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my dad died on the 19th from difficulty breathing with lung cancer? can you answer this question please?
ok so my dad just died 3 days ago since its 12 am here
and i just found out his doctor was on vacation who the **** gives a sick patient a doctor on vacation people can really be evil..
and he was having difficult breathing very difficult and they didn't put a tube into his lungs or anything oya also he wasn't eating for about a month and all they did was give him some IV with like nutrients through his veins or something they didn't try to tube feed him or even through the side of his stomach because the said they didn't have that kind of food( wut ****** hospital doesn't have tube feeding food... ****** pieces of ****)
can this be like a law suit or something?? is their anything my family can do to the people of this hospital?? which is called Humber River Regional Hospital do not go to that hospital!! their evil people... ='( i swear i will always have hate for the evil people on this earth this really is hell....
Additional Details
im okay people just because im swearing and calling people evil doesn't mean im ripping my hair out over here lol im actually taking his death ok im sad a all but yea im ok for now
im just confused because he was doing ok for so long and i was with him just hours before so it was really confusing i really didn't know how to help( im 15 by the way but not childish K)

hun call a f**** lawyer. That s*** just pissed me off!
It was the same way with me at the hospital when I was sick with pancreantitis.
avenge him.
sue their asses

Monica, I'm so sorry for your loss.

Call the Legal Aid Society for a referral to an appropriate lawyer.

First, i am very sorry for your loss, my dad passed away as well recently. I do understand- (my situation being a little different, because i'm an emt and had to sit with my hands tied because I didn't have the almighty power of attorney...)

I can only tell you that he's not suffering any more and that he would want you to do what is right.

now- did SOMEONE hold a power of attorney over dad, and decieded not to have any of those procedures done? because the intubation (tube in lung) and the peg tube (feeding tube in stomach)- those are all things that can be chosen to be with held or not.... do you have a brother or sister or mom that would have possibly had these legal documents and nobody else really knew? I'm assuming that they didn't- but i can't see why they would with hold the feeding and artifical breathing from someone that did not have a "do not recussitate" order.

Could your dad have signed these documents with out telling anyone? these documents (if they exsist) you need to get your hands on them- I've seen in a lot of cases where the DNR's are not signed by 2 physicians or not even signed by the patient (basically not filled out the way they are supposed to be) and that could be a start of the lawsuit- and you need to get a hold of that death certificate soon as possible as well...

you need to get a hold of ALL patient care records, physicians' notes whatever it takes... if you really feel that negligence happened then you need to leave NO STONE unturned. and you need to not loose sight of why you are doing this- and what happened. you need to go and write down every detail of what made you think "this particular thing that happened with dad wasn't right" and try to document every detail- i took pictures of my dad's living conditions at a nursing home he was in- and they are a reminder today and physical eveidence- you have 2 yrs to file a suit.

it's a long and thankless proceess ahead of you that will make you age rapidly and life seem a little less cheerful, in my opinion, but well worth it if you can make these faceless, nameless, hospital giants that swallow people and process them like a machine- stop and pay- because you care enough to make it a priorty in your life because you will not forget what happened to your daddy. I know... I'm there too.

nothing is easy.

Guys- you read to sit and rethink about what others are say that agree with this poor soul- you mark my and others like mine as a bad answer- why? if this person was standing in front of you and all of the things she was saying WAS true- (because you have to assume that they are)

would you tell her that she was wrong to not question the hospital?

what if it happened to you, and you knew only what she knew? and nobody took the time to make sure you were educated and knew all parts of this patient's care plan (hospice type care vs. healing) This person has very little experience in the medical field- and i know that everyone that mark these sympathetic answers as bad were people from the medical field.
and you knew that when you signed up to be a part of this field that you would experience extreme emotions like this- so how do you treat them? with love? or just that easy "glass over it- you'll be better soon" love?
i think that all you that have writtne to her that "they did the right thing" and telling her that her anger is misplaced are forgeting the 5 stages of grief- she will loose even more faith in the medical field (thinking that we really don't care) if you try to push her too fast- I wouldn't tell her that she will get over it- it's not something i say to my patients or their families- so why is this different? you're a professional- grin and bear it. or don't answer it. she will come to terms in her own way.

We need people that get mad and question the establishment- this how we grow- these crucial checks and balances are what make our country go around- in every setting- SO WHAT if she makes a big stink and this hospital and it's staff gets audited for quality? why should it bother them? they did the right things and DOCUMENTED PROPERLY everything like they were supposed to right? then the hospital and everyone else involved should have NOTHING to worry about.

You shouldn't fear people like this- you should reassure them with all of the proper educating explainations and show them the documentation that supports this pt's decline in health and that everyhting was done properly. Not fight it off with a stick!

what sorrow! i can appreciate your profound rage and sympathise completely. my doc put me on an IV antibiotic that i told him i was allergic to on a Friday, then went off to play golf all weekend, if my husband had not come in and ripped it out of my arm I'd have died. negligence is rampant. so that having been said, find a lawyer who specialises in malpractice, most of them understand medicine really well (google Theodore Wentworth he studied medicine then switched to law, he's brilliant) and it does not sound like your dad was looked after properly.
feeding tubes are standard in any hospital anywhere in the world, even third world countries. ask for his hospital records first. then get a lawyer. report the hospital to the state licensing board. there may be other cases of negligence on file..

Nicole E
well I totally see why you are mad. I dont know how you can take it, i would be furious. was he on hospice? I work for a hospice and a hospital and we at LEAST offer tube feedings (not the best thing to do) but we offer it anyway. for them to starve him for a month makes me sick. I will say that in hospice I have had some cases where they have lingered in a coma for a month without eating,drinking or tube feedings nothing, but this is different. They should have at least offered the tube feedings to make him comfortable. But I will say, alot of the time the patients with lung cancer get very congested, so they do not like to give the tube feedings because it makes the congestion worse. Maybe that was why they didn't do it. But they still should have talked and explained it to ya'll. Thats not fair to you or your dad. I hate hospitals, most of the staff especially the nurses are so damn rude it makes me sick. Thats why I am nice and caring to my patients. Just like tonight I greeted one of the family members that came to see one of our patients and she said "Thank you for that, you don't see that anymore" it's ridiculous how they treat people. They could have at least of offered him a hospice so they could have kept him comfortable in his last days. I am so sorry for your loss and yes I think I would try and pursue a law suit or at least go and talk with the director of the hospital. I hope you can find some comfort and peace in knowing he isn't in any pain anymore and he is in a much better place. I can't even imagine losing a parent, and that way. God bless you and stay strong.

Daniel S
May I sincerely suggest mental therapy. Grief is one thing, but balming people for someones death can cause a fatal occurence.

I am very sorry about your loss. I think you should consult with a lawyer.

[email protected]
There is a common route for passing airs & food in our body. When our food reaches near the lungs , there is a cover called "cartilage", closes the way of air, as the food passes, it gets open again.

In cancer the cell starts replicating itself very frequently, which can also cause the blockage of artery & in turn becomes heart attack. If it occurs in lungs , it blocks the way of air, & wheen air(oxygen) doesn't go to ur lungs , the person feels suffocation & gets die.

For any type of cancer, if u have diagnosed at early stage , u can start having turmeric 1/2 spoon daily with water early morning in empty stomach. It will exterminate the cancer wirh its root cause.

If u want to save urself from cold, cough,asthama and what not , have 2 spoon HONEY daily in empty stomach for 1& 1/2 month. U will get cured very soon from above mentioned trouble with lungs.

It's hell losing a family member to cancer. I'm sorry for your loss. Remember it was the cancer that killed your dad and not the "evil people" at the hospital. Hate the cancer as much as you want, it's evil and ruthless. As far as suing the hospital, it looks like you have no case. It's just the typical cancer death. Cancer patients at some point fill out what is called an "advanced directive" where the patient indicates what kinds of resuscitation and treatment measures they want in the last days of their life. Patients often go for just being kept comfortable and not for anything such as a feeding tube or breathing machine, etc. They want to just be able to "go" when it is time.

Warren Davenport
You are still very much in shock at the moment which is understandable considering what has happened. I could say a lot of things but they won't make much sense to you at the moment. Please make an appointment to see a counselor or psychologist, they will be able to help you through this difficult time that you are experiencing.

an dream
Monica, I don't know if you have a good lawsuit or not. I just wanted to give you my deepest condolences. I lost my sister a year ago because of health care providers mistakes. Unfortunately we couldn't prove it. May god be with at this difficult time.

This is a very tough time for you. And you have a right to feel cheated, angry....lots of things. But you have to understand that doctors go on vacation sometimes. They cant plan vacations around the condition of their patients. As you well know after having lived through this with your father, the condition of cancer patients can often change drastically in a very short time. I'm sure there was adequate treatment for your father, and that the doctor is not evil. Going on vacation does not constitute malpractice. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's true.

It is very difficult to accept the death of a parent at any age...let alone when you are young. It's hard to see someone who you knew to be strong and vibrant slip away like that. It's hard to allow yourself to realize that they are gone. Cancer is not kind. It never was. I suspect it never will be. It is normal to look for someone to blame. Some people blame the doctors, the hospital, god...even the person who dies. Because our society ALWAYS looks for someone to blame. But the fact is, most times, there is no one to blame. It's just the way it is. And you are left to sort it all out. Again, not what you want to hear. I know. I've been through this myself.

Someday the anger will go away. It's a natural progression. It's healthy to feel this way so soon after the loss of someone you love. It is NOT healthy to hang onto it forever though. And in time, you will accept what happened as part of the natural progression of the thing we call life. No lawsuit can bring him back, even if it were proper to bring one.

I'm sure you will receive advice and condolences from many people here. Of course, I offer mine in the hope that you can allow the bitterness and hatred to run their course and get you to a better place. It will take time. Take whatever time you need. When you are ready, you will know it's time to move forward. In the interim, feel what you need to feel. Remember what you need to remember. And look forward to the day when you can remember your father for the great man I'm sure he was.

When you have had a chance to look back, you will realize these folks are not evil at all. If there was malpractice, which it doesn't sound as if there was, then yes, of course you can sue. However, step back from the whole thing and ask yourself if one kind of treatment over another would have saved him... or just extended his misery. There are many people who survive for very long periods of time... years.... in IV feeding instead of feeding tube. There are many weakened people who just cannot tolerate a feeding tube and are fed IV. If he had cancer of the lungs, it may have been impossible for them to even get a tube into his lungs without killing him. What I'm trying to say is... while his last days may not have been pleasant, there is no way that doing a little bit this way or that was going to do much for him except extend his suffering. Be happy for him that he no longer has to deal with a body that is in pain and suffering. To accuse the people of the hospital of being evil is just going way too far.

First of all, my condolences on the loss of your dad. I'm sure this is a very difficult time for you. I also understand your anger and your need to blame someone for your dad's death.
Please let me explain a couple of things for you......

You and your family were probably told your dad was terminal and going to die....so you knew that it was going to happen.
As death approaches, the body functions slow down in preparation to stop. Believe it or not, feeding your father by tube or any other way would have been harder on him than giving him nothing. Because his system is shutting down, his digesting ability also slows down so anything forced into him is going to sit very heavy in his stomach and make him feel uncomfortable....and if he was in a coma or very groggy from medication, he wouldn't be able to express that to you. As mothers, we always have this thing about food and getting our kids to eat!! We're told food makes us strong, makes us grow, makes us better when we're sick.........and sometimes thats just not the case. Trust me when I tell you that it's harder for family members to watch the person not being fed, than it is for the person. Think about the last time you had a really bad flu or tummy upset.....the last thing you want to do is eat anything. Imagine how it would make you feel if somebody put a tube into you and forced food into you! It would be horrible!
Your mother, or whoever was responsible for your father's care if he was unable to make decisions on his own, may have signed a DNR which means do not recuisitate if they go into cardiac arrest or something similar.....meaning, no heroic measures are to be taken to prolong life because there is no quality of life left.
As a person with medical background and training, from information you gave in your question, your dad was treated most appropriately for his condition.
As for your doctor....doctors are on call 24/7 for patients and they too deserve a break from time to time. Doctors are required to arrange for coverage in their absence so although not your own doctor, another doctor would have been monitoring his care and nurses keep detailed records about what's happening with each patient.
I hope this has helped you understand......I know from your viewpoint it might appear like neglect, but it truly wasn't. It's just too bad someone at the hospital didn't explain to you why they were or weren't doing certain things.
I think many times they do things (procedures and treatments) they shouldn't for the family's benefit rather than the patients and I've always had a problem with them doing that.
They really did do the right thing! There is no justification to lay blame in this situation.

First I want to say that I am very sorry for your loss. It must be a very difficult time for you and your family. To answer your question, I don't think you can win a lawsuit like this unless you can come up with definite evidence that what they did directly resulted in your father's death. His doctor being on vacation probably is not enough. If you think about it, doctors have sick patients every day, so anytime they take a vacation, there will be some patients of their's who may think they are not getting the attention they deserve. The thing is though that if he was in a hospital, he probably was getting attention from another physician in his place. As for feeding him through an IV, it is probably supplying him with the same thing that a feeding tube would be. I know it must be frustrating to think that they weren't giving your father the best possible care, but in my opinion, IV feeding him would probably not have been the cause of his death. There may have been a very good reason for them to have chosen IV feeding rather than a feeding tube. Perhaps he would not have been able to tolerate having a tube down his throat. I think you are dealing with alot right now, and counseling would really help you to get through it. I hope that you and your family will successfully get through this difficult time.

Maybe your Dad had a DNI/DNR order? In that case the hospital could only make him comfortable. Probably IV morphine. You should find these things out before you say anything else ! Edit, I would also like to add that No physician go's on vacation without someone to cover his/her patients.

rhonda willey
I know your not going to like what I am going to say but God was ready for your dad to go home with him it wouldn't have mattered where he was or how healthy he was. My daddy also died from lung cancer and to sit and watch them the last few days is the hardest and the doctor didn't have any idea that he was going to go so soon some people live that way for months my dad lived with out any thing not even the feeding tube for two weeks and i sat ans watched my mom go with her heart and not eating for 2 weeks just the same. All i can say is I will be praying for you and hope you can understand as the days go by and that God gives you Peace of mind I love you with the love of the Lord. Take care of yourself.

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