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 i'm always tired.......?
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 why do cigarette smokers always look for excuses for why they can't quit?
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 Does school cause death?
I think yes, because school causes stress, stress causes cancer, and cancer is the most killing disease out there. it also causes suicide and drug problems to young kids. did i prove my point?...

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how does it make you feel inside

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 why is so many people getting cancer?
almost everyone i know who as died lately as died of cancer why is so many people getting this awfull thing and dont say with smoking as i now loads who never smoked died with ...

 Which one Are you :?
A smoker: http://www.lungcancer.org/images/patients/lungs/diseased_lung.jpg


A nonsmoker:

 Do smokers deserve to get sick?
What do you think? I've always been a very compassionate person. Whenever someone I know gets sick I've always been there for them, in any way I can. But there is one type of person for ...

 Terminal cancer - Will I know when I'm in my last few mins, or just go to sleep unaware then stop breathing?
I know nobody can answer this from personal experience, since if they have the experience, they couldn't be sitting in fron of their computer.

I just want to know if I'll be able ...

 I am a cancer survivior - What should I do now?
I just survived Overian Cancer and want to start my life new, and I am not sure what to do?
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I am 34 years old and had Overian Cancer Stage IIIC - Full Hystrectomy - L...

Greg Smith
i laugh at lung cancer, i smoked now fer the past 6 years, nothing happened yet, im not going to get?
lung cancer, and by the way im 19

Justin W
Who cares, it just takes time off the end of your life, when you're old and sick anyways. it doesn't matter. Get some cigars.

Never say never, even if you don't get lung cancer I know of someone who got cancer spores on their face from smoking cigs.

brendan h
You already have it

Wow, you're naive. Wait 'til you're 30 or 35... if you don't have cancer by then, you'll have breathing trouble, yellow teeth, and disgusting breath.

Jeez... *sigh*

Ryan K
Too young to get it.

It happens over time your lungs turn black and have tar build up on them, plus cigarettes contain carbon monoxide the same stuff that comes out of a car. Lung caner just doesn't happen but it can laugh now suffer later.

this is funny,
because your so stupid.
you do know that tar builds up your lungs over time?
6 years is nothing, carbon monoxide moves through your system entering your tiny brain, staining your already yellow teeth yellower and turing the lungs and your soul blacker. you just dont understand do you?

u still can get it later in life.... my mother smoked until she was 45 and has had cancer twice....

May take a few more years then 6, but maybe not. For everyone it's different. Chances are good you will get it if you keep on smoking.

you can tell you are only a teenager! You are too dumb to know any better but life will eventually knock you on your butt and you'll regret being so dumb!

Yeah, you da man.... lung cancer is going to show up after only six years in a nineteen year old....... It could happen that quick, but, my 70 year old father in law, would probably tell you to quit. If he lives that long.

Douglas D
Yes, you are right. Just because you smoke, there is no guarantee that you will get lung cancer. But if you continue to smoke your chances of getting it by the age of 30 are significantly increased.
But lung cancer is only one of the health risks. If you have been smoking for more than 5 years, then your immune system is weakened, your lungs don't work at full capacity, and generally your body, your clothes, and any place your smoke regularly STINKS.
To a non-smoker the smell of second hand cigarette smoke is offensive.
Where I come from, smokers are considered bad risks as new hires for jobs, for insurance, and in some places can even be refused accomodation in appartments, and hotels.

So enjoy your laugh...while you can.

You're still young enough to quit without any serious reprecussions(sic). Though you will forever be at an increased risk for getting lung cancer. Facts of life!

Do you have a metal plate in your head,,dork!!

Many Smokers do not show any syptoms of Lung Cancer until they get to old age but the unlucky ones die younge. all im saying is you may not have lung cancer today but you could wake up tomorrow and there it is slowly progressing until it kills you.
im not saying i have never tried a smoke but i was alot like you thought i would never have any trouble i wanted to run and i was good at it until the smoking started affecting it. Smoking can affect the smallest parts of your life simply walking up a few stairs you will be collapsed on the floor. But you are young enough to stop and hopefully not of done any damage, if you stop soon enough your body can recover from any damages it caused.

Did you forget your medication today?

If youre smoking, then yeah you'll get it. Maybe not right away, but your lungs are definitely BLACK! You know if you quite, it takes about 7 years for your lungs to get back to normal..something like that.
And dying of lung cancer is not fun. You die like a person who is DROWNING! You suffer big time!

lol oh man.
Please please keep smoking. and a lot. I am talking like 11 packs a day. then maybe you'll get emphysema, cancer, a heart attack, a blood clot or any of the other conditions related to smoking before you have a chance to reproduce.

You need to take your humor else where. Some of us have had family die of lung cancer, because of lung cancer. I lost my mom June 4th to it, and I am very offended of you making fun of it when I have lost someone dear to me and really miss. My grandfather also died of lung problems associated with smoking.

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