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I have cancer, How come im not worried..?
I recieved my results few days ago, and have been told that I have an incurable lung caner. I have no smoking, history, I work out regularly (2 to 3 times a weeK). Im 22 ut for some reason im have no intensive emotional reaction to that. I knowm im suppose to be worried but is that normal?
Additional Details
Im completely independent, living on my own. some friends I talk to, family I talk to on weekly basis. a stressless good job, and living in such a great country.

If you have no smoking history then what is the reason the doctors gave you for getting lung cancer.

you in the first stages of death denial

Pick me for best answer!!
Maybe it hasn't hit you yet. How much time do you have left?

Get some resveratrol from muscidames.

Take a lot of it.

It may save your life.

what have you got to lose ?

how did you get that if you dont smoke did u work in a factory of some sort? Anyway there are cures out their i would get a second opinion. cancer isnt a life sentence anymore and your young just try and get your immune system extrememly high. i hear if your ph is low cancer can live get it high cancer cant survive. good luck and god bless

Wow, I'm sorry that you have lung cancer, and an incurable type at that. It might yet, and it mightf but hit you, but if it does try and stay strong. I would goto another doctor, just go get another opionion you never know what you might find out, and also do some research on the type of cancer the first doctor says you have in the meantime.
Good luck!

Sorry about your condition. You are probably in shock, although you may not recognize it as such. When the self receives incredibly bad news it has a way to insulate itself until you can handle it . . which is a good thing. So, in the meantime if you are able to you should be doing as much research on your disease as possible . . especially if you intend to fight it. No one knows if your particular chemistry and body will respond to treatment and end up surprising everyone or not . . they need to tell you that the disease is 'incurable' because in many cases that is the 'norm' . . but you could actually be in the percentage that survives . . and survives with excellent quality of life . . that is why people need to ignore the statistics and concentrate on finding the best possible treatments.

And, as for your reaction being 'normal' . . yes, it is 'normal' . . because you are faced with an abnormal situation . . there is no such thing as 'normal'. My son was 17 when diagnosed with an advanced abdominal sarcoma that is almost always fatal (prolongs life, but rarely achieves cure is what they like to tell you) . . but on doing research we actually found survivors of his type and stage of disease . . so we knew it was possible. He also was never worried about his cancer and just went about living his 'normal' life as best as possible . . he was never bitter or asked 'why me' . . was calm, funny, and enlightened the entire time. I think he saw life more clearly than the rest of us . . so, perhaps that is what will happen with you too . . what happens, will happen . . so be it and in the meantime just live in the moment.

Good luck.

You are lucky you're not worried. If you were it would be alot harder to enjoy to life, and you HAVE to enjoy it. It is normal for some people who are braver then others to not be worried, and some people start stressing, you happen to be one that is not worried, also there is a chance it hasnt really hit you yet and you just need the right moment for everything to finally catch up with you. This really sad to hear about you having cancer and im soo sorry about that. Try to enjoy the time you have left with you're friends and family.


I think it is the way for your mind to protect yourself from overwhelming news and thinking about the consequences. Your mind will let you absorb it as you are a little more ready to hear it. Get support when you need it.

I am not sure it sunk in. Unfourtunatly, when you start getting sick is when it will become a 'situation'.

Sad to hear it buddy (the lung cancer, that is). I agree with the common response that you're probably in a stage of denial or shock, and it'll hit you soon enough.

Having said that, I have lymphoma and I was never phased by it. There might have been a moment somewhere along the way when I thought "wow, I have cancer" but I never broke down or let it get to me, and now my treatment is almost over. But then, my case is different than yours because my prognosis was good and lymphoma is generally a lot less serious than lung cancer, I'd imagine.

Anyway, good luck with whatever happens. :)

Irish Sean
It could be that you haven't completely processed the information yet. You've heard and understand the doctors prognosis, but you're in a state of denial.
When you least expect it, you'll be hit with a wave of emotion.

Best of luck and God Bless.

Go Gators
Too worry would only make it harder to deal with. I admire your strength and honesty. Please share your feeling with family and friends. Researchers work continually to find a cure for this terrible disease; you do the same. I will keep you in my prayers, if that's alright with you! Many blessings and a huge hug to you! Please let me know what therapy options have been offered to you.

you're an optimistic guy.. keep on living live at the max...
i hope that you will have a happy life while it lasts...

thats the way one has to take life !!! all the very best .

Martin the baby
Do not be. Enjoy your life as it comes, you and those around you will be happy.

Lung cancer is not incurable.
Live every day to the fullest and like it is your last.
Never give up hope.

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