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 Do you anyone who has died from Cancer?
What age, and what type of Cancer?...

 Should I be better safe than sorry about.....?
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 my dad has cancer they say two years left what do i do too make sure the last two years is good?
im scared about all this going on !he seems like its nothing!!...

 I just found out my older sister's cancer is gettig worse. I want to be with her but what's the best approach
We have always been pretty close even though there ia a 11 year age difference. I just lost another sister last February to an auto-immunne disease and she was only 55.
This sister recently ...

 My mom's Breast Cancer Stage IV question?
the doctor said she was already incurable :(( does it mean she will just die??

pls help

right now she is just continuing her chemo's and checkup's and med's

 I have cancer, How come im not worried..?
I recieved my results few days ago, and have been told that I have an incurable lung caner. I have no smoking, history, I work out regularly (2 to 3 times a weeK). Im 22 ut for some reason im have no ...

 Skin cancer age 13?
Is it remotely possible to get skin cancer at age 13 when your in the sun maybe 15 min every few days?...

 What do I do? My Mom is dying of cancer in the USA (where I'm from) but no one knows when, and I live in UK
I just went to see her this month, but my sister says it's getting worse, yet my Mom denies that....

 Does sleeping in a bra make you have breast cancer?
Even if it doesn't, are there any downsides to it?...

 are there any positives to smoking?
if there are any.if not what are negitives....

 Is it possible for a 17 year old to get cancer?
Is it possible for a 17 year old to get cancer? Just a yes or a no answer. I don't want any "its usually more common in older people"...

 my dad died on the 19th from difficulty breathing with lung cancer? can you answer this question please?
ok so my dad just died 3 days ago since its 12 am here
and i just found out his doctor was on vacation who the **** gives a sick patient a doctor on vacation people can really be evil..
and ...

 do i have a brain tumour?
i am so scared .... i have been having constant headaches and head pains ..... i went to the doctor and they said there was nothing visably wrong with me and my blood pressure was fine. then today i ...

 Help my friend is not going to be a cancer survivor what's going to happen to her ?

 Billions & billions of dollars have been raised for cancer research, but no cure. Do you think they really...
don't want to find a cure because pharmacuetical companies, hospitals and doctors make so much money off of the disease?...

 what is your opinion on the cause of the somewhat recent cancer outbreak?
my personal opinion is that geneticaly engineered foods have alot to do with it because ever since there debut in the 90's autism and cancer have skyrocketed to the point where 1 in 8 women will ...

 will my hair fall out? ?
i've got a benign brain tumour. i may need to have radiation. what is this? will my hair fall out? will i need support? i live alone and dont hav anything to do with my family and cant count on ...

 where can i talk 2 people with cancer??
i was recently diagnosed with cancer and am currently going through chemo ..........my family and friends have been gr8 but it's hard to talk 2 them because they dont realy know what i'm ...

 Is it common among teenagers that smoke cigarettes to get lung cancer?

 why can't governments try to find some medicine which can help smokers quit their habit?
The antsmoking campain can best dealt with there could be drungs specfically to help peole quiting the habit and at the same time reduce the risks of cancer....

Whiteboard C

Yes, a sign of mid to late stages of cancer is rapid and uncontrolable weight loss. This is caused by chemicals secreted by the cancer that tell the body to burn fat. The process is called cachexia. (Pronounced Ka-kexs-ya)

Trust me, am in med-school
- dont forget to vote

shane c
Cancer is a disease of cells. It is an abnormal growth of cells which tend to proliferate in an uncontrolled way and, in some cases, to metastasize (spread).

Cancer is also called malignancy. A cancerous growth or tumor is sometimes referred to as a malignant growth or tumor. A non-malignant growth or tumor is referred to as benign. Benign tumors are not cancer.

Cancer is not one disease. It is a group of more than 100 different and distinctive diseases. Cancer is NOT contagious.

Cancer can involve any tissue of the body and have many different forms in each body area. Most cancers are named for the type of cell or organ in which they start. If a cancer spreads (metastasizes), the new tumor bears the same name as the original (primary) tumor.

Cancer is the Latin word for crab. The ancients used the word to mean a malignancy, doubtless because of the crab-like tenacity a malignant tumor sometimes seems to show in grasping the tissues it invades. Cancer may also be called malignancy, a malignant tumor, or a neoplasm (literally, a new growth).

What are the most common types of cancer?

The frequency of a particular cancer may depend on gender.

The list of common cancers includes cancers that are diagnosed with the greatest frequency in the United States. Cancer incidence statistics from the American Cancer Society and other resources were used to create the list. To qualify as a common cancer, the estimated annual incidence for 2006 had to be 30,000 cases or more.

The most common type of cancer on the list is non-melanoma skin cancer, with more than 1,000,000 new cases expected in the United States in 2006. Non-melanoma skin cancers represent about half of all cancers diagnosed in the US.

The cancer on the list with the lowest incidence is thyroid cancer. The estimated number of new cases of thyroid cancer for 2006 is 30,180.

Because colon and rectal cancers are often referred to as "colorectal cancers," these two cancer types were combined for the list. For 2006, the estimated number of new cases of colon cancer is 106,680, and the estimated number of new cases of rectal cancer is 41,930. These numbers are slightly larger than those estimated for 2005.

Kidney cancer can be divided into two major groups, renal parenchyma cancers and renal pelvis cancers. Approximately 82 percent of kidney cancers develop in the renal parenchyma,2 and nearly all of these cancers are renal cell cancers. The estimated number of new cases of renal cell cancer for 2006 is 31,890.

Leukemia as a cancer type includes acute lymphoblastic (or lymphoid) leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, chronic myelogenous (or myeloid) leukemia, and other forms of leukemia. It is estimated that more than 35,000 new cases of leukemia will be diagnosed in the United States in 2006, with acute myeloid leukemia being the most common type (approximately 12,000 new cases). The total number of new leukemia cases estimated for 2006 is slightly larger than the number estimated for 2005.

How many people die of cancer each year?

The following table gives the estimated numbers of new cases and deaths for each common cancer type:
Cancer Type Estimated New Cases Estimated Deaths
Bladder Cancer 61,420 13,060
Breast Cancer (Male included) 212,920 - 1,720 40,970 - 460
Colon and Rectal (combined) 148,610 55,170
Endometrial Cancer (Uterine) 41,200 7,350
Kidney Cancer (renal cell) 31,890 10,530
Leukemia (all) 35,070 22,280
Lung Cancer (including bronchus) 174,470 162,460
Melanoma 62,170 7,910
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma 58,870 18,840
Pancreatic Cancer 33,370 32,300
Prostate Cancer 234,460 27,350
Skin Cancer (non-melanoma) >1,000,000 Not Available
Thyroid Cancer 30,180 1,500

Ginger B
no, something else is wrong with you.

Barbara L
No........ I had no symtoms at all. Then one day I had a pea sized lump under my arm.. 3 months later I was told I had stage 4 Lymphomia.

No, my mom died of gall bladder cancer. Her first symptoms were loss of control in 3 fingers. It took 1 month for her to be diagnosed (doctors thought it was side effects from medication). After a seizure in her arm, she went to ER and had a scan to show tumors spread to her brain. She survived another 9 weeks and never had any pain til 2 days before passing.

Deirdre O
No not always and there can be a variety of other symptoms or none whatsoever.

walter e
different for some

Heather C

Purple People Eater
It depends what kind or cancer. Try MayoClinic.com, it's fantastic with sections on
Signs and symptoms
Risk factors
When to seek medical advice
Screening and diagnosis
Coping skills
Complementary and alternative medicine
for all types of cancer.

No mam my brother just went through alot he was dignoised 3 weeks ago with prostrait cancer and the foun a tumer and he looks great feels great and even after a week af very intence treatment is surviving you have to make up your mind and that s what he has done he has a hoouse to build and has made up his mind to win this

no, they only found mine because I got Pneumonia and they took a chest x-ray. They found my cousin's brain tumor because he was in a car accident and ended up doing an MRI or CT scan to make sure he was okay.


There are lots of different types of cancers in lots of different locations and with lots of different symptoms.

Loss of weight and fever are rarely symptoms of most early cancer stages.

They are commonly side effects of cancer treatments!

If in doubt, see your Dr!


No, i have a cancer and its symptom was a swollen lymph node,

don't relly your health on yahoo answers.go to the doctor just to make sure.u should take blood test every year, just to make sure ur health is still in progress.

Robin L
I am a cancer survivor. and the symptoms can vary a lot from person to person and depending on what type of cancer and where in the body it is located. If something is bothering you a visit to your doctor would be a good idea.

No. In the majority of cancer there are NO significant symptoms until the disease is very advanced. Even with advanced disease cancer symptoms can mimic other physical conditions. Once the cancer is advanced a few of the symptoms to be suspicious about includes swollen lymph nodes (any cancer can cause this not just lymphoma), fluid retention in the belly, legs, feet, feeling hungry but not being able to eat, general feeling of unease, but the most important symptom is either noticing or feeling an unexplained lump or bump anywhere on the body. If the lump or bump seems to be growing . . have it checked immediately.

My sons most obvious symptom was not loss of weight but the fact that he was gaining weight even though he was not eating. Come to find out . . fluid retention and tumor burden (the weight of the tumors) had increased his belly by 30 pounds.

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