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 Could I have breast cancer?
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John Doe
Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family? I dont have much time left!!?
I Know that I am dying for sure. I started abusing alcohol as a teen because of emotional problems. I never talked to anybody about any of my emotional problems idk why but it always seemed hard for me. I became dependant on alcohol and chewing tobacco at 17. I know its prob my fault I come from a wonderful family. They dont drink much or use tobacco. Im so stupid cause im leaving my family a heavy burden no one has ever died like this prob. I dont know how to break it to my family this is a shitty way to die. They will probably always remember me as a failure. Everyone thinks im just depressed I havent told them i have cancer and dying. They sent me to the Doc I told him im just depressed to and he gave me some med. I didnt tell him cause im so scared of my family finding out i have cancer.

tell them

christina c
as a parent if my son was going through what you are i would want to know. i would want to be by his side when he died. holding him like i did when he was young. as i am sitting here typing this to you i am crying. i am thinking about what your mother is going to go through because you didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth about you

I think u should tell them because they care about you and they will always try to help u even in the worst conditions. You don't have to be there when you tell them u can call them or send them a letter or e-mail. They won't think your a failure because they love just the way u were.

you should tell them so they can be there for you giving you the family support that you need right now.

David C
That is really sad man =( you aren't a failure and your family wont remember you that way. You really should tell them so that it isn't a really nasty surprise to them. Just sit them down and explain the whole story and everything will be fine.
I feel for you man this must be really hard for you. you are way to young to die =(
i hope this helps

I am sorry for that. Tell them exactly everything. At a time when they are relaxed and calm. If they get all mad tell them you know that you took this road and tell them that you love them and that you are sorry. If I heard that i would start breaking down. Good luck. And before you die live your dream.

Tell them. Trust me. They wouldn't want you to die and not know why you died at the time.

Brea B
you should definetly tell them! they are your family and they deserve to know. you dont want them wondering why you died for the rest of there lives. definetly tell them.

game maniac
just tell them they won't see you as a failure, but they're gonna find out sooner or later, and it would be best to tell them sooner

Brad the buckmaster
First of all Im gonna say That I am very sorry to hear this. My advice would be to tell them the truth and tell them that you have made a mistake. Your family will be heartbroken and it will take time for them to heal. However they need to know this information. Atleast it will give them the knowledge and they will want to spend alot of time with you once they figure this out. And as for them thinking your a failure. I am positive they wont look at you that way, Family is family They stick with eachother through thick and thin.

You should tell your family.
If they really love you, they'll support you.
The best thing to do is just to tell your family.
and this better not be a joke!

e w
They sent you to the doctor and you didn't tell him what, that you have cancer?

I would assume from that statement that you have diagnosed yourself as having cancer, and haven't consulted a doctor and gotten a professioal diagnosis.

There are about 1,001 illness and conditions that can appear to be cancer, and yet aren't.

Get properly diagnosed and treated. You could have some very easily treatable condition that isn't actually cancer.

And how could you possibly know for certain that alcohol and/or tobaco have caused a particular cancer that you think you have?

Tuberculosis has many similar symptoms to cancer, and isn't caused by tobacco or alcohol. It's treatable, and it could be one of the many possibilities of whatever is actually wrong with you.

Cancer often causes masses or lumps, but they are also caused by cysts, boils, fatty and benign tumors.

See a doctor and be honest with him.

one thing I know you better pray to God not to make you get that studpid thing, you would never like it, you would not be on the site sounding as if you are a robot, go find something to go that will benefit you and stop taking up space on the site you cannot only fool people that are air-headed like you. you are such a looser.

Duke A
There's another guy on Yahoo! Answers who is in the same situation you're in. I do not recall his name, but he keeps reposting a similiar question, so it'll be easy to contact him. You two can maybe discuss the problem and find an answer or both go to the doctor and compare your results to see what the real problem is.

-If you are not lier ,tell this to your friends,they will tell slowly to your family so that they can bear

-You know that you can write e mails to me by clicking the word e mail which is visible in my profile available by clicking here my name/picture

I don't actually believe this but if it is true, it is never too late. Tell your family you have cancer. Explain about your past and how much you regret it and how sorry you are. Tell them everything you are feeling. Make things right in the time you have left

Anne W
what kind of cancer do you have? were you diagnosed by a doc? if not then you probably dont have cancer. who didnt start abusing alcohol as a teen, and use tobacco and are dying at 22? i dont understand, what type of cancer were you diagnosed with?

go skydiving and dont pull the shoot!! Go out like a real man. and yes the failure thing will happen. Clown

Sweet Pea
Right. were suppose to believe this?? loser.

HOW do you know you have Cancer if you told the Doctor you were depressed? Where is the proof? Are we supposed to believe you, just because you are saying that you have cancer. When did you have tests done, what kind of tests? Please don't joke about Cancer, because I have

Peter M
One simple question for you if we can get an honest answer -what type of cancer exactly do you have? Or are you having fun at the expense of people here that really have cancer?

EDIT: He's posted this thing four times the only thing he has ever posted except an exceptionally rude answer to a real cancer victim.

The walking dead
Is this your idea of a sick joke, spineless insect i despise you

This is unlikely and prob not true

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