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 I am a grandad of 66 who has always looked after my grandaughter of 13?
my daughter is having a babby in febuary and wonts me to lookafter him I dont have a problem what do you think
Additional Details
wot I said I dont have a problem looking after my ...

 what is a good gift for someone who just finished chemo & radiation?
my mom just finished chemo & radiation. we were taking her out to dinner & wanted to get her a gift. what would be a good gift? she is 59 & had breast cancer....

 Is there a certain kind of chemotherapy treatment that doesn't cause hair loss? If so, what is it called?

LOST OF WEIGHT OR fever??...

 blood types?which blood types do you believe to be the rarest?

 i just smoked a cagar I am 14 will i get cancer. i have smoked 2 times before?

Additional Details
i forgot to mentoin after i was done smoking it felt like i swollowed somthing and it was stoke in my troat so i drank water and it felt wierd is this ...

 Is it true you can get mouth cancer is you smoke cigarettes wrong?
Hmm.. it sounds ridiculous and I don't even smoke but someone I knew said it and I don't believe it.. But is it true?



 My dad is in late stages of cancer - please help?
My dad (72 yrs) was diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of months ago which spread to the brain and its been very distressing seeing him go through radiotherapy and all the effects of the disease....

 my mum is very ill and i don't know what to do ?
my mum has liver cancer and am only 15 i don't know what to do no one tells me what is going on i don't find out that shes going to the hospital till the day she goes i ask my dad if she ok ...

 Gifts for a child with cancer?
My friend has a 9 month old going through chemo and I'd like to get her a toy or something to play with while she's in the hospital. Or if not a toy, any other ideas?...

 what are some organs that are involved with lung cancer ?

 I'm 19, is it possible for someone my age to have BREAST CANCER?
my left breast has been hurting me and i think i have a cyst (at least i hope its just a cyst)....

 PLEASE i am asking you to pray?
My friends mom is at the doctor RIGHT NOW and today, she will find out for sure if she has breast cancer or not!
she does not have a lot of money and needs alll of your prayers! please pray a ...

 Non smokers, What have you done? You have killed a culture and increased the sale of tranquilisers by 20%?
Cancer deaths are rising. What have you done? Are you nuts?
Additional Details
Source. The Times.. Today....

 Do you anyone who has died from Cancer?
What age, and what type of Cancer?...

 Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
having dreams where I am being diagnosed with some illness or even cancer. Should I worry about this? I don't have any symptoms I feel perfectly health. It is too weird and many times I wake ...

 my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
im scared about all this going on !he seems like its nothing!!...

 I just found out my older sister's cancer is gettig worse. I want to be with her but what's the best approach
We have always been pretty close even though there ia a 11 year age difference. I just lost another sister last February to an auto-immunne disease and she was only 55.
This sister recently ...

 My mom's Breast Cancer Stage IV question?
the doctor said she was already incurable :(( does it mean she will just die??

pls help

right now she is just continuing her chemo's and checkup's and med's

 I have cancer, How come im not worried..?
I recieved my results few days ago, and have been told that I have an incurable lung caner. I have no smoking, history, I work out regularly (2 to 3 times a weeK). Im 22 ut for some reason im have no ...

Elric of Melniboné
Do Clowns suffer from Jesticular cancer?

Additional Details
Charlie: Yes I am and the Goverment aggree!

Dr.sajeev K
Do you mean Testicular canser, ? just by being a clown , NO !

nanny chris w
Your jokes are getting better and better.!

only when they are miming

I'm Not Your Friend, Buddy
har har har

Angel x x x
you know i've heard of that before, it can be very painful so don't start!!! if your thinking of taking it up,and you start playing with your balls????? you'll drop the keybroad then you won't be able to come on here!!!

yes and its very sad

Keep your jokes, they will come in handy later. Your chance of getting cancer is quite high. Enjoy the jokes when the time comes.

Lol.....I should think they might.

David H
Ronald McDonald Does!

LOL nice one good use of words Elric

You don't think it's just a wee bit insensitive to post jokes about cancer on a forum used by people genuinely concerned about the effects of a deadly disease on themselves or family members do you?

At least those clowns have a sense of tumor.

If they did they would probably end up with a red face as well as a red nose.

I believe some of them do!

Some signs you may have hired the wrong clown for your kid's party:

* Clown car must be started with breathalizer device.

* Props for his "disappearing" trick: a moving van and your wide-screen TV.

* Didn't bring any balloons, but manages to twist your dachshund into other animal shapes.

* Prefaces each trick with, "here's a little number I learned in the joint."

* Not exactly the 'Peewee Herman impression' you were expecting.

* Wears a T-Shirt that says, "Drug-free since March!"

* More interested in squirting seltzer into his Scotch than into his pants.

* Price list includes "lap dance" and "around the world."

* All the balloon animals are ribbed and lubricated.

Only if their jokes kill em.

i'm not sure i don't think anyone can escape such a deadly disease , it doesn't pick and choose its victims sadly

oye not funny....my mates had his left bollock loped off cos of cancer....we call him Womble now...

One Armed Scissor
Yes, and it can spread to their funny bone. That's when you know they're a goner.

You're wrong in the head.

**edit** sorry Elric.

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