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i smoke 4 cigaretts a day is it good or bad?????????
im 18 years old and i recently started smoking. i smoke about 3-4 cigaretts a day or sometimes 2 or sometimes no cigaretts at all. so is it gonna harm me or no???????? is it gonna affect my height or anything?????????????

............................NO IT WONT AFFECT YOUR HEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!,BUT PERHAPS YOUR LUNGS AND KIDNEYS!!!! compared to others that smoke 2 packs a day it's not as bad as what they're doing, but obviously instead of living to 79 you live to 67.................(Oh is that all)

It won't affect your height, that's caffeine. But dude, people die of second-hand smoke, where over time they inhale the smoke exhaled by SOMEONE ELSE. With prolonged exposure, it still kills 'em! Dude, it gives you lung cancer. Not might. If you don't stop, it WILL. Is smoking really worth drowning in your own blood?

Read the warning on the side of the cigarette package.

It'll affect you're whole health, and height is definitely one of them. This is the rule with smoking a cigarette or one pack a day. Since you're 18 and you're still a beginner. I suggest that you stop now, since it'll be much easier than if you leave it till later.

All smoking is bad, no matter how few you smoke. Maybe in a few months time you may have a pack a day habit. Stop now, while you still smoke only a few.

Umm... Smoking in no case is good. I quit a few weeks ago and im only 15.. i know its bad. But if you really have to smoke try the light ciggarette or menthol ones. So they say it stunts your growth not to sure bout that one
hope this has helped

ys that's bad u might die at a early age and it damages your lungs

bear cub
Try 0 cigarettes a day .

Smoking is BAD period!

Grant Mctaggart
i smoke more than that a day and yes its bad for you but i allready had cancer be i started so pleh

Asd A
Seriously I am sick and tired of people saying cigarettes are bad when they cant give a reason other then because they tell you its bad.

Like it'd be nice to know why its bad. Or things like the affects of certain ingredients. Or how long you smoke and the affects of that outcome. Or even why you can possibly get away with if you only smoked say 1 cigarette a day.

Heck maybe if there was some study that smoking 1 cigarette a day is the same as inhaling car pollution.

I'd really like to know because it'd give me a more informative decision. Not second guessing every single time when I should quit cigarettes is because its just bad for you. Without any evidence, other then the guy thats smoking 40 cigarettes a day. Im talking 1 cigarette a day and you do have to consider other factors; I.E car pollution if you live in a heavily populated area. Not to mention other possible ways that you could get lung cancer.

Because I'm sure you probably can get lung cancer other then just cigarette smoke.

My dads dad is around 70 and has smoked since he was I think in his 20s. He recently stopped smoking maybe a few years back. Maybe 5-10 yrs back and he doesn't have lung cancer.


I think that smoking cigarettes is bad no matter how many you smoke.
So I would say yeah.
Um some people it may affect but it may not affect yours. I think the best way to be sure is to stop smoking.

Rikki Paridy
1 cigarette could harm you I suppose. The thing is, it starts off as 3-4 sometimes none and then turns in to a pack a day. Ask any smoker and they;ll tell you they started that way. Also at 18 you're probably done growing.

Affect your height? How about your life? And not to mention the stench of your breath, hair and clothes? QUIT NOW!

Vitamin C
Smoking is ALWAYS bad. Its going to affect everything. Brain development, height, weight, skin, hair, eyes, teeth, lungs, brain, heart, liver, nails, the list goes on.

obviously smoking is bad. If you smoke regularly at all you do damage and long term it will cause various problems.

Having said that, a few a day is a hell of a lot better than a pack a day.

It's bad compared to none, and good compared to 100. It's all relative.

Yes it will harm you: "every cigarette is doing you damage".

Mate, everybody die, one way or another. Does anyone moan about inhalation of car fume? What about diesel fume, what about air pollution, especially in the city,
If you feel bad about smoking, then give it a flick, the choice is entirely yours. However, smoking habit starts when you have the 1st one, not 3 or 4.
My advice, give it a miss, there ARE more important and fun thing to pass your time than smoking.
Good luck!

If you're only smokign 3-4 cigs a day there's no sense in spending 5 dollars a pack. You shouldn't even be smoking. Smoking is bad and I'm not judging because I smoke but if you are only smoking that much, there's no sense in smoking. Stop now before you become addicted.

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