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Sugar substitutes...are they bad for you?
Smoking ban??
What is a good way to conquer a fear of needles ?
How do you respectfully tell your Grandma it is time to live in a nursing home?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Should I exercise if my muscles are sore, or should I rest?
How to stop cutting / get over depression?
Is it true that blood is blue in your body but when it hits the air it turns red?
What is the fastest way known to get rid of cold sores or fever blisters ?
If I exercise while I'm still sore, will I gain or lose muscle?
How many calories should a 13 year old eat a day?
Why do cancer cells cause damange to human system?
How to get natural looking white teeth without bleaching or whitening?
How do you battle depression without drugs?
I NEED help ! ! ! ! ?
Weird pain?
What do you do to relax when your at work?
Whats a good way to get out of a streak of bad luck?
How can I get rid of a chronic sinus infection?
How did you quit smoking?
What was the most pain you were ever in?
What is the best treatment for psoriasis? Either home remedies or medical not picky.?
I hate myself?
British people how do you clean your teeth?
Does anyone have on tips for someone who wants to start meditating?
Best way to give up smoking? I actually like a cig but my health is starting to worry me?
How do i motivate myself into working out?
What exactly are calories?
If you suffer from hay-fever, has yours started yet?
Size o? disgusting?
What can and can't I eat with braces?
How many hours do you sleep a night?
How do i find the backround of a dr. who is going to do surgery on me?
What are the natural ways to treat arthritis?
Does anyone know how to meditate without reading all those books?
Home remedies for poison ivy?
Any good remedies for fighting off a cold?
Should you lose belly fat before building muscle?
Im 14, 135 and about 5,11 wishing to bulk up?
Is there a cure for autism?
I cannot sleep! i need major help here!?
What is the best way to treat chronically chapped lips?
How can I change my energy level for the better, and lose the caffeine addiction?
Stabbing pain in throat and ear?
Who thinks the smoking ban is a good idea?
If i told you i was going to kill myself tonight, how would you react?
What is the best way to get rid of a cold?!?
I am quitting smoking - please help me find a way to avoid the cravings?
Would you say I'm fat?
My mom smells like dookie and fish how do i tell her?
What's the worst kids name you've ever heard?
What is the most painfull but minor thing you can do to yourself?
I have been smoking cannabis almost daily for around 10 years.What damage have I done to myself?
How much does it hurt to get braces?
What is a good workout rotune for teens, that I can do in thirty minutes.?
When it comes to working out at a gym whats better water or Gatorade?
When you lose a significant amount of weight (50+ pounds) do you lose weight in your feet, nose and lips too?
What do you think of 14 year olds who smoke?
When can you switch from glasses to contacts? And can you wear only one?
How do I get chewing gum out of my hair?
Is there a safe diet that works?
Are there any natural sleep aids that have worked for you?
What's the best way to force yourself to get up in the morning?
Does beauty sleep really work?
Any advice or tips on getting teeth whitened by a dentist?
How old is too old to get braces?
People diet so much trying to be more happy with themselves. Is it really worth it? Opinions?
How can I get rid of canker sores in my mouth?
How can severe dieting lead to health problems?
I fart way too much. What can I do?
How can i stay in shape during the winter months? Tips?
Is there any way to stop eyesight from getting progressively worse?
How should i reward myself for my 25 pound weight loss?
Am I fat if I'm 14 yrs, 5"1, and 114 pounds?
How do you ease a sunburn?
Can you get a yeast infection from taking anit-biotics?
I am 19 and bored with life?
HONESTLY, should I lose weight? (Pic)?
I'm Thinking of Turning Bulimic?
How do i get as skinny like nicole richie??
What's a way to build cardio stamina without machines or running?
Should i kill myself?
Do u own a toothbrush?
Suicide? help.........?
Need A good routine?
Can you lose weight without exeercising?
Other than standard daily vitamins, what would you consider the most important supplements to take?
What do you think about cigarettes ?
If life begins at 40 how come,?
Am I overweight?
Does cycling help get rid of belly and thigh fat?
I`m Going grey at 25 what can i do?
How do i keep cool when its 35 degrees celcius besides a fan?
What is the best way to lose weight?
Any tips on dealing with SADD? Days are so short now I feel I need to sleep 10+hrs/day?
What is it that causes loneliness?
What do you do if you pulled something in your neck and back?
My weight. Help please?
What kind of exercises should an underweight person do?
Ban smoking everywhere ?
I am 5ft10. Am I short?
Weight loss question...?
When your best isn't good enough, what should you do?
Whats the quickest way to get rid of a hangover?
Best ways of avoiding and treating mosquito bites?
Why are people ticklish?
Should I start Smoking?
How tall are you?
What was the first thing in your mind as u woke up today?
What is the best thing to eat before a long run, say 10 miles?
Do u think i should start smoking or start taking drugs?
Can i get a guy, im fat?
Is Diet Coke just as good for you as Water???
What are your top ways of relaxing and reducing stress?
How does exercise improve fitness?
Is it best to workout in the mornings or afternoons?
What the best thing 2 do when you are feeling low?
Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?
Calling all depression sufferers?
What would happen if someone drank ink?
If you was a nurse, nursing the elderly?
Good bedtime for an eleven year old?
Answer my question! now!?
Any useful tips for givin up smoking?
Am I over weight?
I just cut my arm OFF WHAT DO I DO?
How tall are you?
How to cope with girlfriends death?
New research shows Vitamin D is really important to health.?
My teeth r a bit yellow , i brush my teeth twice a day !?
Several quieries on Depression?
How can i tone my stomach?
Can people wish me?
If smoking was to be banned wat are the good and bad points about smoking being banned?
Seeing fat people eat at a buffet with there already fat kids makes me want to slap them! How about You???
What is worse weed or alchole?
When was the last time you cried?
What's with the dandruff?
Does anyone on here live their lives in a state of anxiety?
What is the most painfullest thing that has ever happened to you?
I cant get rid of the hick ups and its starting to hurt my stomache please help me?
Do you brush your teeth when you get up or after breakfast?
How can i be not fat :(?
My temperature is low, and I feel like I'm on fire! I've been sick for awhile?
What's the worst pain (physical) you've ever experienced?
Smoker or non smoker?
My but itches...?
Why do my nose run continually?
I am entering middle school,how can I be sure to stay off drugs and other bad things?
If 10 ppl answer this, I will go outside RIGHT now (10:50 pm) and jog (for the first time ever)?
What should you do to help a sore throat if going to the doctor is not an option?
Is pink eye contageous??
Does anyone have a good workout routine that can be done at home?
How to deal with an alcholic husband,who is always nasty &abusive;?
Does dancing make you lose weight?
Is it bad to be short like 5"4?
How can i get small calves and thighs?
Will this cellulite go away?
Are there any benefits to smoking?
Really need help?
THIS is so gross but i hear people say it..?
Am i fat..is my mom right?
How do i get over hunger pains?
:( im 13 yeas old?
Could you shoot somebody?
Can 17 years olds get cancer?
Am I fat? (pictures)?
Am i fat!!!! tell me the truth?
Do you know of any natural sleep-inducing remedies??
What is the most interesting illness that you have suffered from?
These Girls at school... =[?
Can you get cancer from one cigarette??
I'm 11 and I'm 94 pounds. is that WAY overweight?
Why are you still awake?
Can anyone tell me the best footware for jogging?
How do i deal with morning sickness?
I've tried to kill myself 13 times and it hasn't worked! what am i doing wrong?!?
Death is very tempting (should i end my life ?)?
How do i break my arm?
Remedies for flying?
Do you think suicide is selfish?
I need an answer, please don't think too much. Just reply: Yes or No?
Why am I tired all the time?
How much weight would i loose if i didnt eat for 2-3 whole days?
How do you relieve a sunburn ?
How do you overcome laziness and lack of motivation?
What is the best solution for closing a gap on your front two teeth?
Cinnamon roll vs. doughnut?
What's the best way to lose weight?
Will you please pray for me?
Where do STDs stem from? They had to have started from SOMEWHERE!?
What's the one thing that makes you the most squeamish to your stomach?
People who smoke pot or know anything about it?
Are little tattoos on the back of the neck attractive?
Is it normal for a 14 year old to have imaginary friends?
Dies alcohol show on drug tests? If so how long does it take to clear out of your body?
When do you normally exercise? (best time for you)?
Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
Does drinking make you stupid?
If you became blind;what would you miss seeing the most?
Will you Pray for him??
Ok people i need some opinions....?
Losing Weight??
Which is your method to fall asleep?
What to eat when you're craving ice cream?
I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?
Girls only!!!! - what is your height and weight?
Am i overweight?
Have you ever feel like you're screaming inside but no one can hear you?
What causes leg cramps during sleep?
Would you consider donating your organs after your death?
Am i over weight?
My friend said i am to fat!! and i weigh 95lbs i am 5"0!what do i do??
I can't cope...i just can't do this...please help me!?
How do I create better feng shui in my bedroom?
How many hours of sleep do you feel you need to function properly?
Am l fat??
I gave my girlfriend AIDS but i can't get up the nerve to tell her how should I?
Why am I always wrong?
How do you learn to like yourself?
I'm 14, 5'1 1/2 and 110 pounds, am I fat?
What is the best way to build yourself up to jogging?
How can i prevent a hangover?
Recent health scares include SARS, bird flu, and 'superbugs.' What health threat do you think looms in 2008?
How to heal the feeling of hatred and wanting to kill a person?
What time did you wake up this morning ?
How can i teach myself to throwup?
What's a natural way to treat insomnia?
Is it wrong to call someone fat?
Doe geting a teeth pulled ot hurt?
Does FISH OIL really help improve your memory?
How can you tone up your leg muscles realy fast?
Do you think that students with AIDS who are attending public schools in the US be....?
Am i overweight?
What the best and fastest way to become anorexic?
How old do u have 2 b 2 stop having 2 go 2 the dentist?
Is it okay to mix vitamins?
Eating Boogers?
Is smoking cool?
Is 115 a good weight for someone who is 5'7?
Can the doctor tell if i smoke?
I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?
How tall are you?
Am i an alcoholic?
Is it normal to have voices in my head telling me to burn things?
Any advice on soothing sunburn?
Nasty question but?
Do i have an eating problem?(no nasty comments please)?
Im 14 and i weigh 220 pounds..is that horrable?
I'm too skinny!!! Help?
What are you scared off ?
Is eating veggies and fruits is good for u?
I want to be fat?
How can I die what is the most painless way?
I really hate my life right now.
Ok new question...how do you slim people stay that way?
How do i cut onion without crying?
Tingling in left arm- symptoms of what?
Does anyone wish they were a size zero???????
I need some advice and I need the truth?
What is the healthiest breakfast to have?
Why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
Do i need to be put into the hospital for anorexia?
Should i believe what the voices in my head are telling me?
PLEASE HELP!! parents arent home and i hav a major emergency?
I'm craving chocolate!! What is a good healthy substitute?
Im 13 and i need to gain weight what should i do?
Why can't you urinate in the shower?
Does any one know a way to get rid of toothaches???
Is eating about 500 calories a day too little?
Im 14...does smoking weed help you loose weight?
Can anyone recommend a good source of protein that is NOT meat or cheese?
I was cut by knife while cutting vegetables....Is there HIV risk?
How tall are you?
Am i overweight for my age?
Does eating crisps (potato chips) just make you more hungry, rather than satisfy your hunger?
How can i gain weight!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am i overweight?
Okay i have pretty much the most random question everrr..?
I'm 12 and I'm 5'3and a bit". Am I gonna grow any more?
How children can be kept away from junk food?
Do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?
Can any one suggest something to help really bad sunburn?
I am being bullied in school. does anybody have any advice for a 14 year old?
How do you cure motion sickness??
I am 15 years of age and I made the mistake to try smoking. I have only smoked exactly 100 cigarettes.?
Convince me to stop dying my hair!?
What are you feeling right now?
How many hours do you sleep on average each night?
Do you like yourself??
Uhh how do you make yourself throw up?
What should not be in urine?
Is this a six pack?!
What should you do if an elevator starts to fall while you're on it?
I'm 5'7 and weigh 145lbs. Do I Weigh too Much?
Do you think it's right for a 16 year old girl to be in a house...?
When is the best time to take a brisk walk(exercise)?
Why am I soooo fat?
If life gave you lemons what would you do with them?
Cann you get chicken pox more than once?
I have a fever blister in my mouth like in the area that you would put chewing tabacco in what can I do for it
How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
I like taking baths in bleach, is that bad?
I want to treat my depression without medication, any suggestions?
Is talking to yourself a problem?
I am a 14 year old boy and my chest fits into a bra size A is this normal?
Whats wrong with being an 'alcoholic'?
How much sugar is healthy as part of daily intake?
If i starve myself for a week and just eat celery and water how much do you think i would lose?
Is smoking really that bad?
Give me a reason why life is good...............?
What's your best weight loss tip?
If i didnt eat for 3 days only drank water?
Resuscitation or not? What would you want in this situation?
Is drinking my own urine bad for me?
Why do I want to smoke when I know it's bad?
Why should I stop cutting?
Based on my picture, am I overweight or underweight?
Name something a dentist tells you to do?
Why do people speak before thinking?
Do you smoke?
Can a guy get aids from a girl?
Snoring - how can I get to sleep?
If you son had a deadly peanut allergy and a child at school knew it and taunted him with a peanut butter?
Give me 10 reasons why smoking is bad?
Can you donate blood if you have a tattoo?
Why do mosquitoes bite only me?
Anorexic vs. obesity?
I used to cut myself. Should I be ashamed of it?
Do you prefer and shower or Bath? and are you male or female?
I don't understand fat people?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
To the women-why do we diet?
Im 14 years old and weigh 120 pounds. Am i fat?
Are you a smoker or non smoker?
I'm eating once a day to lose weight. Is that healty?
If I don't eat anything until August how much weight will I lose?
Ive given my married lover chlamydia.now his wife has it and is infertile.im so happy?
Can you fart and burp at the same time?
Should smoking be banned in public places?
Is too much water bad for you?
Whats the easiest way to GAIN weight?
Am I Fat, Be Honest?
How long will it take for me to walk without a walker or cane after total hip replacement?
Is writing in a journal healthy for one who is depressed?
HELP Please!!!! Suicidal thoughts?
I'm just so ANGRY!?
How much weight should i lose? *PICS*?
What are the advantages and the disadvantages of healthy food?
Do i look fat?
Can I have a hug?
I'm afraid to leave my house because I think I'm too ugly. How to get help?
I need help i am 5ft.2 ins. and weigh 240 pounds any help on how to lose the weight?
How much do u weigh and how tall are you??
Help me(13 year old) suicidal?
Can you get lung cancer without smoking?
How can I prevent skid marks in my underwear?
What reasons are there to live?
My momi told me babies came from hell is that true???
What time do you like to get up?
Question for girls only!?
How do you get rid of wrinkles?
Anyone else getting slightly addicted to Yahoo! answers?
Am i fat? please answer this.?
Pepsi or coke?
Whats the best cure for toothache?
Dieting is stupid, do you agree?
Why am I wasting time on here instead of working?
I dont want to live?
I'm 13 and I'm ABOUT 5' 3" and 120 pounds?
Is my sister fat? She is 13, 4"11, and 53 pounds.?
Do u prefer showers or baths?
Should fat people be force fed to let them see the ?
Im thinking about doing Ectasy for the first time and..?
Why are people stronger if they weigh more?
My gums bleed when I brush my teeth...?
Are school lunches unhealthy for you??
Do you like think im fat?
Is a Size 10 Fat?
Help! I'm a depressed teenage girl...?
When was the last time you cried?
Do think im weird i sleep only 4 to 6 houres a night !?
Tattoos: Are they attractive or nasty?
I woke up at 6:66am this morning, it that bad?
After you quit smoking, when does your body start to feel better?
What are some good ways I can let off steam instead of crying, cutting, or killing myself?
I dont think I'm fat but....?
How can i tell my mum i smoke ):
I'm 5'5" and 113 pounds?
Am I anorexic? Am I doing damage to myself?
My grandfather FARTS LOUDLY, What to DO?
My Boyfriend is a clean fellow, and of course, showers regularly. Is it normal to have yellow toe nails?
Am i ....fat?
What do you do when you have absolutely NO energy?
Yesterday my bf told me ' were you pigging out while we were apart, b/c you seem to have gained some weight' ?
I want to be underweight.?
Is smoking really that cool these days?
I am 5"3, 13, an di weigh from 89-92, is that overweight?
Is it true that GAYS are the reason for AIDS?
Is this fat? (pics included)?
I'm 5'7 and 90 lbs.?
How much sleep should teenagers have daily?
Does drinking alcohol make you feel depressed afterwards?
Please..OMG...Ive got a BIG problem. Please HELP.?
If I stop drinking a lot of pop will i lose weight? I DONT WANT TO!?
Why do depressed people like to be mean and crude to others?
How much would you guess I weighed?
Please help?
Am i fat i'm 6'2 weigh 105?
Is it normal to be scared of these things at thirteen?
How to exercise when you are overweight and embarrassed?
Do you think I'm destroying my body?
Yes or no. Should marijuana be legal?
How to cure body odor?
What do i eat to get fat!?
Whats the best way to treat blisters after a run?
Well right now i am 21 and i have cancer.Should i go ahead with treatment or not?
Ok, so i cut and i really need to get rid of the cuts by 15 days. there not al all bad. help? and yes i stoppe
I am getting braces tommorow do they heart when you put them on and after?
Am i fat for a middle schooler?
How tall r u?
What is the worst injury you have ever had?
How can i stop?
How can i make my breasts bigger, naturally, from a AA cup, to B?
Umm at school im being mentally bullied by a girl constantly and the principle wont do anythin what do i do?
How to avoid a hangover?
Is 150 pounds for a 5'8" woman considered fat?
Depression, is setting in. How can to shoe it away?
Where is your first scar and how did you get it?
What r u most afraid off?
Do u think this is fat????
How weird is this?
I'm 13, obese and love it! I want to be 300 lbs, Help me gain!!!?
My wife is a fat pig. My 25 year old skinny neighbor will have an affair with me. Should I?
Always wake up with a sore throat. Why???
Am I overweight or under weight?
What REALLY came first the chicken or the egg ?
Getting braces tomorrow!?
How can I quit drinking sodas for good??
Braces and Pain?
Which one weighs more fat or muscle?
Is Conjunctivitis contagious?
Can you go for one day without using your mobile cell phone?
Should I tell my new boyfriend that I have Bipolar Disorder?
Do you think that suicide is the answer??
I Know People Don't Like To Talk About This But>>>>>?
GIRLS ONLY!If you're not comfortable with puberty, don't look at this...don't answer... what's wrong with me?
Should fat Women wear bikini's?
Who's a member of a gym?
I am 95 pounds 16 and 5ft5?
How do i heal a big cut?
If i kiss everyday will i get AIDS?
How much do I look like I weigh (pics)?
What can i do to get my teeth clean without a toothbrush?
Anyone know any good ways to stop cutting?
What do you do when you're depressed? What helps?
Ways to make you feel better when you are sad, other than drugs and alcohol!?
How overweight am i?
My neibors cat keeps shitting in my sandbox that my kids use?
Do you prefer a shower or a bath?
Am I fat? I'm 16 5'5 and I weigh 135...?
What Color Braces Should I get?
Non greasy meat free low carb breakfast ideas pleeeaaase!?
If you had to eat the same meal everyday for one month, what would it be?
If your sun burnt really bad, what do you put on it?
I am crushed by life; can someone see some answer?
So i recently became a pot head.. ?
Do you laugh at people who can only lift like 40 lbs?
I wanna be an actress.... but i might die????
Will I be okay?
Do you think that self harm can be understood by people who have not self-harmed themselves??
I think my doctor behaved inappropriately...?
Is age 30 still young/youngish?
Are you sleepy?
What is the meaning of life?
Is being a 13 year old girl 5'5 and a half and weighing 106-108 skinny , normal , or fat?
200 calories a day?
Something bad happened...?
How much does a stone equal to in pounds,?
How much water should you drink in a day?
What is the best way to motivate yourself for morning exercise?
How can I get a terminal illness?
If I ate 700 calories daily, would I be able to weight less then 100lbs by the time school starts?
How do you sign a cast that is black in color?
Has anyone ever recovered from cancer?
Will a 200 calorie diet kill me?
My dad and uncal keep raping me and hurting me what should i do?
Whats the kind of toothpaste you use?
What's good music to workout to?
What is the best medicine for a broken heart?
I just found out that I had aids. I'm freaking out.?
How can i get rid of blisters on my feet after ice-skating?
I got a problem,help!?
Smoking, am i ok?
Will u read my poem?
How often should I shower?
Why do people start smoking?
I'm shy to smile because my teeth are yellowish :(?
I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?
Is it possible to choke on your vomit?
Can you lose 50 pounds in 3 months if you dont eat?
I have got a hangover from hell what shall I do?
What injury shall i fake at work, i am a carer but dont want 2 wrk xmas n new yr?
***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
Do braces hurt and do they bother your mouth?
Would you rather be rich or be a genius and find a cure for a cancer? why?
How do I lose weight when I dont have much money?
Answer quickly, school tomorrow. What should I do about my jaw?
What makes you go crazy?
Do you think its too late to get braces at 20?
I only have about 15 minutes for breakfast in the morning. What are some quick, inexpensive, and HEALTHY foods
Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
Is there any way to stop women from eating so much and getting too fat to love?
Am i Anorexic?
I filled my mouth with house insulating foam and it set quicker than I thought, what should I do?
Is self-injuring/cutting ok?
Despratly need to loose wieght for a medical condidtion?
What do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel hopeless and depressed?
How to you bring yourself to wake up early in the morning?
Do you think im fat, average, or skinny?
I'm 5'4 and weight about 120, is the water only diet and okay one for me ?
Ever done drugs?
Is my friend fat?
Is this considered fatt?
How would you ask your dad to stop smoking?
Am i fat? or just anorexcic?
I hate the world today?
Please help!! if my g/f has thrush, has she cheated on me???????????
Sleeping style question?
If im 5'8 and 117lbs is that a normal weight?
Does anyone have any good home remedies for migraines?
I am a recovering anorexic. All of a sudden I'm craving junk food like pacakes, ice cream, pizza...?
Urgent!! Please help! How do you treat a gun shot wound to the stomach?????
Have you lost weight?
I have this horrible sunburn that hurts really bad, what can I do to reduce the pain, or just make it go away?
Will i lose weight if i just eat 5 healthy meals a day without exercise?
Do u believe there is a cure for Aids?
Whats so bad about cutting yourself if you really can't hurt yourself?
What is the best and fastest way to lose weight without dieting or exercise?
How do you fall asleep?
So..I tried weed this weekend..?
Is saliva a drug?
Why do women outlive men on average?
How do I put on weight??
Why am i still on yahoo answers when i should be going to bed?
I just caught my husband eating toilet paper?
I got to have my 4 wisdom teeth taken out in hospital,are you put asleep or are you awake?
I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?
Why should u live when there is no reason to, and no one cares?
How do I stop eating after I'm full?
Why is it that fat people never can say NO to junk food?
Eating. How do you get full faster?
Will bullimia make me lose weight?
What are some exercises i can do at home without any equipment...I'm poor!!!!!!!!!!!?
What would u do if u were told u were dying?
Where do you go when you die?
Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?
How do I get more iron in my blood without tablets?
How long can I survive without eating?
Is it normal that i have a 6 pack and I'm only 13?
If i didnt have my parents i would have killed myself by now.need soem help?
Why do people laugh at me when i go outside?
My husband likes to drink until tipsy/drunk nearly every weekend. Does he have a problem?
Fat and desperate...need to lose 25 lbs by Aug. 28th?
Why do Fat people drink....?
Do I realistically have time to lose 18 pounds before October 1st?
How long should you mourn before you carry on with your every day routine?
Everytime i get out of the bath tub i am itching everywhere i am 12 what is wrong with me help?
What do you think about wet tissues?
Does anyone think smoking looks cool?
Whats wrong with me?
Anorexia? Good or bad?
Are you scared to die? Why or not?
Hi, I am 14 years old and I really want to grow taller what shall i do?
Would you rather break an arm or a leg?
I weight 500 pounds...?
Do I have OCD?
How can i get a golden Tan without burning.?
Does life get better or worse as you get older?
If you excersize daily do you lose weight?
Did I Eat Enough To Day????
How can i wake up at 6:30 everday for school?
I'm 20 years old and i weigh 118lbs is that fat?
Over weight???
Shall i commit suicide becasuse i am depressed?
Would you continue to work with a Colleague with Aids/Hiv ..?
If u didnt have work, school, or anything to do the next day, WHAT TIME would u wake up?
What does STD stand for ?(its kind of desease)?
Females only! How old are you and How many hours of sleep do you get a day on weekdays?
I am a red head and redheads burn really easy.. is there any possible way to try and prevent sunburn??
I cant stop cutting myself?
Is the tooth fairy real.?
Im 13yrs old im 5'1'' and I weigh 140lbs all my friends were bikinis except me how do i lose 40lbs ?
Is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?
Best fat burning exersize?
Do I Look Disgustingly Fat?
My Dad died several weeks ago. I need advice?
I'm 15 years old and my stomach is so fat I look pregnant, will sit ups help?
I m afraid of the computer, how do I stop my fear??
Was she being racist? I think so?
Do you floss?
I have slept behind my girlfriends back with someone and there haveing a baby what should i do?
I need answers right away its urgent!!!!?
I got surgery on my mouth 4 days ago, do you think it is okay to smoke now?
What do u do when you're really really mad?
How do you keep from freaking out when you realize you got FAT!?
How can you make your self puke?
How many meals a day do you eat?
I'm 16 yrs old, and i still bite my nails..any tips to stop??
I Accidently Cheated On My Girlfriend Last Week?
I want to lose 14lbs the HEALTHY way..how can i resist chocolate and biscuits??
How do I cure my infected belly piercing before Saturday or just really quick?
Please would someone cheer me up?
URGENT: help us and hurry?
Poll: what is worse being Anorexic or being Obese?
Should you use mouth wash before or after you brush your teeth?
I am slim. I want to become fat.Please give me sugessions.?
What is the best hangover cure?
Why is cutting yoursef bad?
What happens if you drink too much water?
Does toothpaste really get rid of zits?
If i get fit and eat healthy, will i still die.?
Am i skinny?? 5'5 113 lbs? i'm 15?
Should you tell your partner that you have a Yeast Infections or is that none of there business?
Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?
Is it appropriate to give a get well card to someone who is near death?
Please help........... Serious answers only!!?
What depresses you just at the thought of it?
If I die, will anyone care? (seriously)?
Help! Should i go to the hostpital?
Why do I hate children?
I have problems getting to sleep any suggestions?
Please help me. Im feeling suicidal?
How do i pass a drug test for a job?
Omg is this bad?
My child is dying of diabetes, should I pray like I've never prayed before or pick up some insulin from Doc?
Nearly 24 hours without a cigarette?
Am i a freak; Not on looks or anything?
Who has accent?Americans or British???
What happens when you die?
My friend has got hold of some crack cocaine, he wants me to take some with him.?
Why can't I sleep?
My Rice Crispies are telling me to kill , should I listen ?
How many times do change your toothbrush in a year?
My Kidney's have hurt very much in the past three days what could be wrong?
Do you smoke ?
Can I have a hug?
Why do dogs and cats clean their butts with their tongue?
If I eat a CANDY-BAR instead of LUNCH I won't gain weight right?
How can i get rid off my smoking?
Are you fat?
Do men prefer skinny or curvy women?
Am i fat or skinny?
What is the best possible way that i can get dat Beyonce booty?
What is your favorite eye color?
Braces- do they hurt, can i go 2 school the day after i get them?
Am I at the correct weight?
If an alchoholic suddenly stops drinking can it harm their health?
How much weight do I need to lose? Pics!?
Can swallowing chewing gum kill you?
My girlfriend wants to know?
What would you say has the most dangerouse effect. cannabis or alcohol?
Why is smoking weed better then cigarettes?
I have to get a Hepatitis B shot tomorrow!!Does it hurt alot?
Whats the best way to get rid of hicups ?
What's a good stress reliever?
Suicide should i just do it?
Why do my teeth bleed so much when i brush them?
What can I eat that contains nothing?
Would you consider me thin?
What is the best way to relax/get rid of stress?
How many times per day do you bathe?
Do braces hurt??
What is the meaning of my symptoms?
Do you think I'm fat?
What causes bad breath and how can I cure it?
Do you believe that someone can die from a broken heart?
Do you think i should see another doctor?
Is crying a sign of weakness when im a guy?
Whats the most sensitive part of the body ?
How can i lose 100 pounds in a month?
I need help falling asleep! Please help! I have school?
Prevention or medication?
I haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
I am 14 and weigh 175 Ibs and im 5'1 how can i loose 40 Ibs in 2 weeks?
What is the most painful thing in the world?
What are u allergic to?
I'm Contemplating Suicide?
What should I do when I see a young kid smoking cigarettes?
Fat or skinny what are you?
What is the best low carb diet?
How can I stop cutting myself ?
Headache Cure?
This happens to me almost every morning. does it happen to you?
What is u favorite thing about life?
I've been feeling?
My throat is sore, should I gargle with bleach?
I need names of some good songs??
Why can't I stop doing heroine?
Am I weird?
Does weight training affect your growth or height?
How many glasses of water do you think you should drink in a day?
I weigh 142 i am 5"8 am i fat?
Was i drugged?
What's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Does it look like I have lost weight?
What do you think when you see a sophomore girl with braces?
Why do we eat poison, drink poison, brush our teeth with poison, swim in poison and take poison to heal us?
In what way would you fear the most dying?
You're in Wal-Mart, buying coffee and poptarts for the morning and you see somebody slip and fall, Do You....?
Who cant wait for the NO SMOKING BAN!! Give us your views, smokers and non smokers!!?
What's the best hangover fix?
Am I fat if I am 5"2, 15 years old and weigh 97 pounds?
Did you brush your teeth today?
How to break my own arm . . . . or wrist???
Tips of how to fall asleep faster?
Does a root canal hurt?
How tall are you??????????????????????...
I gave my girlfriend oral and...?
Are you depressed?
Does water make you fat.?
What would happen if you swollowed food and it somehow ended up in your lungs??
Whats the best way to relax and clear your mind?
What's the most healthy food to eat?
What is this on my lip? Pic Included.
Should I kill myself?
Can eating carrots really give you aids?
I am a teen and feel depressed, what should I do?
Anyone got any good hangova cures.?
Just ate and i feel scared?
How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
How Do You Get Rid Of A Bad Toothache?
Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
Do you rate your own farts?
Iam depressed .I take 60 mg paxil aday.and i am stillsuicidal.Iam struggling alot. I feel miserable.?
I am addicted?
What do you think of people who are over weight.?
Do you think i am overweight ? (honest answers please)?
I'm 13 and want to be 215lbs (with 40'' waist), how can I do this quick?
How many pillows do you have on your bed? How often do you change your sheets!? What size bed do ya have?
Can you loose weight from taking ecstasy pills?
What kind of death do you fear the most,?
Is smoking a cigar once every 2 weeks bad for your health?
What is the worst pain?
Are fruits bad for you when your on a diet?
How can I help with my girlfriends period pain?
Why is blood red?
500 calories a day?
Should i loose any weight?
I'm a girl @ 5'1. how much should i weigh?
What color is blood?
Calling in sick to work Thur & Fri...what excuse can I give?
Can someone help me not 2 think about suicide?
Do u guys think that im overweight?
My younger sister has confided in me that she hears nasty voices in her head,shes 13.what could this be?
Why are so many people jealous?
How do i break my thumb or wrist easly to avoid work? my manager wants to see the x-ray?
My friend has bad breath and realy nasty green teeth how can i tell her with out hurting her?
If i kill my self did i go to heaven?
Why am I so depressed?
Is being lonely good or bad?
Whats the best cure for a hangover?any thoughts?
Do you believe in hope ?
I fancey my doctor, should i tell him?
I weigh 500 pounds?
Im in grade 9 and i have to get a tetanus shot.. does it hurt??
Whats the worst pain u ever been through?
How can a 13 year old girl lose weight??
I feel suicidal?
What is the best way to exercise?
Why am i so white?
What are your opinions on smoking?
Upcoming blood test. SO.FREAKING.SCARED.?
What natural medicine treats stomach ulcer?
What could be wrong with someone who is unable to hold a minimum wage job? Can't pretty much anyone do an?
How can i lose weight if i love food??? i want to lose at least 30lbs.?
Am I overweight?
Is smoking weed bad for your health?
Who puts the toilet lid down?
Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
Carnt sleep please help!!!!?
Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
Am i fatt??
Why are peole mean to other people?
What can i eat in a sandwich instead of cheese? I dont eat meat!!!?
Good ways to gain weight?
When experiencing a nose bleed is it better to tip head forward or back?
If i stop eating from now from NOW to september?
What would you do to shock me?
In a public place, which are more embarrassing? Hiccups, burps or farts?
Does overweight teens get picked on?
Do u sometimes wish to die?
My dad has a brain disease, that will kill him... i dont kno if my friends can help... should i tell them?
Why do some women gain weight after having children?
Am always feeling tired.?
How much water should you drink every day?
What's your blood type?
Am i really that skinny?
Am i fat??
I hear voices THEY ARE REAL everyone looks at me like im mad but i swear im not they tell me to hurt myself
I cant control my anger!!!!!?
How much water should you drink daily to keep healthy?
Has anyone ever made u sleepy by the way they talk?
Do you feel BETTER after CRYING??
I want to quit?
Am I fat at all?
What do you really think about suicide?????
Are there any physical signs of high cholesterol?
What is the purpose of the rib cage?
Whats the best way to cure a sore throat?
Why can't I have everything?
Is refusing to sleep unhealthy...?
Losing weight.. please help?
Is this doing me harm?
I'm 18 and 5'7 weigh 119 pounds I want to get my weight down to about 80 any sugestions?
Should people who attempt suicide and fail be prosecuted for breaking the law?
How to grow taller? 10 points?
How many parents on here can hand on heart say their kids are not overweight!?
My breasts have bumps, and my mom said i have breast cancer! I am scared, so wat should i do?
OKay, this may seem a little gross and disgusting, but i need your help!! ? My...?
Is it healthy to sleep with various people but using protection?
How do u get rid of a really bad headache? (besides pills that dont work)?
Hot Vs Cold?
Is bing fat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you use public Bathrooms?
Which celebrity would you fight?
How do i make myself sick ??
Im very depressed someone help :[
Am i fat?? is this truely obese??
Would you cut your own leg off for a £million?
I'm so unhappy, plz help?
Please help me.i dont know what to do.my friend is quite fat and he wants to lose weight.?
Are you scared of dying?
What is a good way to make yourself less angry?
Im almost 20 stone and im 17 i think im over weight?
Flat chested...?
If u had braces how long did u wear them for?
Why do celebrities seem to have perfect skin, perfect body, and perfect teeth?
Can you have 2 or 3 differnt colours in eyes or not?
Why are my lips always chapped?
Does this sound like a good diet for a cheerleader?
HELP! My baby has just swallowed furniture polish! What do I do?
Is tobacco good or bad?
Help please, I don't know what to do, and I'm scared?
What would happen if i didnt eat for a whole week?
How many of you are blood donors?
Should smoking be banned completly?
Why do people only get chicken pox once?
Should I tell my psychiatrist about this?
What are some healthy snacks i can keep at work so i dont munch on the lollies and biscuits here??
I got a tongue piercing and it's infected. Can't tell my parent so what do I do? I'm terrified, advice please?
Ok, am I to fat?
I'm having problems remembering to brush my teeth. Help.?
Butt stuck to tolit seat?
Is it bad that my hands are cold all the time?
I'm 13, and i cant take naps. Even if I try really hard. I just can't take naps. WHY? is this normal?
How do you feel today on a scale of 1-10?
I get really sick when i smoke. please explain why?
Why do marijuana smokers think that it is healthy and better than cigarettes? Smoking is smoking right?
Does anyone else have a fear of clowns?
When emo people cut themselves, is it down your arm or across?
Why is being molested such a big deal?
How come people still smoke?
Is there anything i should do BEFORE i get my tongue peirced?
Can people be born with aids/hiv?
What do i do? what do i do? im a stupid cutter?
I'm reallly reeeaaallly thirsty?
What are the instant home remedies to cure sore throat??
What girl sounds prettier?
Am i fat??
Am I overweight??
If you wear glasses, do your eyes deteriorate?
Do you consider yourself someone who takes caffeine daily?
Am I skinny, average, or fat?
What are some ways my boyfriend can gain weight?
10lbs a week too high of a goal?
Which is better ?
Is too much water bad for you?
Should I blame Burger king or Wendy's for me being fat?
Generally speaking, why aren't women as smart as men?
I am a 29 year old female. i weigh in around 280 at 5ft 2inches. how do i get in shape from home?
I've given up smoking for 13 days - but now having a bad evening a really want to smoke.?
Ok, this is really weird and somewhat scary...?
Am i fat. i am 14. 5'2 and way 143 and im a boy.?
Am i too skinny for my age
I hate running!!!?
Am i overweight?!?
Am I really sick?
What is a good way to release stress?
How Tall Are You and How Much Do You Weigh?
Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled?
I am 5'1 and 103 pounds, but?
Do you have any odd phobias?
Does having your ears pierced hurt?
I cant sleep at night please help me?
How dose the stumik work?
Does anyone have cures for insomnia?
Can you help me get the most answers to beat my big brother?
Am i fat?im 13 years old and muscular,but kids at my school call me fat when im 5'3 and 116lbs?
Should marijuana be legalized? and why?
Babies found in dumpster?
Are you happy it's Friday!?
Hi question?
How do i get my gf to stay awake?
Everytime I look at the clock I see 9:11?
Do you smoke?
Is 330 a lot to bench press?
How do u stop smoking very quick?
Is it better to tan or wax first?
If you weigh 100 lbs, and you are 5'5 is that fat or skinny?
Do you guys think brown eyes are ugly? Dark hair?
Why is it men always break wind where ever they go?
Is it weird to like the smell of sweat?
Will second hand marijuna smoking show up on a drug test?
Why are people so against drug-use?
Why is it bad to eat almost nothing for about a week?
Do you smoke?
Does it hurt when you get braces taken off?
Are antidepressants safe to take??
What is the best way to make your self fall asleep?
You are what you eat? what are you then?
My mom doesn't understand...?
HELP ME PLEASE....should i go to the hopital ( sorry bad spelling)?
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I just broke my leg clean in two!! What do I do now?!?!?
How do i get my teeth really white in two days?
If I smoked May 2nd and will smoke again on May 8th and 9th, will I be clean for a drug test in the?
Are you the owner of an electric toothbrush?
What is a REALLY good body lotion?
Is it really possible to get drunk off mouth wash?
How can i grow taller naturally?
ASBESTOS....should my hubby knock down shed full of asbestos??
Do you think im under weight?????
Should I comit suicide?
How many people out there know what a "primo" is?
When you bite your nails, is it a form of self harm?
Do you sleep with a fan on? window open?
What to do if you need to blow your nose and have nothing to blow it on???
How far do you have to stick your hand in your throat for you to throw up?
Is It True...?
Im going Anerexic,?
How do I remove mouth odour when regular use of mouth wash and toothpaste have failed?
Do you sleep on your stomach, side, or back??
Im a 26 stone American, am I fat?
How can I feel full?
Do i weigh to much???
I know this is stupid but...?
Am i overweight?
MRSA in a 101 year old?
I know this gurl she is 11 and she ways 100 lbs is she fat?
Why is this happening?
When people die,would'nt it be cheaper to bury them in a carboard coffin?
Do you think smoking should be banned in all public places?
I absolutely HATE raw veggies... how can I make them good to eat?
I'm 15 and am 5ft 2" do you think i'm gonna grow anymore? is there anyway to?...?
Im 15 and my breasts are already a size E there anyway i can reduce there size ?
If I eat 200 - 400 calories a day..?
Am i over weight? i want the truth i will not be offended!!?
Is there anyone who's NEVER taken drugs?
If you are 12 and weigh 160, is it bad? Does taht mean you are overweight?
If you only eat 100 calories are you anorexic?
I just saw a ghost in my house?
Has anyone seriously wanted to kill theirself, but didn't because afraid of going to hell?
I smoked pot a month ago and im taking a blood test tomorrow...?
What is better to drink during a work out water or Gatorade?
Really need help?
What don't you like about your face?
Do you believe that ADD and ADHD are real medical conditions...?
I want know if iam hypertensive or not ?
I stink of BO (body odour) but i don't want to shower. Which deodrant is most stongest to cover up bad smells?
Does beheading hurt?
Im trying to lose weight but tomarrow is thanksgiving what should i eat?
Where can I buy an air conditioner?
Does anyone else have a sore dry throat when waking up in the morning?
Is 100 lbs alot for a 13 year old girl?
What is your biggest fear?
Do i look fat/please critique?
What happens if you dont get alot of sleep?
I'm scared to start jogging?
I weight 100 pounds and im 5" 5', is that overweight?
Is suicide a selfish act?
I work out at night. is it better to eat before the gym or after? i usually hit the gym by 8pm.?
Do u think im fat?
How many hours sleep do i need per day?
What is some ways I can gain weight?
How do i get my girlfriend to lose weight?