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Scary Monsters and Super CreepsÏŸ
Hi. I've been diagnosed with leukemia, I'm really really really scared. I need word of advice Anybody?
Thanks for your help.

you have a blood condition. you cannot get in a fight.You cannot have an accident. If you get cut you may not clot right. You cannot pass this off on anyone else. I bet you are off the wall with worry now. You have to look out for your personal body now. Good luck.

I Know - This Sounds Stupid , But My Sisters Best Friends Mum Died Of Cancer.
Im Asking You To Not Be Scared , And Live Life To The Fullest , I Will Pray For You , And Remeber.
Your Awee No Matter What :)

Please let me know what type.... There are so many forms and most you will be ok.

Now so you have it ,it is now time to fight it. If you want I can let you know a support group for Leukemia online that is very helpful.... Be strong and do what is necessary.


I"LL pRAY 4 U!!!

Rambler Gambler is Tired
I am so so sorry. The best thing you can do is to never let yourself lose hope, and keep busy, it will remind you how alive you are.

got weed?
wow..my friend just dyed this last monday from cancer he was only 17..just tuned 17...live your life to the fullest...have the time of ur life..dont take anything for granted...enjoy ur friends family be adventurous just in case time runs out...

im sorry to be so blunt but its the truth...i just hope u have better luck than my friend did....im totally gonna star this...and add you... i feel for you

The most important thing right now is to be positive and happy, relax and be sure that one day you will be cured, just be positive about that and you will be satisfied. May god bless you..
Dont worry, it will be gone.

Miss Bit(h
As I am reading i will answer this question more.

1 - Chemo does hurt.

2 - i suggest you talk to family, friends, doctors. anyone and everyone.

try not to panic.
many leukemias are curable or controlled very well with modern medicine.

let the docs give you all the details about your type of leukemia and hope you get better.
they will be able to offer you the best possible treatment to get you into remission and possibly cure you.

Leukemia is a broad designation for a group of diseases involving uncontrolled proliferation of WBC.Not all cases are lethal.So why think in a negative way? Also it is a curable disease as u know.Dont listen to people's opinion about this disease as u might be having different form of the same disease as compared to others.
You have to accept the fact that u have leukemia.Dont run away from it.Trust your doctor.Take this as a challenge in your life.Fight it face to face.Reinforce all the positives.Dump away all the negative thoughts and u will emerge victorious.


just sent you an email!!

please read it and join us my friend...

we love you and want to be with you right now!!

one step at a time... knowledge is power man!!

you have people who love you and we have you in our thoughts right now...

if there is anything we can do, please let us know!!

[[[Frankie]]] YFFL don't go!
Am sorry :( don't worry you will be okay, just believe and battle this horrible cancer. i will have you in my prayers.

One of my cousins developed leukemia as a young adult, she was treated and is now healthy, and has been for many years now. I'm sure that you're scared, and you're allowed to be, just try to remain positive, take care of yourself, and fight!

Best of luck to you and here's some good vibes sent your way!

You will be in my thoughts & prayers. May you recover & get better soon. Wish you the best.

Mars Mission.
I believe the doctors are having great success

in transplant technology by using donor bone marrow

transferred into recipients bones at transplant time

And I believe they are also using it to treat other things

like leukemia as well.

Face your fear of death as most issues like

pain can be effectively managed with medication...

When I had a heart attack... I thought ok death

what is it that I'm afraid of, pain ETC...

After thinking some while... I thought never feeling happiness

and being able to do fun things...

So for me at least, it wasn't death I was afraid of but life...

So I overcome my fear of death and now have a much happier

life as a result.

Please verify my comments regarding leukemia as I am

not a doctor but a psych student... the doctors

have the good news.

Good luck.

Cheers The Flying Bilbey.

P.s no one knows exactly when they are going to die

get informed by the doctors

they know what to do that can help you.

ron-johns â„¢
A really good friend of mine has leukemia. You have to take life one day at a time sweetheart. Hang in there love.

I Refuse! is a naughty BAMF!
I hope you be alright. Just don't panic because that will not make anything better. Don't be scared. I will pray for you.

Sab♥'sJared Leto(on a break)
I truly hope you will be okay. The important thing is to stay positive, keep happy thoughts. Be optimistic, don't let this take you down. I will keep my thoughts with you.

Relax sweet heart. You are not going to die for many years yet. Leukemia can be controlled and even cured. Quite a few people go into long term remission and eventually NED (No Evidence of Disease) status.
With the good Lords grace you'll watch great grandchildren grow up. You will need chemo and radiation treatment, but they do not hurt at all, and with luck you'll breeze through.
Remember you have lots of friends here, and we'll do our best to answer all of your questions.

Chain-Gang Diva
Oh my sorry to hear hun... My friends grandma is in the hospital fighting right now and she is doing so/so. Also my grandma well one had it and hers didn't go real good. I will keep you in my prays. And remember God's sending you an angel to watch over you!

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