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Is there a certain kind of chemotherapy treatment that doesn't cause hair loss? If so, what is it called?

naruto fan

yah umm almost all of them do.

all chemo treatments, make that most if not all, chemo treatments cause you to loose all your hair because its attacking the skin at some point on yuor body and it looses it mass..

Cancer Survivor since 2000

it depends a lot on your system, chemotheropy drugs are designed to attack fast growing cells in the body, and the cells that grow your hair can be among the fastest growing in the body. They are working on some new smart drugs that they get to target specific fast growing cells instead of a blanketing all of them, but they are still in trial stages. The person above with waist length hair was lucky since their hairgrowth had slowed due to the length. but again as they said it depends on the dosage amounts and frequency as well.

Even if a chemo drug did tend to not cause hair loss it would have to be an effective drug against the person's specific type of cancer. If you are concerned for yourself, then I would have to tell you that you need to concentrate on treating your disease and that your hair will grow back.

I can tell you from personal experience that I would rather have my wife with no hair than a "good looking corpse". Sadly, neither she nor I got to make the decision; the disease did it for her.

Good luck.

Yes there are many such treatments that does not cause hair loss. For more details visit http://hair.health2all.info

it depends on the person. My next door neighbor never had any hair loss or got sick during chemo.

All chemotherapy has the potential to cause hair loss.

However, some people don't lose their hair as a result, but it's not many people.

Barbara L
Yes there is. I was treated at Galvistn hospital in TX. I was stage 4 NH Lymphomia. I did not get sick or loose my hair. The treatment was 3 months but the cancer came back in a year. I was treated 10 years ago for the same thing it was hell I was sick and lost my hair, the treatment waslasted a year. The cancer was gone for 9 years I would go with the hair loss any day to have 9 good years vs the one year with the easy one.

There are many different types of chemotherapy.

Different people are given different drugs, either singly or in combination to suit the type and location of the cancer they are fighting.

Some are almost guaranteed to cause total hair loss, some rarely cause hair loss or only slight hair loss.

The amount of hair loss a particular drug or conmination will cause is not a deciding factor in which treatment will be used.

When the best treatment for a particular cancer is chosen, the patient will be advised of the likely side effects, including hair loss, however the alternate (spread of unchecked cancerand probable death) puts all those side effects into perspective and makes them tollerable!

Not so looney afterall
For breast cancer, CMF chemotherapy only a small chance of causing hair loss. AC chemo guarantees hair loss. But a doctor has to make choices based on what will kill the cancer, not what will maintain one's hair...

Annie Oakley
I take Aromasin, which is a pill form of chemotherapy. It does not cause hair loss. Tamoxifan is another pill form of chemo.

The reason I was able to take a pill form of chemo is because the cancer was caught early.

It all depends on the chemo. I took Intron A (interferon alpha 2b) for melanoma. My hair thinned, but did not fall completely out (My hair was and is waist length). Some people insisted I wasn't on chemo because I wasn't bald!!!! Um, chemotheraphy is NOT radioactive.***To the person who said I was lucky due to my hair being long and growing slowly---NOBODY on intron A goes bald. Nobody. I was on 63000000 IUs 5x a week for a month, and then 11 months of maintenance. Intron A has a different mechanism.....it works on your immune system, not by attacking fast growing cells (like most traditional chemos).

Many chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss or hair thinning; some don't. I lost all my hair, my late sister in law didn't lose any. See this link for details of risk of hair loss with different chemotherapy drugs


green eyes
it depends on the type of cancer you or your loved one has.

my brother in law has brain cancer and he is taking a chemo in a form of a pill called Temador which does not cause any hair loss.

good luck and keep strong..

Barb B
Some of the chemo drugs or combinations of the chemo drugs will cause hair loss. Your Dr will tell you when or if hair loss is a side effect of a specific treatment.
Also, it depends on your own body and how you react. My Mom was told on 3 different occasions that the chemo drugs she was receiving would cause hair loss and even full baldness. She never did lose all her hair. It thinned, but didn't all come out.
So again, some chemo drugs or their combinations cause hair loss, but not all.

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