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 I just found out I have cancer?
I'm worried, confused, and I have already pushed some people I care about a great deal away...how do I begin to deal with all this?
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 Im 22 and dying of throat cancer I think its probably my fault. Its to late to be treated what should I do?
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my best friend has got cancer! it's not fair!!!!!!!!...

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 Can A 20 Year Old Get Lung Cancer?
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Billions & billions of dollars have been raised for cancer research, but no cure. Do you think they really...
don't want to find a cure because pharmacuetical companies, hospitals and doctors make so much money off of the disease?

yes and i hope i'm still around when it finally gets out that they have had the cure and have been keeping it locked away just so i know who i can look in the eye and let them know what it felt like to loose my dad at age 10, and 2 find out i had his same cancer by age 13....

No. I do not believe that because simply put . . it doesn't make sense. Look at all the people employed by pharmacuetical companies, hospitals, and doctors themselves who develop cancer. Since all people and their families are suspectable to at some point having cancer touch their lives . . it would be ridiculous to delay finding a cure just for money. Find me a pharacuetical executive or board member who is not concerned about one day facing cancer . .either personally or by family or friend . . or co-worker. Would 'they' sacrifice themselves, their child, their family or friends just for a buck? What would be the point?

The lack of finding a 'cure' . . . is not because of the desire for money . . . because the lack of finding an answer for cancer means that ALL human beings are eventually punished (including doctors, research scientists, and yep, even pharacuetical employees). It is worth the while of every human being involved in pharacueticals, research, or the medical field to find an answer for cancer . . for in the end it may save their own life or someone they love.

it's not that simple... cancer is inevitable to some extent. It's kind of like a knitted or crocheted sweater that has been cut... it's going to unravel.

It's DNA for God's sake... you can't 'cure' something that is part of you. There is not going to be a "cure"... what they can do is provide a way to prevent it by protecting the DNA strand, but you can't 'cure' faulty DNA.

I think most of the money goes to research. You have to look at the stats logically. Survival rates are way up from what they were even just five-ten years ago. It's just a tough cure to find. Cancer is not just one disease. It's tons of very different diseases that have been lumped together. We don't know what causes it, so it's hard to cure it. We are getting closer though, and I still believe that someday, we'll get there, though it may be a while yet.

i say yes without a doubt .They make so much off the drugs and treatment they dont want a pill to cure all that and if someone finds one they will buy the make out and pay him to be quite they have drugs for everything coming and going.

That is sooooo true and a very big fat fact. Isn't that horrible?

AS long as the money keeps rolling in, the cures that they probably already have will not be made known, except in rare occasions.

Queen of Light

Also, they are looking in the wrong direction. Cancer has many causes in each single case, but the medical profession are just addressing the symptoms. They will never find a cure for cancer, by this rate.

Should you care to read my opinion on cancer in more detail, please click on "Dhaxem and Cancer" on the Dhaxem website.

There are so many new cancer treatments that have been developed with those funds - many cancers have a high cure rate now, much more than 20 years ago. Pharm companies do make lots of money producing and selling cancer medicines. There isn't one single cure for cancer.

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
They would make more off the cure if they found one.

i think they are doing everything they can , do you honestly think that docs, hosp., and phar. comp. are letting people die just to make another dollar . i dont think they are making alot of money because treatments are so costly and most people cant afford it . many docs , hosp. and phar comp. donate their services and dont recieve a penny. many cancers have a very high recovery rate since there has been research done , but unfortunetly not all. there has to be awareness of different cancers before the money will go to them.

Ray D
They do NOT want cures to any diseases, the last known cure was for polio after that cure the federal government and pharmaceutical company had a closed door meeting and found it in their best interest of themselves NOT to find cures, it would put the companies out of business in the long run and the government wouldn't collect MILLIONS in tax revenue

Absolutely, cancer is a big money-maker for a lot of people and industries. Kevin Trudeau's book "Natural Cures THEY Dont Want You to Know About" is a good starting place. There already is a cure that does not involve drugs, chemo, radiation or any other crap that will definetely kill you, if you catch it soon enough. Rid your body of toxins and parasites which is the root cause of most cancers (throw out the microwave too) and use natural herbs. Do a google search on Essiac. My favorite website for healing herbs is herbalhealer.com
Believe me, THEY will never ever, ever find a cure because all they want to do is treat the symptom (cancer) by poisoning or hacking away at the problem. None of it is necessary. Treat the cause, not the symptom. Even if it wasn't caught in time, I would rather go the natural route and die with dignity than be a lab rat for some big drug company trying to line it's pockets with government grant money or keep the local doctor driving his expensive car.

David W
Absolutely right.
Not only do they not wantb to find a cure, but they make great eforts to disparage those who have found cures.

There are several cures available, with differing rates of success, but almost all have higher success rates thn radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery, which are expensive and next to useless.

This is an article worth reading for anyone who needs to be disabused of the belief that the orthodox cancer treatments with toxic chemo-"therapy" actually work. Since when is the destruction of one's immune system with toxic chemo and radiation therapeutic? And how does cutiing out a part of the body solve a 'whole-body' problem? Something to ponder while reading the article.

Take a look at the site below which explains many misunderstood things about the cancer industry, and has some natural cures too.


Answer M
There is a cure for cancer. It is called good nutrition.
There is a book Nutrition the Cancer Answer II, by Maurine Salomon Kennedy. She wrote it over 25 years ago. In it she has a seven day diet that if you eat that diet you can cause cancer to go into remission as the medical community likes to call it.
Read her book. It is not long.

Cancer today is similar to scurvy was 500 years ago. And a careful reading of history teaches us that the cure for scurry (which turned out not to be a disease as much as a nutritional problem) was well know of by doctors for 150 years if not 250 before they started to be willing to use that cure. They let the poor slobs who had scurvy suffer and die before they would humble themselves and admit their science was wrong and that maybe such a serious problem could be solved in such a simple way and they would then start using vitamin c to solve or prevent scurvy. They considered it quackery. Now today when you read current history books with a revised history the medical community tries to take credit for this cure. Yet in that day they considered a doctor who would try limes for scurvy to be quacks the same way to day our medical establishment tries to say shark cartilage is quackery.

Modern medical community does not like shark cartilage because they can not figure out how to make a patent so they could justify selling it for 100 dollars a bottle.

I went tot he medical library and read all they had on this issue and read it chronologically as it was made manifest to the world.
The truth is we rejected it and reject it because it was made popular in Cuba. We rejected the double blind studies done there because of political considerations. the truth is that since the establishment of the American Cancer Society to date the rate in incidence of cancer rose steadily as long as we left it squarely in the hands of the medical community then five years after the idea that shark cartilage might help and what them became a situation where many took responsibility for their treatment into their own hands and many started using alternative treatments that we finally had a reduction in the incidences of cancer.

Now the problem is that most of the nutritional market in the United States is just as wicked as most of the powers controlling the drug market, so few natural remedies are made with enough potency to work the way they would if they were made strong enough and correctly so they can work.

The too there is the ignorant and foolish American population that is pleased to be lead around on a rope and told what to think and what to do by others who are trying to get over on them.

If you do not want cancer get a copy of Maurine’s book and read it until you understand it.
then make sure you eat the foods that help prevent cancer.
Then read her other books.

There is only one company that sells a shark cartilage in the US that really works.

The rest have the cartilage cleaned with cancer causing chemicals this companies uses health safe natural ways to clean the cartilage. The rest are not sterilized this company sterilizes its. The others are not pulverized and this company understands how the cartilage needs to be so it might work so they pulverize it.
The rest smell like fish because they have bacteria on them still. Fish do not smell by the way the bacteria that lives on the fishes skin is what smells like fish.

I do not know if I am allowed to promote a product on this forum so if you are interested in learning about this shark cartilage that is most likely to bring results if any of them can you may email me. [email protected] and ask about it.

The last words in the magazine published by the national institute of health that I read said that the reason doctors won’t use or prescribe shark cartilage is the even though they know for certain that shark cartilage helps slow down the growth of cancer sells when it is near them they do not know why it helps or what ingredient or chemical in it causes it to work and so until they figure that out they won’t prescribe it. Now that is double talk for until and unless we can patent it we will not pursue it.

The reason doctor’s believe shark cartilage is quackery is because the medical community uses old fashioned science in this area instead of the most modern and advanced. They stick with the old fashioned because it improves their ability to make money as an industry over this illness.
They still think that the human being digests 100 percent of proteins in the intestines and that there for since shark cartilage is a protein then it will be digested 100% in the stomach and there fore it will be broken down into peptides instead of polypeptides and therefore would and could never be absorbed in the form of shark cartilage. They know, because it was proven over 50 years ago that if you put shark cartilage next to cancer in a body the cancer cells slow down their rate of growth.
But since they (incorrectly) believe that shark cartilage a protein will be completely digested and broken down into building blocks and not be shark cartilage they ask how then can it help.

The reason you must take insulin as an injection is they think if you ate it then it would get digested completely and be broken down and never be able to work. Insulin is another protein they would say.

Yet the truth is that the latest and most modern science teaches that we do not 100% digest all proteins and that some may or might be getting through the blood brain harrier as proteins and some of the latest new health benefits are working on that idea.

Look our doctors are not as all knowing and marvelous as we think they are. They are experts in medicines which means poisons and they know how to use poisons to cure us. Doesn’t that sound a little bit bizarre.

And they hate any thing and any one who tries to fix problems they can not fix.

Now I have a question how long will the American public go around following one dishonest leader and set of leaders after another and one incorrect and non-sense idea policy after another before they, the American people, humble themselves and realize they need to be responsible for what they do and straighten out and fly right.

It is not necessary to die from cancer. One can prevent it and one can read the above mentioned book and understand what to do and do it and see cancer go away.

Amen, soccercoach!

Yes, I have thought the same thing but I doubt that it is true.

While there has been NO real prevention or cure as such, advances have been made in the techniques of treating cancer.

Basically, we still use the same techniques as were designed decades ago.............either cut it out or burn it out. Pops

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