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 where can i talk 2 people with cancer??
i was recently diagnosed with cancer and am currently going through chemo ..........my family and friends have been gr8 but it's hard to talk 2 them because they dont realy know what i'm ...

 Is it common among teenagers that smoke cigarettes to get lung cancer?

 why can't governments try to find some medicine which can help smokers quit their habit?
The antsmoking campain can best dealt with there could be drungs specfically to help peole quiting the habit and at the same time reduce the risks of cancer....

 is it advisable not to get involved with a girl who has had breast cancer before for health reasons?
curious? :D
Additional Details
hey i was just asking. why are you all getting so mean?...

 my husband has brain cancer told about 3 mos to live ,all bills are in his name, how do I change them to mine?
all bills are in his name, I want to change them into my name, before he dies?...

 Do all cancer patients lose hair?
Do people diagnosed with ANY cancer lose hair?...

 My husband is drinking himself to death, and does 'nt know what he's doing, do I tell him or let him slip away
He is content and happy in his damaging life style, have I the right to change all that, when there is no garuantee that he will want to stop. I'm not interested in Alanon. He has asthma, ...

 Why does my mom's death seem like a bad dream?
She died over a week ago and it's still sinking in, but I feel like someone's going to pinch me and I'll wake up.

I live about 300 miles away from my dad and sisters and I ...

 I just found out I have cancer?
I'm worried, confused, and I have already pushed some people I care about a great deal away...how do I begin to deal with all this?
Additional Details
I'd love to tell them I ...

 Im 22 and dying of throat cancer I think its probably my fault. Its to late to be treated what should I do?
Im saying its my fault because i started drinking and using tobacco when i was 16. I quit dipping 8 months ago but it was to late a month after i quit i kept getting a sore throat. I went to a couple ...

 what are the types of cancer?

 does weed cure cancer?

 When patients and family members say. "We want everything possible done."?
Risking some angry responses here. I heard this quite often as an oncologist - "We want everything done.". But these days there are so many more things that can be done and many ...

 It's believed that of all cancer deaths may be directly related to diet?

 what does it mean if you have blood on your stool?

 do you smoke?
how many of you said you were going to give up as your new years resolution have you give in already my mam says it every year but it never ...

 why has no one found a cure for cancer yet?
my best friend has got cancer! it's not fair!!!!!!!!...

 When cancer is classed as terminal...?
When cancer is classed as terminal does that mean that that person only has months to live? I know it means that the cancer can not be cured but does it mean that person's only got months to ...

 Are lights any better than full flavor Cigs?
I know both are un healthy but should I switch, or does it really make no difference?...

 Do phones cause cancer?
I believe they do I hear it everywhere but my friend does not believe me i have tried to prove it to her but she won't listen. I think this is the only way plus i will find out for myself if it ...

First L
Skin cancer age 13?
Is it remotely possible to get skin cancer at age 13 when your in the sun maybe 15 min every few days?

i dont think so, people only get skin cancer when they are exposed to the sun more than 2 hours per day straight, the most ull get is a sun burn but cancer is unlikely, i know people who are in the sun all day practicing basketball and they have no skin cancer, btw, the skin would probably adapt to the temperature and the rays it is getting exposed so dont worry....

Yes. The sun places you at risk to develop skin cancer, but it isn't the only cause. You can also develop skin cancer on the bottoms of your feet where the sun never reaches. So, yes, although rare, you can get skin cancer at 13 even if never exposed to the sun.

St Judes: Pediatric Melanoma

My brother had skin cancer (melanoma -the bad one)
at the age of 15... Use that sun screen!!!

Kris L
If you have a 'genetic disposition' for skin cancer, you can get it at ANY age. My oldest son had 'precancerous moles' taken when he was all of 8 ... please CHECK WITH YOUR PARENTS if you even THINK you have skin cancer ... a 'mole' that is 'irregular' in shape, very very dark, that 'hurts' ...

Tail Stinger
Yes, it is. If you have a lesion, or spot, have a doctor check it out immediately. Don't be afraid of having anyone think of you as a hypochondriac. It's better to be a live hypochondriac than a dead martyr. Good luck!

Not impossible. Very, very unlikely. Check your moles!

Depending where you live, yes you might.
Always wear suncream approved by the skin cancer society.

And i also heard, caucasians/light color skins have higher risk of skin cancer compared to those with darker skin color.

Also avoid excessive sun exposure from 10a.m. till around 4-5p.m in summer time.

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
That's not a lot of time at any one time to be in the sun. Don't worry about it.

Here are a couple links about skin cancer...

i don't know/ Anything could be possible these days now that the sun has begun to produce more het now than ever, and the chances of being in the sun are risky.

Yes it is possible, depending on your skin type and how much you were in the sun as an infant or young child.

Ari Guitari
anything is possible...

Are you asking as you suspect you have skin cancer or because you are trying to avoid it in future?

If you have something you suspect may be skin cancer, get it checked! Anything is possible, and early diagnosis and treatment is best.

If you are trying to avoid skin cancer in future, 15 minutes exposure daily is fairly safe, but wear sunblock as an extra precaution. Remember, exposure includes ANY time in the outdoors, walking between buildings, between car or bus and buildings etc not just time sitting in the sun.

It is possible to get skin cancer at any age, I'm pretty sure. But I dont think that little sun exposure can hurt you. You need the sun. Don't worry, try wearing sun block.

you can get it at any age,and some dont grow into it untill your older.put on sun screen

anyone can just be protected to avoid.

Skin cancer can occur at any age, but at such a young age it is VERY unlikely and thats not even a lot of sun exposure. you can go out for more if you like as long as you put on some SPF or cover up clothing & you shouldn't worry about skin cancer.

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