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 not sure whether i'm intitled to a bus pass for travelling to and from hospital.?
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how does it make you feel inside

 cervical cancer injections for teenage girls?
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If girls aged 12-13 were to get the cervical cancer vaccine, what would the effects be on the future?

i think , she will die soon,need to ask doctor immedately.

Beyond brainwashing
Watch this video for why you should’t take the vaccines.

DON'T TAKE IT!! Or you may get cancer its mass genocide; the vaccine has mercury in it!! It’s the 2d most toxic substance on earth. More people get cancer that take the vaccines, than thoes who do not. In the UK they plan to give every teenage girl free vaccine to supposedly protect them from cervical cancer. Independent scientific evidence shows that there IS no link between the HPV Papilloma virus and cancer, NO LINK! Watch video for evidence – http://www.infowars.com/articles/science/vaccines_hpv_great_hoax_exposed.htm

It’s the same with all vaccines, children's too, can't you see the huge increase in autism and other learning difficulties. Mercury is a deadly toxin and a baby's undeveloped brain has no resistance to the mercury. The same aply's to the flu jab and the Aids vaccine. The government need sick people because that the biggest money making racket after oil and war. More people make money out of cancer that those who die from it. Do your own research on the Internet, goggle dangerous vaccines or view them on you tube.

WHY do people not ask what is in the vaccine??????????????? Before they put the shot in their body? Even doctors can’t tell what the ingredients are because they just accept what their told and give it to you. Go on ask what’s in it, you won’t get any answers!

Parents of the gulf war solders asking what was in the vaccines that the army gave were told that that was classified information!! (It was actually a flu jab).

Phenol (poison)
Formaldehyde (Cancer causing)
Alum (Preservative)
Acetone (Nail polish remover)
Aluminium phosphate (toxic deodorants)
Glycerine (toxic liver, kidney and lung damage)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG allergic)
Toxic metals, lead, cadmium, aluminium and MERCUARY (thimerosal)
Faecal matter, dog kidney, monkey kidney
Horse and calf serum, pig blood, horse blood and rabbit brains
Yeast proteins
RNA and DNA from growth medium including retro viruses from animals
SV40 cancer causing from monkeys associated with brain and lung tumours
Aborted baby lung tissue.
Scary ugh?

Well I haven't had any side effects yet so i don't think a 12-13 year old would. It hurt a lot when I got it done. The first shot was fine, then the second one was alright and then the third one made me cry.
Lucky for me my wonderful Government is nice and make the vaccine free! Now I won't get cervical cancer and I also now have a lower risk of getting herpes. :P

It's impossible to know the long term effects, because the vaccine has only been in use for 2 years.

Mariel, the HPV vaccine has not been tested to see if it affects human fertility. It apparently doesn't affect rat fertility, but rat fertility is probably not what most teens and women are concerned with. http://www.merck.com/product/usa/pi_circulars/g/gardasil/gardasil_pi.pdf

DONT get it i got it and ever since i got it every month my cramps are wayyyyy worse i get terrible headaches and you wouldnt even guess the amount of medicane i have to take for my cramps to go away IF they want to and im not the only one

Fufu Head
Less women dying of cervical cancer.

The vaccine was an enormous stepforward as cancerous changes on smear tests need to be looked at by a human using a microscope and thus there is a high error rate in favour of missing a cancer...its 10 % +. No biochemical test for cervical cancer has been developed to overcome the human "eyeball" test for this cancer hence the chance to eradicate the warts virus that causes the cancer should be jumped at

Amy Lou
the government would make it compulsery to every year and the cancer would probably die out

No effects...
I heard that some girls faint after getting the vaccine, though no long term effects that I know of.

About 1 in 10 people suffer minor side effects, which can include discomfort, swelling and redness at the injection site, and a fever. Occasionally, there can be some itching. Rarely, allergic skin rashes and a wheezy chest have occurred.

Atheist Kiba is Atheist
The NHS will be in even more financial trouble than it already is

Hopefully, the girls won't get cervical cancer

That's about it.

I'm getting mine during college - around 2009-2010

Sarah A
Far fewer cases of cervical cancer, and the NHS will not be any worse off as it costs rather more than ÂŁ250 to treat cervical cancer. Ultimately, the vaccine could end the need for regular smear tests, which would be fantastic as they are particularly unpleasnt. This is some way off, however. I think it's a fantastic advancement, and it's times like this we should be grateful for having a National Health Service.

a very in debt NHS
each vaccine costs ÂŁ250
so thats a lot of money to spend

i kind have wished i'd not read the other answers. in cancer research. some of the steps forward seem to have a cost. i doubt if would have been fda approved if it were a danger to fertility. it would be black boxed by now. any ground we gain against cancer is wonderful. my concern is that there are certain types that are in the research dollar winners circle and other types swept under the rug. back to your question; i know physicians who are giving it to their daughters if that pertains at all.

no one knows yet. but tbh i've got a feeling it'd be better than actually getting cervical cancer

The rates if cervical cancer diagnoses would be lowered majorly and they would go on to live much happier lives.

...they don't really know. It hasn't gotten to that point. All vaccines have their issues (heck, the chickenpox vaccine you now have to go in every 4 years or whatever because it doesn't last). Only time will tell

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