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 i just smoked a cagar I am 14 will i get cancer. i have smoked 2 times before?

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i forgot to mentoin after i was done smoking it felt like i swollowed somthing and it was stoke in my troat so i drank water and it felt wierd is this ...

 Is it true you can get mouth cancer is you smoke cigarettes wrong?
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 my mum is very ill and i don't know what to do ?
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 Gifts for a child with cancer?
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 I'm 19, is it possible for someone my age to have BREAST CANCER?
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Do smokers deserve to get sick?
What do you think? I've always been a very compassionate person. Whenever someone I know gets sick I've always been there for them, in any way I can. But there is one type of person for whom I have absolutely no compassion, smokers who get diseases because of the smoking.

Let me tell you a story. My late father smoked all his life. He died two years ago from lung cancer, which was brought on solely by his smoking. He was 55, and I, my mother and brother had pleaded with him for years to stop smoking, probaably about 15 years. He never even attempted, and promptly got lung cancer. I waned him of what he could get, but I fell on deaf years. When he got it, he said "This is so unfair", and I was so angry at him for saying this. He knew the risks, he knew wha could happen, he knew! I told him that it wasn't unfair at all. You do the crime, you do the time. Isn't it just the same as a murderer who gets sentenced to jail? I don't thnk it was fair per se but I don't think it was unfair either, smply a consequence, of which he and oher smokers are well aware.

Additional Details
No offence, but wasn't it your sister's fault, just as it was my father's? Didn't they both, and many others bring it on themselves? I cry when I see little kids born with cancer, and they've done nothing to cause it. So don't go calling me not compassionate please.

Yogiraj Ramanandtirth
Kids with cancer. Do they smoke :No.Other cancer patients? No.Drinking is worse. All crimes/destroyed households etc are associated with drinking, yet no one stops this evil.You should feel compassionate for people who drink too.

jackie m
As a smoker I know its bad for me but it is my choice and no one should judge me on my health - I am 52 and very healthy. BUT do you or the others on here drink alcohol or drive a car or eat fast foods? these things can be of more damage than smoking, at least my liver is healthy cause I do not drink alcohol but I drive a car which is polluting the air with a lot more chemicals than my cigarettes. My father smoked for 60odd years before he had lung cancer which they removed and he got the all clear, he stopped smoking but 3 years later died of stomach cancer which was not connected to his smoking.

excellent, i hope many people like you write like this. i fully understand your plight. your dad got what he deserved. and i am sorry for the loss you suffered.
many people have objected to what you wrote but no one understands what went through your mind for years to gather.
nothing has gone wrong with me till now after smoking for last 35 years. my daughter is after my life for last 3 years to quit smoking but i am unable to do so. when ever she tells me i do throw the cigarette immediately. i do not smoke in front of her. i do hide some where to smoke.
after reading your story i also want to quit smoking. i do not want my daughter to suffer like you have. i feel it is never too late.
your message should be taken in a positive way and not to ask you to go for counselling

I completly agree.
People who smoke, surely have to expect that if they keep smoking then they will up the chances of them getting serisously sick...

I do hold compassion to those warm hearted people and their families who have to go through any forms of cancers. It is dibilatating and quite hard to watch loved ones go through it day in and day out.

But that compassion quickly runs out for those who smoke, I just can't believe that after all the health warnings and so on that some people smoke the the excessive levels that they do.

I can't speek for the other diseases which smoking causes, as i have never experianced or seen someone close to me experiance it. But i have seen my parents fight off cancers, and seeing what both of them went through, I can proudly say that i will never be a smoker. :)
Have a nice day...

No one deserves cancer. I dont care how bad their deed is, no one deserves cancer.

Smoking is incredably addictive. If you have never had a severe addiction, it is something you could never under stand. I dont deny that we did it to ourselves. But NO one deserves cancer. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.

And yes, I knew the risks of cancer when I first picked one up.... at 13 years old. But, at that age, I wasnt worried about something that might happen to me when I was old, especially since most of my family smoked and didnt have any major health problems like cancer. My aunt did die of cancer, but it was not smoking related.

And then I was addicted and smoked for the next 10 years. I couldnt even quit when I was diagnosed. I did not activly try to quit the entire 10 years, but over the years I had tried several times. It is impossible to quit unless you have a reason that is big enough to you. For most people that is things like being pregnant or immediate life and death situations. I quit after my second diagnosis when I went into the hospital for a bone marrow transplant.

I have been smoke free for almost a year and a half. I am still an addict. It is a constant daily struggle for me to remain smoke free. I think about it every single day. And until YOU have had that kind of addiction, you have no place to say what you have just said.

In conclusion, I repeat.... NO one deserves cancer.

They do not deserve to get sick but they should not be surprised when they do. My husband has brain cancer which is not caused by any environmental facotrs - he doesnt smoke or drink anyway and leads a very healthy active life. I think it is TOTALLY unfair that he has this devastating cancer - yet my Mother who has smoked her entire life should not be surprised when she gets lung caner (as she probably will at some point) and i think that it is very selfish of her to continue with an activity that will render her very ill one day - selfish selfish selfish! She has a grandson now and even that doesnt stop her - my sister is the same - i think its disgusting!

yah i think they deserve it becuase they started by their own hands ... they have minds to think logically but they dont they know that somking is a killing factor but they insist on somking also they deserve becuase they hurt us more than themselves with thier smoking and above all they pollute nature and make it dirty... they bring disaster not only for them selves but also they bring disease for us .... i think they deserve it to learn a lesson if they get it

Candy A
Do unto others as they should do to you .

You need to speak to a therapist who can help you understand some of things you are believing might not be fair to others and that also includes you. Life is broader than the circle around us.

How DARE you say that; you horrible person, your so rude, incompassionate, and frankly, your a f-u-c-k head!

Linz, you should consider some counseling. You have a lot of unresolved stuff going on there.

The Saint
No smoker ever starts because he or she thinks about getting sick, or anything else. A person starts smoking to be part of a "cool group", or to look more grown-up. The fact is, once a person starts, the more difficult it is to stop, and the difficulty increases the longer a person continues to smoke. The ingredients in tobacco and its smoke are highly addictive. This, combined with an addictive personality trait creates a situation where quiting becomes a near impossibility. These facts have been know for decades and for quite some time were hidden from the general public by the tobacco industry. I'm afraid that your anger is only partially misplaced; the greater part of it should be aimed at a government that has know of these problems and only raised taxes on these products, while making no effort to ban their use.

You have had a lot of responses to your question so I'll throw my 2 cents in too for what it is worth.

The thing is nobody knows when one will die and we never think it will be us that will be buried or die from the disease. The evidence is powerful that smoking causes lung cancer but the government does nothing to stop the industry from killing it's customers. So, they need to get new ones because their product kills so they go after the children their new base for profits.

My dad died with a hole in his throat and he still wanted his tobacco fix. He never thought it would be "him" in his mind everyone else got lung or throat cancer, not him.

It is partially the tobacco companies, the government, but essentially it is the individuals choice. I could tell you are a little angry about your father's choice because essentially he picked cigarettes over his family and you and your family live with his decision.

The question should be....how can we let a business legally kill their customers? Should smoking be "outlawed?" and how to prevent our children from dying of cancer caused by smoking?

You really don't seem very compassionate to me. My oldest sister also died from lung cancer and smoked right up to the day of her death. It's a horrible death and her loss weighed heavily on all of us. Yes I tried to convince her to stop smoking for many years, but I never condemned her nor told her that she deserved it. I could never condemn a loved one for something like that.

While you certainly shoulden't go around hoping smokers will die.... And you can still feel sad he died

but you dont have to think, why god? this is so unfair

Deserve to get sick?I think nobody deserves illness...But We must be responsible what we are doing now and be able to estimate its conclusions...So getting sick is an outcome.I am sorry for your loss.

So do you feel the same about people who drink? Do you think they deserve to get liver and kidney diseases?
How about people who eat red meat? Do they deserve to die from high cholesterol?
We are all going to die from something. Best thing to do, is to enjoy life. Not wish death on people. If anything you are causing stress on yourself. That causes strokes. Do I think you deserve that? No I don't. But you are the only one causing it. Not us.

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