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Scarface AKA ROhan J
is it advisable not to get involved with a girl who has had breast cancer before for health reasons?
curious? :D
Additional Details
hey i was just asking. why are you all getting so mean?

Reverend Jim Jones
She hasn't had a mastectomy, has she?

That’s ****** up, that’s like not being friends with someone because they have AIDs!

You don't deserve her anyways, so no.

Health reasons as in the possibility of recurrence for her breast cancer, passing it on to children or not being able to have children (because she can't "give it" to you)? These are certainly very serious considerations. Ultimately what matters is how much you want to be with her and whether or not you will stick with her through thick and thin should you fall in love. You have to look deep within yourself and only you can decide if that's something you can deal with on all levels.

But, falling in love is a long way down the road. In reality there's no guaranty that you will fall in love nor that there will be any further breast cancer problems. Life is all about chance. Unfortunately, there's all sorts of trials and tribulations each one of us will contend with in our lifetime and ultimately the outcome for each of us is the same. However, there are so many wonderful people and experiences that make it all worthwhile. Why miss out on the chance to be with someone who you could possibly really enjoy being with and could enhance your life? Glad to see you're giving it some thought before jumping into anything. Just remember to always be honest and true to yourself.

Shoot me an e-mail if you want to talk. Best of luck whatever your decision!

well, I guess yes, it could run in your family, and when you have a girl, she actually could have a breast cancer when she grows up

Mr Pan
Dude, that'd be like me dumping my girlfriend for having liver failure. She can't pass it onto you. If you like her, get in there. Stop being so shallow.

You aren't going to catch cancer. Nor is it likely she will have a mastectomy. Boys *rolls eyes.

This girl doesn't need to deal with people with that sort of attitude.

Let her get on with her life.

Honey, breast cancer is not like AIDS or the flu. It's not contagious. Trust me. I'm not being mean or facetious - just honest.
If you and she like each other and want to date, by all means, go right ahead. You are a real gem honey. All the gals I know, me included, should be so lucky.

kathy s
Wow these answers are like all over the place, but perhaps, some of that is because we are not sure where you are coming from. For example, where is she in her fight for cancer... surgery, chemo, radiation. Is that all behind her? Has she had a lumpectomy or mastectomy? Has she had reconstructive surgery? Would it be a problem for you if she has not had reconstructive surgery? Are you worried that the cancer may come back and destroy her ... that you may not have much of a future together. Why not sit down with her and discuss all these things.

Gary B
Cancer is not contagious.

However, YOU seem to self-centered that you would probably leave her cold if you found out that the cancer had returned.

I suggest that for HER sake you break off the relationship before you hurt her emotionally at the very time she nees the most support.

Why not. You are not going to catch it.

A 'girl' is very unlikely to have had breast cancer - it's mainly a disease of ageing and almost unheard of in under 25s; fewer than 0.1% of those diagnosed with it are under 30, only 5% are under 40 and 50% are over 50.

That said, there are no health or other reasons not to get involved with a woman who has had breast cancer, as long as you and she are aware that breast cancer can return at any time, even years after treatment. For most people though, it doesn't. And even if it did, this would have no health implications for you, it's not contagious.

Somebody has mentioned the possibility of hereditary breast cancer - in fact hereditary breast cancer is rare, only 5 - 10% of cases are hereditary.

Those of us who've had breast cancer are still people, just like everybody else. I'd hate to think nobody would ever get involved with me again because I've had it.

If you like someone who's had breast cancer and she likes you - go ahead and good luck

I have nothing to add because I think Tanya has said it all.She is right on the money and the only advice you should take.I also understand your reluctance as this is a serious issue and if you cant be their for the bad as well as the good then you shouldnt be their at all.They arent being mean they just dont know any better.

Memere RN/BA
Go ahead, get involved. You can't catch it. If you really like this girl and are willing to be there for her, then that says a lot for your character. You sound like you would be a great boy friend, but never be scared of getting involved When a woman has breast cancer and if she's all alone, it's a dangerous mix. If she has someone who cares for her, that alone will mean everything to her and give her a reason to want to go on. So yes, get involved, You may be just what she needs. God bless you
ADD Oh my gosh, I just read all the other answers. You people are so rude. He is not being self centered because he wants to know about this girl. He's just wondering for heaven sake.. Come on...lighten up on him

Involved as in romantically? It is something that you cannot catch, but I wonder what makes you think that she would want that kind of relationship with somebody now?

For her, what is her main focus is surviving her breast cancer and getting well. Believe me, dating is the furthest thing from her mind right now. Unless you two are good friends and were on the verge of dating, I am sure all her concentration is now on her cancer and beating it.

I would just be a friend to her and keep it at that. Right now, she needs a friend to help her out. Don't throw dramatics into a life threatening situation.

Just be there for her.

I found that I actually fell more in love with my wife when she was fighting breast cancer. She showed me a strength inside that I did not realize she had. Nothing in life challenges you as much as cancer can. I would advise to just be a friend to her and after her battle you two will be great friends, but for now she needs you as a friend.

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