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 blood types?which blood types do you believe to be the rarest?

 i just smoked a cagar I am 14 will i get cancer. i have smoked 2 times before?

Additional Details
i forgot to mentoin after i was done smoking it felt like i swollowed somthing and it was stoke in my troat so i drank water and it felt wierd is this ...

 Is it true you can get mouth cancer is you smoke cigarettes wrong?
Hmm.. it sounds ridiculous and I don't even smoke but someone I knew said it and I don't believe it.. But is it true?



 My dad is in late stages of cancer - please help?
My dad (72 yrs) was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of months ago which spread to the brain and its been very distressing seeing him go through radiotherapy and all the effects of the disease....

 my mum is very ill and i don't know what to do ?
my mum has liver cancer and am only 15 i don't know what to do no one tells me what is going on i don't find out that shes going to the hospital till the day she goes i ask my dad if she ok ...

 Gifts for a child with cancer?
My friend has a 9 month old going through chemo and I'd like to get her a toy or something to play with while she's in the hospital. Or if not a toy, any other ideas?...

 what are some organs that are involved with lung cancer ?

 I'm 19, is it possible for someone my age to have BREAST CANCER?
my left breast has been hurting me and i think i have a cyst (at least i hope its just a cyst)....

 PLEASE i am asking you to pray?
My friends mom is at the doctor RIGHT NOW and today, she will find out for sure if she has breast cancer or not!
she does not have a lot of money and needs alll of your prayers! please pray a ...

 Non smokers, What have you done? You have killed a culture and increased the sale of tranquilisers by 20%?
Cancer deaths are rising. What have you done? Are you nuts?
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Source. The Times.. Today....

 Do you anyone who has died from Cancer?
What age, and what type of Cancer?...

 Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
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 my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
im scared about all this going on !he seems like its nothing!!...

 I just found out my older sister's cancer is gettig worse. I want to be with her but what's the best approach
We have always been pretty close even though there ia a 11 year age difference. I just lost another sister last February to an auto-immunne disease and she was only 55.
This sister recently ...

 My mom's Breast Cancer Stage IV question?
the doctor said she was already incurable :(( does it mean she will just die??

pls help

right now she is just continuing her chemo's and checkup's and med's

 I have cancer, How come im not worried..?
I recieved my results few days ago, and have been told that I have an incurable lung caner. I have no smoking, history, I work out regularly (2 to 3 times a weeK). Im 22 ut for some reason im have no ...

 Skin cancer age 13?
Is it remotely possible to get skin cancer at age 13 when your in the sun maybe 15 min every few days?...

 What do I do? My Mom is dying of cancer in the USA (where I'm from) but no one knows when, and I live in UK
I just went to see her this month, but my sister says it's getting worse, yet my Mom denies that....

 Does sleeping in a bra make you have breast cancer?
Even if it doesn't, are there any downsides to it?...

 are there any positives to smoking?
if there are any.if not what are negitives....

How do you tell a 4year old boy that His Mother has breast cancer?

Just tell him.

4 year old your mum has breast cancer,,,?

You'd be surprised how intelligent and perceptive children are. I'd decide against hiding anything from him but dull the truth a bit... he is only four. Thats young.
"Mommy is sick at the moment but we're hoping she'll get better soon. How about we try our best to help her feel her best?"

I'm so sorry you're stuck in such a difficult situation, but I promise it will get better!
Love, Hannah

Jennifer Dues
first of all i am very very sorry to hear =(. tell him that mommy is sick, not sick like a cold but sick as in a different sort of way. tell him that she will be fine but somedays she will be very tired and somedays she wont be. then offer him a new toy or something.... breast cancer is one of the worst cancers around but with the new and imporved medicine i hope that she will be fine. be strong and dont break down infront of your son. that is a sign of weakness and you dont want him in sense that..... again i am so sorry...

[email protected]

im sorry:(

I don't think that they would understand at that age! It would be far too scary. Maybe mommy will be fine and nothing needs to be said. But when she is sick sometimes, just say that. Say that mommy doesn't feel well.

I think there are children-friendly books to help them understand in a way that is age appropriate.

Sorry to hear about the diagnosis :(

cross-stitch kelly
I would tell him just the basics without telling him things like "Mommy may die" or anything like that. Tell him Mommy is sick, and she'll need to go to the doctor several times to get treated for a while. She'll get tired a lot, and she won't always feel very good, so she'll need him to help her sometimes. It will be a while before she'll feel OK, but she's going to be fine.

Sarcasm is an Art and a Talent
Talk to him over chocolate milk and a favorite toy. Just tell him that his Mommy's very sick and everything will be ok. Also you could treat him to ice cream and/or Mc Donald's before hand.

Retro Bhoy
you realy need to break it to him gently and take the time to explane it to him and hope for the best

JC is me<3
Tell him mommy is sick. Tell him that it's not just a cold and that you arent sure how bad it is. Children are easily intimedated, so don't straight out say, your mom has cancer. Try to take it easy, and let him know that this is very serious. Sit him down say I need to tell you something very important. If this doesnt instantly get his attention tell him that you need to tell him a secret. Tell him mommy is very sick, and you dont know how it will turn out. Be sure to indicate its more tahn a cold, tell him she will be in a lot of pain. Try to make it comfertable. After you tell him be sure to tell him he needs to help her and be extra nice. Also tell him if he ever wants to talk about it youll be there for him, always. And live up to that.
Very sorry to here about that.

why tell him? is he gonna understand? idk. i guess u could say mommy is really sick. but she'll be ok.

tell him that "mommy is very sick".

Ms Dream
aww :( just say that she is sick. He wont understand what cancer is...You need to be honest but sound gentle and tell him that she will be ok.

Lisa K
tell him shes sick but dont sound harsh and tell him that every thing will be ok

I would talk to him in terms that a four-year old can understand. I would tell him that Mommy is sick but that the doctors are doing to do everything to make her better. If chemo is going to be involved resulting in sickness or hair loss that he will be able to see, I would explain that it's all part of getting better. I wouldn't put too much on him at once. See how he responds and take it from there.

I hope his Mommy will be just fine. :)

tell him that " mommy is sick "

Hopefully things will turn out well for her and him.You might try telling him in simple easy words that Mommy is sick and she will be seeing some special doctors who will help her to get better. Tell him that some days mom may not feel very well but it will pass.

From the Canadian Cancer Society.
How to tell children

* Choose a time to talk when you’re feeling calm.
* Try to have another adult present. That way, children will know that there are other adults they can talk to, and who will support them. In a two-parent home, try to talk to your kids together. If you’re a single parent, you could ask a close relative or friend to be there. A doctor, nurse or social worker might also be able to help with difficult discussions.
* Be prepared to repeat the information, perhaps many times. Keep checking that children understand what you’re saying. You may need to take cues from their questions, eye contact or body language.
* Be clear and direct. Don’t create a feeling that cancer should be a secret by whispering or using terms such as “the big C”.
* Don’t be afraid to tell your children about your feelings if you want to. It may help them be able to express theirs.

What to tell children

* Provide some basic information, such as the name of the cancer, the body part it affects, the treatment and its possible side effects. It will help to use words and terms children can understand. For example, say “doctor” instead of “oncologist” or “medicine” instead of “chemotherapy”.
* Reassure children that they can’t catch cancer from you. It may also help to reassure them that it would be very unlikely for their other parent to get sick as well.
* Tell children that nothing they did caused the cancer. Children may worry that the cancer is their fault and they must have done something wrong for this to happen.
* Tell children how their lives might change. Cancer treatment can disrupt their routines. So prepare them for possible changes to school, lessons, meals, chores and so on.
* Give children time and other chances to ask questions and express their feelings. If they ask questions that you can’t answer, let them know that you will find out the answers for them. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know.”
* Tell your children how much you love them.

In addition to telling your children, try to tell other adults in your children’s lives (teachers, neighbours, coaches, relatives) about what’s going on. These other adults may be able to take your children to their activities, as well as listen to their feelings and concerns. Members of your healthcare team may also help by talking to your children and answering their questions.

How much detail do children need?

You will be the best judge of how much your child will understand about the situation. But in general children need to know at least enough to be prepared for changes to their routine and day-to-day life. Reassure them that you’ll keep them up to date on what’s happening.

What if you're child asks if you're going to die?

Just as it’s frightening for you to think about death, it’s scary for children to ask this question. Many may think about it but not ask.

You may want to prepare an answer to this question in case your child asks. Your response will depend on many things: the type of cancer and how easy it is to treat, the stage of the cancer, and what the doctor has told you.

It’s important to let your children know that you’re willing to tell them the truth, and that you will keep talking to them as you get more information. You could say:

* “I don’t know what will happen in the future, so let’s think about what’s going on right now. I promise I’ll tell you when I find out new information. I want you to ask me any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them.”
* “The doctors have told me that my chances of getting better are very good. I believe them and I want you to believe them too. I’ll tell you if that changes.”
* “Sometimes people do die from cancer. I’m not expecting that to happen because the doctors have told me they have very good treatments these days.”
* “There’s no way to know right now what’s going to happen. I’ll know more after the first treatments are finished.”
* “They don’t know a lot about the kind of cancer I have, so it’s hard to know how I’ll do. I’m going to try my best to get better, and my doctors are doing their best, too.”
* “My cancer is hard to treat, but I’m going to do everything I can do to get better. I don’t know right now if I will, but I will be honest about what’s going on. If you are worried, I want you to tell me so that we can talk about it.”

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