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say it isn't so...
Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
having dreams where I am being diagnosed with some illness or even cancer. Should I worry about this? I don't have any symptoms I feel perfectly health. It is too weird and many times I wake up crying. Should I take these dreams as a warning?

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No, your dreams are probably not a warning. However, the fact that you are worried and losing sleep is a problem that can increase your stress level and actually make you sick. It is easy enough to go get a thorough checkup to put your mind to rest. Then you can get on with your life.

It sounds like you already are worried about it and your subconcious (sp) is telling you about it through your dreams.

Not necessarily are a warning, but it wouldn't hurt to get yourself checked out. Get yourself a physical and clear your mind.

well what is your heart telling you? If you have a gut feeling then go and just get a simple check-up. It wouldent hurt? I'm sure it will all work out fine!

This may be your bodys way of telling you something is wrong. And not all cancers have signs. They call Ovarian cancer the silent killer because it has no signs. But go and get checked out and make yourself feel better.

No, you should not, but dreams are out of your control, so put yourself at ease and go to the doctor.
However, if you test normal and still have these dreams, you will need psychiatric help.


Talk with a counsellor.

I would not go that far with it until something happens in real life. I am not trying to say that you are paranoid, but things like that happen. I mean when I was a kid every single night from the time I was 6 til I turned 12 it never failed that I had the same exact dream and I woke up crying and screaming each time! I kept dreaming that my cousin and I were playin in my grandpas yard and a man walked up behind us and we started running from him..... he chased us til my cousin fell and I kept running.... every time he would knock me down in the same spot, get on my back, and stab me multiple times in the spine...... I would wake up actually feeling pains in my spine and crying and screaming, but that has yet to happen to me. I know it may seem like it is real, but it is just a DREAM like every other one.

just go to the doctor for a check up just to make sure that you are ok

well it cant hurt to check it out...its probably nothing though, just your brain playing tricks on you...

Richard T
I think it's highly unlikely that you have an illness.
You should go to the doctor and have a blood test
just to put your mind at ease.

Mrs Magoo
go to the Dr and just ask him/her for a full health and blood cheeks can't hurt if better then worrying

Sometimes our dreams mean just the opposite of what we are seeing. You could get a physical so that you can be reassured that nothing is wrong. Try going to the bookstore and get a preview of some of the books on dreams.

Yes, go to the dr's. Even if it is nothing it will put your mind at ease.

If You're really worried about it, go to Your doctor and have he or she send You to get a full body scan.

i think you should take it with a grain of salt and dont worry

Wax Crayon
The communication between different parts of the brain can be extremely poor.

It's generally a good idea to pay at least some attention to hunches, instincts and freudian slips.

However, the dream is probably a metaphore for something else in your life.

However, I'd go pester your GP for a full check-up anyway.

If you're waking up crying, that alone justifies following it up.

If you're fine physically, maybe have a think about anything else in your life that is troubling you.

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