum about the cancer and it turned out it was all lies and her mum knew nothing about it.
so anyway, i confronted my friend and she admitted she had .lied and said it was just a joke and she was having a laugh. i don't think its funny ive lost alot of people i love to cancer . so now i don't know what to do . i really don't know if i can forgive her.

Any advice guys.

thanks in advance

Da OzzY MaN
forgive her dont live with a grudge just realize that she might not be that best friend in the whole world because of that "joke." if she was ur best friend she would know that that kind of stuff would hurt u. she basically hurt u for a laugh. (not kool =[ )

Yeh well, idc
Oopsi thats a sad joke...she must really lack social skills her joke couldav made you insane!...okay I would not forgive her...you cried for nothing, you felt the feeling for her for nothing...its like you was betrayed she told you a lie and she hurt your feelings...she doesnt deserve a nice friend like you & one who really cares...shes probably just like all of the girls, thinking about themselves, having fun when they want how they want...you need to leave her...

dom .
Understandably, you're pretty upset and p!ssed off with her - that's quite a messed up thing for her to lie about.
Do you think she understands why you're upset? Have you been able to tell her that you've had people you care about die from cancer, and that you really don't think that it's the sort of thing you find easy to forgive?
She sounds like she must be quite screwed up to make such an outrageous claim: of course this doesn't justify what she's done, but I imagine she's pretty unhappy to do this, and she may really need someone to talk to about the reasons why she's done something as attention-seeking as this.
If you find it difficult to talk to her about the situation, maybe you could write her a letter instead?
It would be perfectly understandable if you couldn't forgive her for what she's done: I suppose you have to decide whether her good points outweigh the hurt she's caused you.
Whatever your decision I hope you find some peace.

What a horrible creature! I'm so sorry you had to be put through that. With her probably knowing how you've lost so many to cancer, and she goes and plays that trick on you, that's inconceivable.

Now that I've gotten my little rant out of the way, on to answer your actual question...

If you think that you stand a chance of forgiving her, it's definitely going to take time. If you have a belief system, pray to whoever you might worship to help you to forgive her. Forgiving someone is one thing, forgetting their transgressions against you is another. I do agree with what a previous poster said, it sounds like she has some serious psychological defect of some sort. I would recommend that you maintain your distance from her, so that she stands less of a chance of hurting you in the future, assuming you continue keeping her in your life. Good luck, whatever you so choose.

๑۩۞۩๑ blondie ๑۩۞۩๑
please drop all contact with her immediatly ,let her mum get her the proper help, she is a pathological liar , caused pain and sorrow to you and she is, in my opinion, extremely dangerous.

One of your best friends in the whole world? I dont think so. She lied to you and made you suffer for several months. Chances are she will tell everyone about this and they will think you are a fool. You should evaluate how good of a friendship that is. But if I were you I wouldn't waste my time trying to find an excuse for what she did. I would let her go and make new new friends.
Hey, life is short.

There's nothing wrong with forgiving! It will help you too rather then keeping a grudge. But can you trust your friend again?!?!?

omg, why would anyone lie about something like that, she obviously has some kind of problem and needs help, as for her being a friend...well real friends wouldnt lie about something as serious as that.

Thats horrible!
You cant do something like that for i joke, if i was you i would tell her exactly how u feel about it and that it was ott

mona lisa
you should of said to her if that was a joke can you tell me why i am not laughing you must have really sick taste in jokes and then let her do all the running and apologise to you and if she don't apologise forget her.it's up to you if you forgive her but if i was in your shoes i would drop her if she can lie about that what else is she going to lie to you about.

Wow, sounds like someone needs to be the center of attention. My advice would be to stay clear of that one. My biggest question would be if he would lie about dieing, what other things has she lied to you about during the course of your relationship. Trust is the biggest factor in a relationship and apparently you can't trust her. I have had cancer myself and lost more friends and family to the disease than I like, so, no, that is not a joke and you don't even pretend with something of that magnitude. I say distance yourself. She's probably so absorbed with her boyfriend right now that she's not worried about your attention. When she has no one else to bug, she'll come knocking on your door again. The next time, though, don't be there to answer.

Find another friend.

Your so-called friend is an awful person!
Sounds like she wanted some attention and that's why she said she had cancer. Things cannot be fixed with a 'oh, I was joking, sorry'

If she can't give you a good enough reason as to why she said it I'd tell her where to go!!

Louise S
You need advice on this? Jesus Christ.. forget her..
I would never forgive anyone for that. Not only did she lie, she completely abused your friendship and caring nature. She is obviously not a good friend to you. Ditch her. She doesn't deserve your friendship.

She needs psychological help, it is neither a joke nor funny.

That was mean - to say the least. What a *****. You're better off without friends like her - cut her out your life and stick to people who respect you.

Drop her like a lead weight. What she did is about as bad as it gets. Some things you just dont joke about.

John Elias
I think she has psychological problems. It wasn't a joke and it wasn't funny. She doesn't seem much of a friend to me.

She is a sick person, imo. My mom just died from terminal cancer, and it sure isn't anything to joke about. The emotional devastation is immeasurable! I wouldn't forgive her, personally. If it were my "friend" I would cut ties. You don't need someone so cruel as to joke about cancer, in your life.
God only knows what it would be next time? She needs professional help. Normal people don't joke about that stuff.

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