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Why would a Christian pastor get cancer if he's done nothing but good things most of his life?
a pastor that i know has really bad cancer and its taking over his body. He's been nothing but good to everyone he knows. I've heard this question so many times but now it actually means something to me: why do bad things happen to good people?

i believe in both science and God, but in a situation like this who am i going to put the blame on?
Additional Details
p.s how can i try to deal with this? it's really making me feel like crap and what's the best thing to do in a time like this?

He is obviously being punished by God for something.

Lana B
why do innocent children starve

the only sensible answer is that your belief in Jesus Darn Christ is totally delusional

Adam H
Now I am an atheist, but I have a very good understanding of the Christian faith. The only explanation I have ever found was that God has a plan. If the pastor is to die, then God wants him. If the pastor is will not die, it is an affirmation of his faith.

Andrey L
Its Gods will. Sometimes he allows these things to happen to bring people closer to God.

Just think of this he will go to heaven sooner

I know how you feel. My pastor also was diagnosed with cancer and by the power of prayer he was heeled BECAUSE it was GODS WILL. God doesnt say if you follow him you wont get sick. Some people see to think that as long as you follow him you will be rich forever. That is non sence. We have to go through things. If you read some of my previous posts you will see what i am saying. Just pray for him and be there for him. That is the best thing you can do for him right now. He is also in my prayer and so are you i pray that God gives you comfort and a peace of mind. Take care!

Some bad things happen to humble us or straighten us out or to bring someone else to the Lord. You never really understand why something is happening until later. Maybe it is God's will and he is almost ready to call his child home? All things happen for a reason.

Based from scientists theory... almost everything can cause cancer:
- nail polish
- perfume/cologne
- Headphones (because of the magnet...)

Like... I know a whole list of them... but, no point...

So yeah... almost anything can cause cancer.
Best thing for him is to take chemotherapy and strive to survive and beat cancer like millions of other people.

Bless them all.

Joshua M.
its probably because god wants him in heaven... he might be raptured... which is a good thing... but yeah... pray for him... and if he really goes... know that hes in heaven now and with god... amen

lauren c <3
maybe he'll get away better life in heaven that he deserves and done with the test called life

how do you know what all he has done or not done.. personally I dont think it makes any difference..but i seriously doubt you know everything about him.Personally, I think its sorta like an old cowboy friend of mine said when he found out he had cancer when he was 50... he said well..." its just the luck of the draw and you play the cards you draw the best you can and go on.."

Gene S
I feel bad for the Pastor and you both,I'm sorry ,really.I notice you want to place blame ,sometimes you can't. As Christians, we can't always "shoebox" a situation and put it away as a solved problem, and be done with it. last year ,my brother lost his 15 yr. old daughter to a blood clot, no warning , no nothing. The doctors told him that " this just happens sometimes". He and his wife live with this explanation daily and look at what is left of their girl in a funeral urn .The best analogy or parallel I would have to draw on would be the Book of Job.Practically speaking , getting the most( whatever that might be) out of the time he has left is the smart thing to do.It also sounds like you are familiar with him and you could take it upon yourself to spend time with him, helping him and his family as needed. Doing this would bring you closer to helping you deal with this by knowing you helped out directly by making a real tough situation a little more bearable, there is some comfort in that. Staying away helps no one, and I've heard it all. " I want to remember him as he was" or "I just don't have the nerves for this" is pure B.S..Laziness and fear of what you might find is no excuse for not reaching out.Death and dying is sometimes ugly , smelly ,gross. That's real life.Sometimes it is a beautiful thing ,leaving this painful life behind and moving on toward a better one and having the clarity of mind and spirit to understand it. Use your time wisely and learn from this by helping a fellow human being out. God bless you in your search.

I'm sorry.
Bad things happen to good people like you said... sorry to copy you). Maybe God wants this minister in Heaven. Everyone suffers because we're human. Thats all i know.

I honestly have no idea why the world works this way. Its twisted and it's made me cry before, but i do have partial belief that everything happens for a reason. I am really sorry for this horrible feeling that you have, and I hope the pastor you know will get better.

I'm so sorry! But just think of it this way, he'll be heaven with God soon. I know what you're going through. I lost my uncle to cancer.

Everything has a purpose. Everyone has to die, and in reality, ALL death is just as bad as the others. Would it be better to burn in a car accident? Die in pain with a heart attack?

I was diagnosed when I was 21, and again at 23. I went through a lot of the same things, what have I done that was so bad for me to deserve this. I dont think thats it though.

I mean, a LOT of Good things have come from my cancer. A lot. I never would have seen most of them at the time it was happening. I think that you just have to believe that there is some reason, that something good will come of it somewhere. I have to believe that. I have to see good things. I wouldnt be able to survive mentally if there wasnt at least something good that came from it.

Being a minister, famous, rich or whatever doesn't ever change the fact they are just another human being like you or I.

Think about it this way: Jesus was a good person who had horrible things happen to him, and he did it out of love for mankind. Some people regard suffering as a gift from God, because it brings them closer to Him. They are getting a small taste of what Jesus when through. They can also "offer up" their sufferings to God in order to help others in need, or in reparation for their own past sins. I know it is awful hard to understand, but as a Christian, I am sure the pastor is at peace.

Being a Christian, even a pastor, has nothing to do with cancer. Being a living human being, with billions of cells in his body means he is just as vulnerable as Marylin Manson is to getting cancer.

I guess this isn't something we are meant to be able to understand fully. I have met many cancer patients that have a unique outlook on this. That is why I work as a nurse in that area. These people are so inspiring. I guess personally I do believe in God like you although I am not really a religious person. However, I believe that our stories were written long before we came onto this Earth. The reasons why bad things happen to good people could be much larger than you and this pastor. Maybe he needs to suffer in this way so that we can continue to learn more about cancer and treatments so that a cure can eventually be found. Unfortunately many have to suffer before a cure or better treatments can be found. There are many other possible reasons for this, but I can't possibly be wise enough to answer that definitively. Try not to blame anyone. I know it is unfair. I have seen so many amazing people fight and die from cancer. It is sad. I cry. I grieve afterwards and I do not forget them. Many times I am mad because it is so unfair, but I just stick to my belief that there is somehow a bigger picture that I just can't see. Someday I hope I do though because it doesn't completely make sense to me either.

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