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Jennifer G
Can you live if your appendix bursts? ?
Can you live after your appendix bursts and not even know it? Well have stomach pains a lot of the time, but live? Possibly the puss escapes through your belly button???
Additional Details
Thank you guys for your answers!!! And by the way it's not about me, I was just curious! haha my miiiind's a little f****d

i heard you die :( but i duno how

yea your gonna die if u don't get it removed before it bursts. cuz when ur appendix gets infected, the infection goes through ur whole body and it can kill u. yea i had my appendix removed and they told my mom that it was about to burst and i could've died.

no it doesnt escape through your belly button and yes you can live both my dad and cousin did you can die if you fail to recieve medical attention within a short time after it bursts it is extremely dangerous they were both really lucky that they lived you would absolutely know it burst it is an extremely painful experience

david c
no you cant

Dr Abs
If you have appendicitis, you will need surgery to take out your appendix. Your doctor may call this an appendicectomy.

Your appendix can be removed through open surgery, when the surgeon makes a cut in your lower abdomen. Or it can be done through keyhole surgery, which is done using three or four smaller cuts, and with the help of cameras. Keyhole surgery is also called laparoscopy.

When you go to your doctor with pain in your abdomen, he or she will feel the area to see if it is tender. If your doctor thinks you might have appendicitis he or she may do some tests, such as blood tests. If you are a woman, your doctor may suggest a test to see if you're pregnant. That's because appendicitis can be more difficult for your doctor to spot if you're pregnant.

Sometimes your doctor may not be sure whether you have appendicitis. This is more likely if you are a woman. To find out for certain whether you have appendicitis, your doctor may do keyhole surgery (laparoscopy) to look inside your abdomen. If you have appendicitis, your appendix can be taken out during the operation.

It's difficult to say what would happen to you if you got appendicitis and didn't have surgery. Sometimes an inflamed appendix bursts. This can cause a dangerous infection in your abdomen, called peritonitis. Between about 2 in 10 and 4 in 10 people get a burst appendix a day or two after they first get symptoms of appendicitis

So, doctors think it is very important to take out a person's appendix quickly.

A burst appendix is more common in babies, young children and older people. That's because appendicitis is harder for doctors to spot in children and older people.1

If your appendix does burst, you'll probably need emergency surgery. And you'll be given antibiotics to treat your infection. A burst appendix is more serious than ordinary appendicitis, but most people still recover well.

We don't know what happens to people who don't have surgery for appendicitis. It wouldn't be fair to do studies because we know that a burst appendix can be dangerous. However, some people do seem to get appendicitis that goes on its own.2 3 4

After surgery, most people recover very well from appendicitis. However, all operations have risks. It is possible for someone to die during surgery to remove their appendix. But the risk is very small. Less than 3 in 1,000 people die during the operation or soon afterwards.5 If someone's appendix bursts before surgery, the risk is slightly higher, but most people still recover completely. About 17 in 1,000 people die if their appendix bursts before they have surgery.5

Some other problems that might happen after surgery for appendicitis are:

An infection in the place where the surgeon cuts your skin
An infection and sac of pus inside your abdomen (an abscess)
Problems from the anaesthetic: for example, some people are allergic to anaesthetic. Tell your doctor if you have any allergies.
Sometimes, after a surgeon has removed someone's appendix, tests show that it was normal. Although surgery has some risks, there's a chance someone's appendix could burst if they don't get treatment. So most doctors think it's better to have the operation and be on the safe side. That's why surgeons sometimes end up removing a healthy appendix.

The issue is bursting your appendix allows faeces a route into your peritoneal cavity which then brings life threatening infection. In actual fact, you have two masses called omentums in your body designed to move and wrap around a burst colon eg appendix in order to seal it off...this often buys people time as, indeed, lots of times the appendix is burst
If an appendix is suspected one of the first actions taken is to infuse i/v antibiotics as a kind of headstart to kill off any bacteria should the organ burst.
What is the real danger of a burst anything ? Well, its that your body will mount a huge immune response to the fecal matter which will cause septic shock as the body inappropriately dilates blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, stops vital organs getting blood etc and this is what is so hard to correct. For example, the big flu pandemic that killed maybe 50-60 million people in 1919 didn't kill them because the flu virus was so strong...people who died died because their immune systems went into overdrive, released tonnes of cytokines and their bodies simply shut down organ by organ

Donna <><
Anyone would need to go to the ER if this happens because you will develop peritonitis and the infection will kill you if they don't do surgery to get it all out.

i've been wondering this same question. In my opinion i dont think you can die.

You'll die. You're system would get poisoned by the crap in there and you would die.

jackie m
No you would eventually die of septisemia

gators biggest gator
seriously you would know if our appendix burst,infact you probably wouldnt be here to ask this question.if u have puss in your belly button you have some kind of infection in your belly button,go to your doctor.

My Mum's appendix burst on the operating table and she was very lucky to be alive. Your appendix wouldn't burst without you knowing it , you would be in horrendous pain beforehand.

Britain rules
U wouldn't die as long as it was treated quickly.

Yes you would live as long as you are medically treated within the shortest time possible. If you don't receive medical treatment then you would die. However you would be in extreme pain for a good fair while before you appendix actually burst!

Welsh Guy
You would definitely know it happened but you wouldnt have to die. My friends aunt's appendix burst when she was on holidays. The doctors out there gave her a 50/50 chance to live. She survived but it was close and she did go into kidney failure. She's 60 odd and she survived. Plus she was in a foreign country and couldn't understand anyone.

no, if it doesn't get immediate attention, that happened to me when i was 15, i kept getting stomach pains, and so they pumped me full of antibiotics, that is the only thing that saved me, it had actually burst, and sealed off again...so 40 years later, i am alive and kicking..

you will die

you'll know it because you cannot raise your feet if your appendix burst

puss will not escapes on your belly button but it will cause infection inside your body if let untreated you'll die

dels replies
no you get peritonitis which. if not treated, will kill you. Your appendix has not burst, nor do you have appendicitis, The pain would be agonising, unbearable, you wou;d be violently sick.

I dont think you can

my friends appendix burst and the doctors told her she had roughly 30 mins to live.
but it was a busy night and thankfully her mum pulled a doctor too look at her then she got treated straight away

You can live, but only if you receive immediate medical attention (medications and probably surgery). After treatment you should be fine. Pus will not escape through your belly button.

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