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Terminal cancer - Will I know when I'm in my last few mins, or just go to sleep unaware then stop breathing?
I know nobody can answer this from personal experience, since if they have the experience, they couldn't be sitting in fron of their computer.

I just want to know if I'll be able to give my mum and dad a farewell kiss and hold their hands.
Additional Details
With so many nice answers from lovely people, how can I pick a best and not feel guilty for not picking one of the others?

Take care and choose for me


Blue Sky
You know now.....

your question touched my heart and I am crying...you see, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and I have been pretty sad anyway and your question just started tears to flow.

I am truly sad about what you are going through, you are very brave and I cannot write anymore...god bless you forever!

This past February, I sat with my mom as she slipped away.
She came home from hospital on a Friday and the following Tuesday
night she was gone.
Sunday she said her last words to me and held me tight as I too
held on tight. Then she did not speak again closed her eyes and
her urine stopped that day as all other functions , her meds
I continued giving her basically a strong combo of pain
meds per Hospice docs advised on Tuesday I sat with her
at her side talking to her and she stopped breathing a couple
of times and I instinctivly tugged at her and asked her to
breathe she did. Then later as the day turned to night
I realized something important. I braced myself and told her
that it was OK if she needed to go that I would be ok, I would
miss her but she needed to be with dad and within
30 mins of that she stopped breathing and I let her be.
I sat with her holding her and talking to her saying goodbye
and then called the hospice nurse who came immediately.
She had a puppy who sat on her bed cuddled up to her
when she came home. The pup knew 30 mins prior to her
passing as he just howled and cried like a baby.
She loved that doggie who is with me now and for that I will
always be grateful. She had the pup for one year and she
lived with me.
I just know for me sitting there I had never seen my mom in
such peace. What surprised me most was that I felt
it was one of the most awesome moments of my life
to be there with her and it just felt so peaceful.
I hope and wish that you can go as peacefully.
I wish you the best and all the love you deserve.
If you do not mind I will say a prayer for you to go in peace
when your time comes.

Lia Jeannine is here! 11.29.09
How it happened when my grandma died in my house was they started giving her morphine on a drip and she slowly lost it. One day I went in the room and said "Grandma, I love you." and she snapped at me "Huh!?" I knew in my heart that it was the medicine talking and that she loved me back, but it was a very hard moment for me. She died very peacefully, in her sleep. She just stopped breathing. The most important thing was that she was as comfortable and loved as she could be.

All you can do is say "I love you" often and always.

Dealing with death, especially a loved one's is never easy. I'm sorry these are questions you have to ponder at this point in your life, although eventually all of us will in some way or another.
Last year my grandmothers spouse died of cancer. He had been fighting for years. He died in his sleep, and he told my grandmother he knew he was going to die that night. She knew too.
He was ready to go she said. He had suffered enough and was ready.
I wish you the best. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said only two things in life are certain. Death and Taxes.
My heart goes out to you. Just be there as I'm sure you are.

Terry O
It depends on the location of the cancer and the meds they give you. You will know.

you probably will not know when the moment will arrive but you might begin to feel signs in the few days before you begin to pass away.. this is terrible to have to write to somebody. i am so very sorry.

i'm sure they will be near you in your final moments of life. just tell them that you are ready for your soul to be free from this body. there is nothing to be afraid of, just freedom.

Angus R
Yes you will have plenty of time to say goodbye. I work as a nurse for the terminally ill. You will have injections to stop any pain whenever you need one or a drip which you will control, you will simply slowly go to sleep.

Woody C
Odds are that your body and brain will shutdown before you take your last breath. Therefore, when you do get sick and it is hard to get up and down go ahead and tell everyone that you love them.

My father was a grumpy sick man one day and the next he took his last breath (from lung cancer). I bet if he had those last few days back he would be more kind and let everyone know that he cared for them. Don't be afraid to receive help.

Scott D
Kellie, first of all, I feel for you. I don't have cancer, but my father died of Lung Cancer in 2007 and my grandmother has breast cancer this year at 95 years old, so it's going to be terminal.

With my father, I was with him every step of the way in the last 6 months.

The answer is yes, you will know. Your health will degrade and you will probably see side effects.

Since you already know it's "terminal", I'm going to be honest to you. You will pass suddenly, but you will have a little time to say good bye to family and friends.
My father became very sick and it all hit in one day. He became sick at around 1:00pm and passed away that evening around 2:00am. So, not much time, but still a little. Enough to gather the family to say your goodbyes.

The only suggestion I have is don't be alone. You will become very sick and weak that you "need" someone else there.

very sorry.. it really depends..my brother just died of brain cancer.he went into a coma and died .but some are able to say good bye..but remember its not good bye.its a new beginning...im very sorry to here this.i know how at least your family feels ..i lost a sister younger, to unknown ,3 months before my brother..so my prayers are defenetly with you and your family remember miracles have happened? DONT GIVE UP be strong..god bless you and your family ..steve

I am so sorry ... I hope you are trying to enjoy life ( the little things ) in the time that you have left.

I lost my sister on 4/20 to pancreatic cancer. I held her hand, took her off the breathing tubes, which she did not want attached to her, and let her go. she died very peaceful in 6 hours. I got to say what i needed to say to her, but she was not awake for 3 days.... she did open her eyes when she heard my voice... but i said what i had to say as she to me.

Do what you must now.... have a celebration party of your life with all your friends and family... let them know that you are scared, but you love them and let them say what they need to say to you. You will not be alone and try not to be scared... your angels will be with you.

God Bless... Please tell my sister hi when you see her and tell her i miss her.

You will have time to gather your family and hold their hands 20, 30 years from now, nobody knows the day but GOD miracles happen it your case will be part of one

We have no way of knowing what your situation will be.

However cancer or no cancer, we should treat every time we see someone we care about as if it may be the last time we see them, leave nothing unsaid. It's just a great way to live your life, and living is the thing to concentrate on, not dying.

I once read something that changed the way I thought about a lot of things... it went like this...

"Do you want to live dying, or do you want to die living ??
I choose the latter.

Your body will most likely slowly shut down. It will stop giving energy to nonessential body parts (like your eyes, ears, feet and legs, etc), so it can focus all of its energy on your heart and lungs.You'll probably "drift" away slowly, with your parents holding your hands.

If you are terminally ill, I suggest looking for a Hospice near you. Their doctors and nurses will have the best information for you and will be able to coach you through this.

Pocket Protectorate
It could go either way...

Much love to you and your family...

I've been at the bedside many times when my patients have died from malignant diseases. I've held their hands at the very end along with family members. In most cases the person is not aware. They are usually asleep for the last part.

Before the last stage, there is often a brief rally that may last a few hours. That is when I've called family in to gather for a last hug and kiss goodbye. Experienced doctors and hospice nurses can often see this coming in the last 48 hours or so.

Many people I have seen simply relax and stop breathing at the end. They often have a very peaceful look as if the long struggle is finally over. Very, very sorry.

Added note - Pain depends on the type of malignancy and the location(s) where it may have spread. Pain is usually well controlled if you have experienced physicians and nurses. More often than pain is a sense of overwhelming weariness / weakness / fatigue. I have often felt that the person seemed relieved at the last. That's when the hardest part for the family begins - though sometimes family members understand and are also relieved that their loved one is at peace.

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