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I can sue the company I worked for if I found out that I was using chemicals known to cause cancer?
I have been working with a certain product that goes on wood for months and finally quit because I found out the stuff we use is known to the state of California to cause cancer. No one ever told me it did. I have even been cleaning said product with scrapes on my skin. Yuck!!!
Do you think I can file a lawsuit? They never told me it was cancer causing. I live in Montana just in case you know Montana's laws.

If there is a sign anywhere in the building, or in your employee manual or whatever stating you are working with said chemicals, then no, you can't sue. They aren't outright going to tell you, you have to read these things for yourself. I worked at a vet hospital that used a cancer-causing gas if exposed to it. They never verbally told me, but they had signs, and had it in the employee manual.



Well, it's good that you quit, but I doubt you could sue them at this point, especially because you haven't developed any symptoms or signs of cancer. Also, it might be good, before you attempt legal action, to talk with a lawyer AND check to be sure that you didn't sign anything that says you would be working with Hazardous chemicals...Companies are smart, and most of the time will weave little bits of information into their standard documentation in order to avoid legal issues further down the road.

Vanilla Sky
Call your lawyer ASAP

Mary Baker Glover Patterson Frye
anyone can file a lawsuit

of course the question is can you afford to or find a solicitor that will take your case?

ღMediteranean Oo LA LA♥ღ♥ღ
you sure can file a law suit!!!
i will consult with a GOOD lawyer!!!!

if you actually develop cancer and can link it to the chemical use. you cannot sue them for exposing though because at this point there has been no side effects from being exposed.

depends if you signed something , anywhere that you agreed to work at your own risk or not hold the company responsible for illness. You would have to have it documented and maybe under workmans comp. If you quit, your are not covered by the company's benefits. You should have had access to the MSDS or occupational hazards or emergency treatment avail if splashed in eyes or skin etc. You would need medical documentation and it involves a time factor to file a claim. Most likely, they will deny you and try to prove it's not their fault, They will tie it up in the courts for a long time and rarely will the company admit guilt/fault or settle. You'll be spending your money. Consult with personal injury lawyer in your state. Do you have cancer?

Smart eh!
contact a lawyer, most likely a pro bono(means work for free) and find out more about it

Alex P
Yes you can sue them....
You just might be a rich girl/man.

The laws in California have no bearing on the laws of the state of Montana. You should, however, find out if the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is available from your employer and if these data sheets are made available to all employees. My guess: Yes, they are. By making the data sheets available to the employees, they put the responsibility in YOUR hands for the knowledge.

I would also place at suspect the way in which you used the chemical. Did your employer offer gloves? Suggest Gloves? Were you, in fact going against stated Safety Rules and precautions by NOT wearing gloves? These are the statements that the lawyers will ask, and most times, they will find these answers are against you because the employer has posted these rules ahead of time.

As for a suit, the best you can hope to accomplish is the posting of better rules at teh place of employment. If you come down with cancer, directly linked to this chemical, then you would have a case, otherwise you're not going to get very far.

Good luck.

Messy Marvin
only if you were not given access to the worksheets of the chemicals you were exposed to as dictated by OSHA. Did you ask your employer for the data sheets because it is up to you to ask.
If you were refused the info you'd have a case but my guess is it was readily available. falls under personal responsibility.

Every company must have a hazardous substance communication program that tells employees about the harzardous chemicals, teaches you how to read MSDS documents, trains you on proper use and protection from substance and make MSDS and other information available to you. locate MSDS online and read section 3 to see if there are chronic, long term health effects from the chemical. Then see a doctor. then you might have a case.

At the least, if company did not have hazcom program. Call state OSHA office and report them.

do they have fineprint anywhere

Carlos T
I think you have a case in your hands. You need to seek a lawyer and explain to him the situation and see what you can do about it, but if you were not informed that this thing gives you cancer then you can sue them.

Good Luck!

Love {is the answer}
the only way you can sue is if you got cancer from that product. my best friends dad was using a chemical that was harmful and he couldnt sue anybody until he got sick from it.. unfortunately he died.. and they got a lot of money from the company. so unless your sick or have cancer sue to the chemical you cant sue.

everything now causes cancer!! no you would lose..why waste the money?

♥Queen Alyssa♥
I dunno I'm in Ontario but you should always be notified of the possible dangers of any chemical you are using in the workplace. If you didn't ask, they may use that against you. However, cancer being as serious as it is, you can probably simply state you were never notified of the possible effects of the chemical. Like someone has said, fine print is a *****. But you should never be expected to read the labels on your own (even though you should.. and you probably did and it didn't say anything dangerous). Workplace managers should be in charge of providing you with the safety knowledge you need to do the job safely and effectively.

i've worked in CA. Most companies have signs on EVERY door about the chemicals. If those signs were on all the doors you went in through, i am not at all sure you could sue. at least, it would be tough.

you should have been told the dangers of what you were using, and you should have b en required to wear gloves, maybe other protective articles of clothing.

if you were told to wear gloves, etc, and you chose not to, that will also be a problem.

talk to a lawyer to see if you have grounds to sue ( i think you do)

Brother Mike
By law they must give you access to the Material Safety Data Sheets. They come from the manufacturer of the chemicals and should be located at a "Right to know station" in the work place. Check with OSHA

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