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 why can't governments try to find some medicine which can help smokers quit their habit?
The antsmoking campain can best dealt with there could be drungs specfically to help peole quiting the habit and at the same time reduce the risks of cancer....

 is it advisable not to get involved with a girl who has had breast cancer before for health reasons?
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 I just found out I have cancer?
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 Im 22 and dying of throat cancer I think its probably my fault. Its to late to be treated what should I do?
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 what are the types of cancer?

 does weed cure cancer?

 When patients and family members say. "We want everything possible done."?
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 Do phones cause cancer?
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 i keep thinking i have brain cancer?
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 why can't my mom drink fruit juice during chemotherapy but have fruits?
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Monstrar [everyone's hero ?]
Does sleeping in a bra make you have breast cancer?
Even if it doesn't, are there any downsides to it?

Wearing a bra anytime causes it. I say all women should just do away with them.

I remember that was a worry for a while, that restricting blood flow reduced oxygen to the cells, making cancer more likely.

I THINK further study showed there was no provable link, but these studies go back and forth a lot. "It's good. No, it's bad. Sometimes it's good..."

Fo Shizzle
No it wont cause cancer but...

Burnt toast can!!!

seriously.. burnt food is carconagenic (cancer causing)

The toast will kill us all!!!! ...or not

I used to but its uncomfortable but I dont think it gives you cancer or anything.

Nope it just feels comfortable

Broken Shadow
No, thats just a myth. Cancer affects cells. I dont know about downsides, though.

it doest giv u cancer, but u may b sore

♠ ♥Virgin Cutie ♥ ♠
No.. who ever heard of sleeping in ur bra would give u cancer?! Ha! That's a laugh, LOL.

No. There is no clinical scientific evidence or study that proves that sleeping with a bra gives anyone breast cancer.

There are no known downsides either. Wear a bra or not . . whatever is comfortable for you.

No, But I heard it can help flatten them if you lay on your stomach. lol. I hate it because its uncomy

Cancer is caused when normal cells change so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. The uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form. If not treated, the tumour can cause problems by invading normal tissues nearby or by causing pressure on other body structures.

There is no way that your underwear can have any effect on this process. All the myths - ill-fitting bras, sleeping in bras, wearing bras at all - are just that, myths. None of these things will cause cancer.

As for the downside to sleeping in a bra- well, I'd find it uncomfortable, but if it's comfortable for you, do it. You'll be fine.

nurse ratchet
No, there is no evidence and unfortunately there are a lot of wives tales about how breast ca arises. The only downside to sleeping with a bra would be your comfort level. Some women like the stability at night especially if you are large chested. Ultimately it is your decision. Breast ca is caused by numerous things, ultimately there is an overgrowth of abnormal cells. These cells can be aggravated by many factors, age, hormones, family history or no factors what so ever. Cancer can affect anyone of us without warning. Be sure to do your annual checkups with your gyn and monthly breast exams.

There are sleep bras that are comfortable, no, it doesn't lead to breast cancer. No downsides, especially if you are large breasted, it can relieve some of the weight of the breast on the back and shoulders. Just make sure it fits properly, not too big and not too small.

Midnight Poison
I don't think so. I think its just uncomfortable.

no, but sometimes its better for your brests because it wont make them droopy

If you have large breasts, a sleep bra (specially made for sleeping) for support can be comfortable. Other than that, no good reason other than comfort. And no, bras don't cause cancer. If wearing them 7 hours at night would do it, wearing them 17 hours during the day would do it more than twice as fast.

Wearing a bra and breast cancer aren't related.

The only downside is that if you have sagged breasts, you should wear a bra all the time (even at night) to prevent further sagging. Other than that, there is no problem. So if you feel confortable without it at night, it's ok to take it off.

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