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 Terminal cancer - Will I know when I'm in my last few mins, or just go to sleep unaware then stop breathing?
I know nobody can answer this from personal experience, since if they have the experience, they couldn't be sitting in fron of their computer.

I just want to know if I'll be able ...

 I am a cancer survivior - What should I do now?
I just survived Overian Cancer and want to start my life new, and I am not sure what to do?
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I am 34 years old and had Overian Cancer Stage IIIC - Full Hystrectomy - L...

 what cigarette do people start out with?
to be honest, i have NO intention on starting. i feel cigarette smoke smells horrible and dont wanna pick up the habit. so again,what cigarette do most people start with. marlboro menthols, newport ...

 I have cancer, anything to do before I die?
i'm due in 1 and a half years
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I have a tumor in my brain and they are unable to get it out....

 Can I get paid to take care of my mom?
We live in Michigan and my mom has stage 4 breast cancer with mets to her brain, liver, adrenal glands, and bones. She has been getting worse and worse and she can't really do much anymore. She ...

 I last smoked pot over 30 days ago and just took a few hits. Can this be detected in a hair follicle test?

 How do you deal with the news that you have cancer?
I am 57 years old and I already have bad health, COPD, Diabetes and now I have been diagnosed with lung cancer and even though they say it is not in an advanced stage, surgery is not an option ...

 Do Clowns suffer from Jesticular cancer?

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Charlie: Yes I am and the Goverment aggree!...

 question about jades cancer?
i know this is gona sound a little bit stupid but ***** doctors given her a liver transplant and removed the other infected cancer parts instead of just saying its terminal? surely there was ...

 do u think there will ever be a cure for cancer?

 I Have Cancer, but I don't want to tell anyone, I feel alone?
Hi, I'm 18 and I have just been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer,

My mom is the only person that knows, and I can't talk to her about it without her getting emotional. I have been ...

 How do you tell a 4year old boy that His Mother has breast cancer?

 I have pain in my breast, chest, upper back & neck but scared to go to to doctor and find out its cancer?

 Have you ever had a family member diagonse with a CANCER?
If so how did you cope with it and move on with your life and everything, or do you move on? just curious!...

 Why can't we cure cancer? At least one form of it?
Trillions of dollars have been raised/spent to fight cancer over the last..., 100 years, and with today's medical minds, you tell me that it is still killing people at an alarming rate. Is it ...

 Can men get breast cancer?

 I've been smoking for 2 months do i have cancer?
I started smoking in April, I smoked on a saturday and then two weeks later i smoked again. then another two weeks later i smoked again and then two days later again then again then i decided to quit....

 Recently I have found a knot in my breast that is visible (can see lump under skin). Should I worry. 24yrs old?
The area where the knot is seems to be darker than my other skin?
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I don't want to go to doc unless it might be serious....no insurance but I guess I will have to ...

 I am a grandad of 66 who has always looked after my grandaughter of 13?
my daughter is having a babby in febuary and wonts me to lookafter him I dont have a problem what do you think
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wot I said I dont have a problem looking after my ...

 what is a good gift for someone who just finished chemo & radiation?
my mom just finished chemo & radiation. we were taking her out to dinner & wanted to get her a gift. what would be a good gift? she is 59 & had breast cancer....

Do you feel sorry for Jade Goody now that she has cancer?

Leave the poor woman alone.

Enough already!

yes i feel desperately sorry for her two boys having to grow up without their mummy. i have a 5 yr old son and i just think it could be anyone of us.. how could i leave my baby boy???

i dont necessarily like jade, she was a loud mouth ... but she doesnt deserve this - no one does

i have to admit i have cried for her

Yes, no-one deserves it and i don't blame her for being so public with it. It has risen the number of younger people getting checked which could cost more yes, but surely can only save more lives. She also wants to protect her sons futures and there is nothing wrong with that.

vamp xxx
I would feel for all cancer sufferers,wouldnt anyone.This girl is very brave.I Wish her all the best with the time she has left...

I do feel such sadness for her, i lost my mum a year ago to cancer and it is such a dreadful disease i would not wish it on my worse enemy.

Yes I do. She had an awful upbringing, saw things that no child should see and now this. Its tragic.

Annette M
I always feel sorry for people who have an illness that they wont survive it unfair.

I've never felt anything for or about Jade Goody (or any other celebrity - my view has always been that they get paid to do a job and that's that) but I have to admit to now having a high level of admiration for Jade, for the way she is managing her suffering - not only is she sharing something deeply personal with the world and making cancer / illness something that can be talked about but she is also making as much money as she can for her children - to leave them catered for, for when she's not there to do it and leaving them with a dad - even though this means exposing all her misery.

I just want to hide when I'm sick and I imagine most of us do but even despite all the miseries of her illness and the way she has lost all her physical appearance, she has stuck to it.

Good on you Jade! Thank you.

♪♫♪♫ Jàñëÿ ♪♫♪♫
Who would not feel sorry for her, she has 2 young boys and she is young. I find it very very sad.

wel yes who wouldnt!!!!cancer is an awful thing.

x sophie x
yes cancer is an evil thing
i have only just heard of jade goody but when i found out i did feel really sorry for her

im not sure about feeling sorry for her but i sure do admire the way she is dealing with everything. she still has the courage to keep fighting to the very end - it takes a brave person to do that. she's making the most of every last minute of her life.

shes an inspiration to us all

no matter what a person has done in their past - cancer is a horrid thing to have to go through

i feel sorry for her young kids that will lose a mum so young

Yes, she brought cervical cancer into the limelight. There has been a 40% rise in women getting smear tests since.

taxed till i die,and then some.
I feel sorry for ,She does not deserve cancer.No one does.

Cynthia LY
I feel bad for anyone who is diagnosed with cancer or any other serious life-threatening or life-altering disease. A friend of mine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer some months ago. She fought it hard but died as a result of it a few weeks ago.

sian p
I feel sorry for her just the same as I feel sorry for any young woman with children who has a terminal illness, whatever you think of her and the way she is handling her illness she will leave behind two young children.

Yes, i have to admit i wasn't a fan of hers but no one should have to die that way and that young. I feel sorry for her kids mainly, growing up without their mother.

I feel for all cancer victims.

Yes I do. It may sound hypocritical because I was never a fan before, but this women has shown an amazing amount of bravery- fighting for her boys financial security in her final days, many would simply give up.

We must also not forget the legacy of Jade- since Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer there has been a 20% increase in women going for smear testing. By making her illness public knowledge, Jade has actually saved lives.
God bless Jade and her two boys.

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