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 Recently I have found a knot in my breast that is visible (can see lump under skin). Should I worry. 24yrs old?
The area where the knot is seems to be darker than my other skin?
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I don't want to go to doc unless it might be serious....no insurance but I guess I will have to ...

 I am a grandad of 66 who has always looked after my grandaughter of 13?
my daughter is having a babby in febuary and wonts me to lookafter him I dont have a problem what do you think
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wot I said I dont have a problem looking after my ...

 what is a good gift for someone who just finished chemo & radiation?
my mom just finished chemo & radiation. we were taking her out to dinner & wanted to get her a gift. what would be a good gift? she is 59 & had breast cancer....

 Is there a certain kind of chemotherapy treatment that doesn't cause hair loss? If so, what is it called?

LOST OF WEIGHT OR fever??...

 blood types?which blood types do you believe to be the rarest?

 i just smoked a cagar I am 14 will i get cancer. i have smoked 2 times before?

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i forgot to mentoin after i was done smoking it felt like i swollowed somthing and it was stoke in my troat so i drank water and it felt wierd is this ...

 Is it true you can get mouth cancer is you smoke cigarettes wrong?
Hmm.. it sounds ridiculous and I don't even smoke but someone I knew said it and I don't believe it.. But is it true?



 My dad is in late stages of cancer - please help?
My dad (72 yrs) was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of months ago which spread to the brain and its been very distressing seeing him go through radiotherapy and all the effects of the disease....

 my mum is very ill and i don't know what to do ?
my mum has liver cancer and am only 15 i don't know what to do no one tells me what is going on i don't find out that shes going to the hospital till the day she goes i ask my dad if she ok ...

 Gifts for a child with cancer?
My friend has a 9 month old going through chemo and I'd like to get her a toy or something to play with while she's in the hospital. Or if not a toy, any other ideas?...

 what are some organs that are involved with lung cancer ?

 I'm 19, is it possible for someone my age to have BREAST CANCER?
my left breast has been hurting me and i think i have a cyst (at least i hope its just a cyst)....

 PLEASE i am asking you to pray?
My friends mom is at the doctor RIGHT NOW and today, she will find out for sure if she has breast cancer or not!
she does not have a lot of money and needs alll of your prayers! please pray a ...

 Non smokers, What have you done? You have killed a culture and increased the sale of tranquilisers by 20%?
Cancer deaths are rising. What have you done? Are you nuts?
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Source. The Times.. Today....

 Do you anyone who has died from Cancer?
What age, and what type of Cancer?...

 Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
having dreams where I am being diagnosed with some illness or even cancer. Should I worry about this? I don't have any symptoms I feel perfectly health. It is too weird and many times I wake ...

 my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
im scared about all this going on !he seems like its nothing!!...

 I just found out my older sister's cancer is gettig worse. I want to be with her but what's the best approach
We have always been pretty close even though there ia a 11 year age difference. I just lost another sister last February to an auto-immunne disease and she was only 55.
This sister recently ...

 My mom's Breast Cancer Stage IV question?
the doctor said she was already incurable :(( does it mean she will just die??

pls help

right now she is just continuing her chemo's and checkup's and med's

How do you deal with the news that you have cancer?
I am 57 years old and I already have bad health, COPD, Diabetes and now I have been diagnosed with lung cancer and even though they say it is not in an advanced stage, surgery is not an option because of how bad my lungs are. I hear that there is alot of pain with chemotherapy and with radiation there are other problems. I know that there are people who have had cancer and are in remission but where do I go from here?

You sound just like me on October 24, 2008 (yes I remember the date) As far as the pain of chemo they have so many drugs available to make it so much more comfortable than what it was years ago. my only advice to you is to make sure that you take the medication even if you feel you are fine. I missed my nausea meds one day and was laid up for a week. The only pain that I experience is when I go in the next day and get a shot to help with my white cells. It feels like I have the flu in my bones worse than I have ever felt. As far as where you go from here just take one day at a time and stay positive. I remember asking god why he would let me get cancer when I had 3 young children that needed their mother. I was so mad but I have finally realized that there is a reason for everything. It may not be clear now but you will be able to pull the positives out of this trust me. You will be tired and there will be days when you will just want to crawl under the blanket and die right there. I have plently of PJ days where I just lounge and relax. POSITIVE ATTITUDE IS EVERTHING. You will be in my thoughts and prayers hope this helps.

read The Maker's Diet by Jordan Ruben

At least you didn't get cancer when you were 8.
I'm sure you've done a lot in your life and if you look on the bright side there's still a chance of living after treatment. My cousin got cancer his freshman year of collage, and missed over a year. Now he just graduated from collage and is living a healthy life. Now, my uncle just got diagnosed with cancer, so he is living life to the fullest just in case he doesn't make it. You still have some time before treatment starts so I would recommend doing what you've always wanted to do and accepting the fact that you will die eventually anyway.

My little brother got leukemia at the age of 10 last year, and he survived because he had faith and believed he would get better.

Just live each day as if it were your last, don't feel discouraged just be happy that you're still alive.

Things happen to everyone.
You can contact Hope Lodge, of the American Cancer Society is amazing. Please do, visit cancer.org or call 1.800.ACS.2345.
Ask them about Hope Lodge, its really, really cool.

I hope all goes well.
P.S. Chemotherapy and Radiation was tough for my brother but he got through it.
... and so will you.

~Purple Kisses~
Just know that the Lord is watching you. Despite what it looks like or feels like, Jesus will be with you 100% of the time and all of the. It is fine to be afraid that is a normal process. LOVE yourself...you have life. God will never leave you or forsake you, always remember that. You have to let the Lord know that you need him in your Life and that you need his strength so you can survive. Never Give Up, because Jesus is not only watching you but he is with you!

Pray to God and ask him for your healing. Rebuke the spirit of sickness, because the devil is a liar! You may want to make sure that you get the appropriate treatments and try to be as healthy as possible. Spend time with loved ones as much as possible. Do what ever you need to do in life, vacation, shop, adventure…learn to experience life. Cancer I won’t explain because I know you know what it is, but it can be deadly. So be STRONG & just know that you are not facing this alone.

Psalms 23:

1 The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.
2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures,
he leadeth me beside the still waters,
3 He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.
4 Though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death, [a]
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me;
thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.
5 Thou preparest a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
Thou anointest my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD


God Bless you!

Jenny J
speak to your doctor he/she should be able to advise you of cancer support groups, different countries have different programs in place, these people are wonderful and you won't need to feel alone as you go down this scary path, I am sorry that your health hasn't been good and am even more sympathetic knowing now you have another burden to deal with, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope your life path goes in better direction after this. xx J

‚ô•‚ô•The Queen Has Spoken‚ô•‚ô•
We are close in age and I can truly relate to your dilemma. I truly do not know how I would react to this kind of news. I know I would feel like I'd been kick in the stomach. I would hope that I could rise above that and research what my next step might be.

Look at some programs that are dedicated to Cancer Treatment. Cancer Centers of America or M.D. Anderson. Gather the information and decide what you are willing to do. Don't go by what "you hear" "or what someone said happened to their great aunt Bertha's cousin's daughter's mother in law. Get the Information directly from a doctor.

I am reminded of a long time friend. In her early 40's she dealt with breast cancer. Just before her 48th birthday she learned her cancer had spread. She had a 10 year old daughter. She fought like a Marine against that cancer, in her liver, in her brain, in her bones. She tried desperately to win over her cancer for her daughter's sake. Yes she lost the battle, due to the affects of the treatments not the cancer, she was winning that battle.

If I were to be diagnosed with cancer I think I would fight just as hard, she was my roll model.....

It is a scary diagnosis. Everyone's body is different when it comes to chemo and radiation. What may make one person sick, doesn't affect another's body that way.

I would imagine that the feeling is overwhelming, frightening and anger when you get that diagnosis.

Gather your family around you and pray. God can work miracles. I have an aunt who is proof of that.

God bless you.

hEaRt on mY sLeEvE;(
i don't know but i'd like to apologize on behalf of the awful person who posted a website in response to this very serious question. turn to god. he will give you answers. blessings...

Little Dragon
call or e-mail the cancer treatment center of america. i don't know how you feel but i have lost family members to cancer. good luck and god bless! and merry christmas, xoxoxo

Mike C
I am 57 and not dead yet. I will get through this and continue to live a happy long life!

first there is a deep sense of acceptance or denial. Either you start living healthy or you just go all out and live it up. That is after all the heavy breathing you might do. And reflecting on it and asking WHY ME. Hey thats just how I would deal with it.

Mary N
You live your life to the fullest, and always try to be optimistic, cause it won't do any good to mourn about it. You fight it and you fight hard. Start doing things more healthier. eat healthier. Excercise? maybe?..good luck, don't give up. you can always find the best in things.

I would join a Palliative Care group or find a Dr who deals with Cancer and runs groups and get involved. You need Support from those who've had or are going thru what you are. I'm sure you will be fine but you need to start taking care of YOU and do what's necessary to get thru this. I would call your local hospitals and ask about Dr's or Groups that run groups for cancer patients. Today they have loads of support groups (online & off) where you can go and find support. Good Luck & God Bless.

nowhere man
become one with ones self while your still on this earth and get in touch with your spiritual side.

relax as much as possible and try to clear the mind.

also clean the body take on a healthy diet.

My parent also got cancer. My mom just prayed a lot to God, surrounded herself with good people and was happy. I never seen her sad about it. Just keep strong and keep living life.

Different people react differently with chemo. For my mom, it was painless and it went by really quickly.
But I guess it varies from what type of cancer you have. For my mom, the worst part was the surgery because she is also diabetic and it takes a long time to heal if you have diabetes.

Kobe Bryant 24 The Best Ever
Keep believing and fighting and just live your life to the fullest. Let nothing hold you back. Just believe that you will get better, you can get through it, Good Luck.

Several rude answers, I apologize on behalf of those answers. I am 17 years old and I would be devastated by the news you have to deal with. I will keep you in my prayers, just stay strong and be optimistic. You can make it through this.

There is no pain with chemo. There could be nausea and they make great pills for that. I had to have chemo and took zofran first and never got sick. The radiation just discolors your skin and makes the area very dried out. Go through with the treatments and know, no matter what, you did the best you could with your life.

Forgot...I dealt with cancer by crying my **** off, being mad, asking what did I do to deserve it, etc. I got home from the hospital and healed a little, then got online and researched my butt off. I numbed myself to the trauma. I know what I've got to look forward to and will deal with it when it comes. Life is what it is. Enjoy it and be happy.

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