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Do you know of any natural sleep-inducing remedies??
What do you do to try to prevent bad breath throughout the day?
How can we make curing cancer a global priority?
are you a smoker or non smoker?
How can we help people realize how HIV/AIDS impacts children in developing nations?
Does tanning in the sun lead to cancer or not?
what is a faster way to help my soar throat?
What can I do to increase my chance of getting swine flu?
What bug, bugs you the most?
Should I get the flu shot?
Should you stay home from work if you have a cold?
Do I have diabetes, will they cut my legg off?
What's the best way to get over a cold?
HELP~! I have a bad habit, I can't stop cracking my fingers?
I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
HIV from kissing?
Would this be inconsiderate?
I need help with an injury???????PLEASE ANSWER!!! I NEED URGENT HELP it's an easy question?
My sister is pain, what should i do?
If you were to visit a sick child, what would you give them to put a smile on their face?
I have a fever that's 104.3...?
What can I do to prevent getting Mad Cow Disease?
Do you really drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day?
What steps can you take to help children understand cancer and its effects?
How can you tell if your diabetic?
What is the best hangover cure?
I have 18 Mosquito bites, I keep scratching?
Is everybody worried as I am about the "Swine Flu"?
is it bad when your ribs show?
What is one bad habit you would like to stop?
Are tongue piercings really painful?
stress relivers? anyone?
Have you ever been in excruciating pain before,...?
Is there a way to stop a cold from getting any worse?
Natural Anti-Depressants?
i'm under so much stress?
is olive oil good for ear ache caused through wax?
How do hide cuts while I'm in a swimsuit?
is the swine flu man made??????
I have a really bad ear infection, how much Tylenol is too much?
Is the swine flu curable?
How and Where do you apply a product called Head On?
Is it possible for a 13 year old to get breast cancer?
bad sore throat and cough, what can i do?
what is swine flu...?
I was bitten by a squirrel, should I be worried?
can you get swine flu from pepperoni pizza?
What would make your day better?
Do I have the swine flu? My head is hurting help!?
My Dad's in pain, can you guys help?
when do people become addicted to cigarettes?
why are my eyes starting to get red?
does freezing water in plastic bottles cause cancer?
My daughter has earache, what is the best home cure I can give to her?
What country did the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happen?
If you were dying would you feel it wrong to distance yourself from family to save them grief over your loss?
sore, dry lips? How can I get rid of it?
What do you worry about in life?
my 12 year old has a sore swollen throat and a low grade fever 100.8. Any home remedies? ?
Isn't it an interesting coincidence that Lou Gherig had Lou Gherig's disease?
Will you have the swine flu vaccine?
does it mean u have swine flu if u have like 1 symptom?
How's your hangover or haven't you got one?
My girlfriend had chicken pox years ago, now i have it, is she completely immune to the virus?
Is Swine Flu Still Something To Be Really Worried About? Or Has It Passed? I am Still A Little Scared!!!?
Does Urine get rid of acne?
How can i actually get sick fast and skip school excused?
My back is killing me!?
What can I do for chapped lips?
What are some remedies for a headache?
how can i make myself sleepy?
i have swimmers ear and can someone help me?
Question about The Swine Flu Virus...?
is cracking your neck a bad thing?
My ear is aching, the right side of my face is puffy, and I'm dizzy. Help?
Is green tea really what it claims to be?
Sick from too much pain meds?
Does anyone know any cool diseases with interesting symptoms?
i am all of a sudden allergic to my engagement ring?
In my son's school if you break a rule you are often made to pick chewing gum off tables!!?
I took 3 Tylenol 500 mg instead of 2, will i be fine?
Why am I sweating while I sleep?
Swine Flu Are You Worried?
My Urine Is Stong And The Neighbors Complain?
what's the worst pain someone can experience?
Whats the best thing to do to TREAT A SPRANGED ANKLE?
What's the best way to control the spread of influenza?
How fatal is Swine Flu!!!!?
Can swine flu be passed through computers?
Are cold sores easily spread?
Swine Flu - Could I POSSIBLY have it?
My brother is hurtin all over, and its not normal for him..?
How can I cure this? Please help :(?
Owww. It hurts. A LOT!!!!?
Does anybody think it's weird that I have imaginary friends?
Do I have Parkensins disease?
Swine Flu +mexicans= im scared?
Are we all going to die from the swine flu?
Should I mix vodka in my insulin pump?
There's this cut right on my eye?
would you get sick if???
do i have the swine flu?
I have pains in my knee. I am 13 years old in 8th grade. What do you think the main purpose of knee pains are?
Do you ever wonder how modern humans survived for at least 130,000 of BEFORE Orthodox medicine using only Alt'?
do you agree that the swine fever endemic is overblown like bird flu was?
swine flu??????? should i freak out????
Why are you people so scared of the swine flu?
This seems silly but will you tell me?
What is the most painful pain that someone can experience?
how do i find out if i have strep rather than just a sore throat?
What are some good exercises to help back pain?
My neck hurts! How can i get rid of the pain? Please help!?
what are the good solutions to put on the sunburn skin or burn skin.?
i sleep with the fan blowing at me from say...5 feet away. is that a bad thing if i do it every day?
Why do loved ones hurt you?
Can you get pregnant by kissing?
What's a good remedy for sore throat?
HELP. I am very sick and nobody believes me. I think I am dying...?
Why should I remove a Bandaid at night?
Should I wear a surgical mask or latex gloves at the airport to prevent catching swine flu?
Should I bother with the antibiotics?
Have you had food poisoning before?
How To Get Rid Of A Cold?
what can i put on my eye?
What do you think my eye color is V2?
Have there been any Deaths from swine flu?
I have caught a virus from my computer, and i can't stop sneezing?
Yesterday i had the stomach flu, and i feel much better today , but still feel weak,wats the best thing 2 do?
Now it's at stage 5...?
lice lice lice i'm an 11 year old girl hat can not get rid of lice i don't want to shave my head help?
I have started wearing my girlfriend's clothes. am i turning gay.?
I just sneezed. Do you think I have swine flu????
I'm a little worried about the mixture of meds they have me on.?
How to cure my are pain?
Ughh , I don't know what this is !?
mean girl proplems: help needed now!?
Is it safe to eat bernard matthews turkey ham??
If you swallow a chewable pill does it still have the same affect?
What are some restful indoor activities to do with children when they’re home sick from school?
Do you think the swine flu is man made?
I'm actually scared about swine flu!?
what is mono( please help!)?
What could be causing this weird pain on my head?
headaches:(help please?
What's the least stressful way to tell someone its over........?
Can wearing underwired bras give you cancer?
I cannot open the methadone bottle prescribed to me. It says to push down and turn, but will not turn at all.?
Painful tingling on my back?
what is the best pain relief for head aches without medications?
Migraine relief without medication?
I'm going to have mine done soon so I want to know, do blood tests hurt?
Should I go see a doctor?
what is a t bag and does it hurt?
I work at a daycare and constantly get sick. Know any good ways to go about boosting my immune system?
I have swollen tonsils, cold, sore throat and aching sinuses. Does anybody know what it could be?
Swine Flu Shot?!??!?!?
Should Bernard Matthews be prosecuted?
Are we all gonna die from pig flu?
I have an Upset Stomach?
How can we work together to reduce child mortality around the world?
How can you help children in North America make healthier food decisions?
How can we further educate young people in order to prevent diseases like AIDS?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
If you have been sunburnt, what types of treatment have helped you ease the symptoms?
I have a bloody nose every single time i blow my nose, what should i do?
Is swine flu going to kill everyone?
i have blood in my pee?any answers
should i worry about the second wave swine flu?
I hurt my leg . What should I do?
ny head hurts... need a pill, do you know a good one?
I've been really stressed out lately..?
my father and my mother and grandparents and aunts and uncles have diabetes is it possible for me to get it?
Does taking antibiotics have any affect on a cold virus?
what is the name of the cancer type only men can get?
every time i eat i throw all the food up?
What colour is your eye's?
might be going to mexico in the summer, how much at risk am i for the "swine flu".?
Can you get HIV from making out?
eyes hurting with water!!!!!!!!
HElp! my arm is weird!!?
Can playing a flute damage your ears?
People that wear glasses: Please answer these eye questions?
What is the real Threat for us in UK: a Taliban who lives thousands of miles away, or the Swine Flue?
should i have the swine flu vaccine i am 37 weeks pregnant?
child, age 7, 103 temperature over 72 hrs?
How could I get sick?!?
Urinary Track Infection. I'm going crazy. help?
sharp pain in stomach helpp!?
What's the best way to treat a sore wrist?
help!! i'm in horrible pain!! :(?
Helppp!! :) Fresh Breath? ?
Do contacts hurt at all?
i have a chip stuck in my throat what should i do?
How come theres no more Swine Flu in the news?
does everyone carry the cold sore virus?
How many of you are scared to get the swine flu?
What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?
guilty!! i've lost my sting!!!?
Can you be allergic to dogs, then not?
why does my back always hurt when i bend over?
Why do legs ache after exercise?
I have really bad sunburn on my arm what can i put on it, its killing me?
If swine flu isn't as bad,,why is everyone so concerned like there are scanners in the airport!!!!!?
Should I take the Swine Flu Vaccine?
Very sick.. Please what are my symptoms showing?
how do i stop cutting myself?
Is it okay to squint to see rather than wear glasses?
i think i have the swine flu i got back from mexico a couple of days ago, am i going to die :( ?
Did I get Swine Flu While I was in Washington, DC?!?!?!?
I'm so sick what is wrong with me?
what do u think of swine flu ?
when should you NOT give first aid?
How do I tell my mom I think I need glasses?
What's wrong with my eye?
10 Pts. for best answer!! Answer while you can!!?
can anything stop you getting the flu bug,thats going around?
Do anyone know if you can get hiv through saliva?
Other than, HIV,hep b, & hep c what othe illnesses caan be caused through drug abuse?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
Ok, now that it's that time of year.... Why do we get sick more easily in the winter?
Can you go back to school after having the flu for 4 days?
is by donation of blood hiv not spread?
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the worst & 10 being the best, How would you rate your vision?
Does toothpaste on zits really help?
Can marijuana help my migraines?
I took 4 Vicodin, what can I expect?
Pain meds?
How do i fail an eye test?
could it be the flu or just really bad cold pleasee answer !?
bladder infection?[i am a girl]?
PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!! I MIGHT DIE/GET SWINE FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the Swine Flu symptoms?
is there any alternative medicine for strep throat? i literally can not handle the idea of medicine?
Who has a cold / flu ?
neeeeeeeeed help!!!! HEADACHE!!!?
What causes my migraines?
Should i see my doctor?
I have a black eye, but I have to do something important tomorrow How do I get it away by tomorrow. ?
Suicidal thoughts........?
What's the best way to stop a migrane?
Chest pain when breathing?
is it true that you can only get mono once?
Will i get food poisoning?
could my daughter have swine flue?
a person suffering from HIV can be detcted via normal blood check up?
How long would scientists and doctors develop a vaccine for swine flu?
Why Do bacterial sprays only kill 99.9?
PLEASE!!!!!!girls only?
Is it safe to snort acetaminophen?
What's the best natural way to get rid of a cold?
Swine Flu - How many of you have been or know someone affected by H1N1? Include your location.?
What do you get if you put a pig with swine flu and a duck with bird flu in the same room together?
can people die of meningitis?
Why does my arch hurt when I run for a period of time?
What do these symptoms describe? Tight throat, cheek bones hurt, Jaw hinge is soar?
ouch i'm in severe pain!! (help!!)
What should I eat for breakfast?
Sick question............... BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!!?
Can a virgin contract AIDS through Kissing?
Camping; How can you prevent ticks....?
Is it called strip throat when you swallow and it hurts?
what is the difference betwen taking a bath in the morning and in the evening?
ok now im really scared phase 4?
what hurts the most in your life right now?
what is the easiest and quickest way to die w/o pain?
What's your greatest struggle in life?
What should I do about my pierced ear?
okay, invisalign or regular braces?
how dangerous it the swine flu?
Traveling w/ 1 year old, should I have him wear a mask or don't worry because of the swine flu?
Who is most likely to catch the flu?
What is your opinion on the Swine Flu epidemic?
what are some deadly diseases that humans don't know about?
How to get sick purposely?
what does is mean if you cough blood?
is this a real disease or is this made up?
my hamster is unwell not eating or drinking and has been shaky for 4 days and seems very weak.?
Is Swine Flu Pandemic really a pandemic?
What happens if a person with swine flu gets swine flu vaccine?
How to clear up a runny nose?
I found a pill that's labeled Diphenhydramine in my daughters pants pocket?
has anyone had the swine flu injection?
Swine flu= me scared!?
What is a chicken pox party?
swine flu...........?
Does cranberry juice really help if you get uti's alot?
Does Lying awake with your eyes closed count as sleeping at all?
is it possible to lick ur elbow?
Can my dog take child's aspirin or ibuprofen?
I've had pain in my knee cap for years, and it's getting worse. What should I do?
do u like?
if my eye sight is goin kinda blurry, are my eyes going to be ok?
My ear ''buzzes'' when I listen to music. Infection?
Did he for sure get autism from the vaccine?
Swine Flu Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will Chocolate milk give me diabetes?
can insulin have anything to do with this?
Is cracking your knuckles bad?
Whats wrong with my moms arm?
My mom woke up having kneck pain? Along with sharp pain. down her left side of her chest. What's wrong?
Does the H1N1 flu shot really prevent H1N1?
What's worse, normal flu, or swine flu?
Just a question that kinda popped into my head...?
If my cut is itchy, could it be infected?
should obesity be considered a disability?
bulging l5/s1,torn l4/l5 disc help!?
I feel like I'm dying and I don't know what to do.?
Can a cold be spread through sharing chapstick???
Insomnia? I'm really suffering at the moment - any tips?
Why don't animals get acne?
What happens if pour hot coffee in my ear, will it hurt?
Feet pain?
please please please help I think I'm dieing ?
If i get a lip ring will it...?
Has anyone died from the h1n1 vaccine?
The Swine Flu pandemic, is it going to kill us all?
Have we seen the last of the swine flu?
Which would you rather wear: glasses or contact lenses?
How is waterboarding torture?
I'm not drawing enough blood from my fingers for my testing strip. Any advice regarding this?
Do you wear glasses full time?
18 weeks pregnant and unsure whether to get the flu vaccine?
My eyes are burning? Fast answer appreciated.?
toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?
should i get help?
i have a piece of led stuck in my hand?
does a heat pad work for aching feet?
Can MSG cause headaches?
What is this pain that I have in my back and chest?
I just got my tongue pierced 3 days ago....should it be bleeding and turning yellow?
How should I drink 8 glasses of water thoughout the day?
Is it possible to catch herpes off a toilet seat?
I shot myself in the foot. Help?
I lost my mum 4 months ago to lung cancer will i ever feel happy again?
how do i stop greiving?
Help me please, i would like to know whats wrong with me.?
I've had headaches for five years and tried everything. Does anyone have any ideas to make them go away?
should I get the swine flu shot? it's free and I have to decide in 5 days?
will i die from swine flu?
Can you catch Insomnia from a toilet seat?
I'm in a Life or Death Situation... Could you PLEASE help me?
I am a diabetes but I kept it under control. Right now, I don't take any medicine. Is it good for me?
i have a tooth ache but can't get into see my dentist till tomorrow afternoon?
If i am 5'5 do i round to 5 foot or 6 foot?
does it hurt when you get spacers?
Lortab I'm scared?
14 hour car ride with to smokers!!?!?!?
is swine flu still going about?
Are we all going to die from swine flu?
Have a saw throat...?
Can HIV be transmitted by splattered blood into an open wound?
Why is everyone so worried about the swine flu?
Symptoms ..chest pain, abdominal pain, passing gas. etc?
For the worlds worst hangover whats the best and quickest way to make it dissappear??
What kind of headache is it I have thats always over my right or left eye? ?
How do you get real toning results when you work out?
How is yoga different than Pilates?
How soon after I start yoga will I be able to feel results?
Why should you care about what food you put in your mouth?
Does anyone know of other ways to lower/stop pain without aspirin?
It's about the swine flu?
Can you get AIDS from sipping off of someone?
was the mexican swine flu started by some kind of hybrid half man half pig?
how do you get rid of the swine flu?
Are u happy or sad today, and why?
Do I have any problems with my eyes?
amswer imidetly: emergency?
I have a really painful sunburn. How do I stop the pain & redness?
Why do smokers continue to smoke when they warn that it's bad to their health?
Can you just ask your doctor for a mammagram at 30?
Food poisoning - still sick after 5 days?
type 1 diabetes............................?
Am i allowed to touch water while fasting? PLEASE HELP!?
what is the worst imaginable pain you've ever gone through?
What do you do for migraines?
I'm in PAIN, please help??
HELP! has anyone ever had a picc line iv? ?
Have I got swine flu?
Is there a cure for AIDS?
What caused the swine flu?
can love fade away?
What's my eye colour?
Can a Urinary Tract Infection ever go away on it's own?
Do I got swine Flu???????
What's that medicine called that you take at the first sign of a cold to knock it out before it really hits?
Is 0 Negative a rare blood type?
Could you get AIDS from your own blood ?
I burned myself with hot glue from a hot glue gun. What do I do?
Pain under my ribs! Help?
could this be a bladder infection?
i have a very sharp pain in the bottom of my back,lots of reffered pain in my legs,especially my right one. ?
How can I get relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
After over-indulging during the holidays, what tips do you have to help lose those pounds and keep them off?
What can I do at 17 to prevent getting breast cancer one day?
i have high colesterol and i dont know what foods to eat ? help!!?
Ways to lower my blood sugar level?
Is it a ganglion cyst?
I feel very sleepy during work hours eventhough i had 8 hours sleep last night?
could I have the Swine Flu?
can you catch diseases from kissing?
Do I have swine flu???????????????
Yes or No to H1N1 Vaccination?
Can anyone tell me the difference between swine flu and normal flu?If it is just the same why all the panic?
How can I be Safe When Drunk?
I'm 14 , really bad headache my head hurts?
I've got a headache and had it for three days.?
Does the cartilage piercing hurt?
Is it possible for a person to contract the H1N1 virus from a person who had the live nasal vaccine?
How do people get pink eye?
braces?? advice?? experiece?
What can i do if i ate it by accident?
i have to go to the doc this thu?
i have had really bad back pain?
Whenever i stand up i go dizzy?
How do I become a vegetarian?
can men get breast cancer?
if you have breast cancer and don't know you have it. Does your breast hurt? OK, if my let breast hurts does
I got food poisoning and have work tommarow?
My jaw keeps locking? please help!thanks!?
What would happen if you drink eye drops?
My piercing has swollen up?
how much would this hurt?
Good Bed Times For Me?
How do you get rid of fleas?
treatment for my burnt finger?
i think i may have breast cancer, or is it just a cyst?
I dont eat sugar and carbs are low,what else can I do to lower blood sugar?
what happens if the the blood sugar gets very high?
How do i let my parents know i need glasses?
i've got shingles?
SWINE FLU HELP! Need your advice?
What is the best over the counter product to buy to rid the ITCH of mosquito bites?
Chiropractor messed up my neck, should I confront him?
Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
Can I get lung cancer from a very dusty home?
Is it true that if you write on your self with a pen, your killing brain cells?
what is name of specialist who takes blood samples ?
How do you know if your diabetic?
how can I straighten my eyes?
My eyes burn when I make eye contact with people?
Question about contacts? 10 POINTS!!!!!!!?
what is haematology? ?
What do you do about a bee sting? I was stung on my foot.?
The left side of my friend's face has kind of had a semi paralytic attack..?
If you wear your glasses from morning to bedtime is it bad for your eyes?
i had a near deth experience last week over dose on herion do u think god wasnt ready for me or was i just lu
Can diabetics drink alcohol?
how do i get vicodin? or hydrocodone? ?
How long does the a&e department usually take to see a person?
I feel insane(literally)! Please help!?
Why can't I wear my contacts?
I'm squinting to read on the computer, but I see fine. Do I need glasses?
What have you regretted recently?
WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY TONGUE?? it really hurts! please help?
what would happen if someone took 30mg of hydrocodone at once?
does tanning beds eventually give you skin cancer?
can i leave my contacts in over night?
Question on Lasik Eye Surgery?
what are good ways to avoid swine flu?
when i was young, my dad did somethings that weren't right...?
What r u doing right now?
Help!My throat hurts! 10 points!?
Recently my eyes have started straining when I use the computer?
does computers ruin your eyes?
is a temprature of 99 degrees farenheit considered a fever?
how many people in the USA have died of the swine flu ?
do u get any disease from kissing?
What are your tips for encouraging children to care for their teeth?
Oxycodone or Hydrocodone?
A couple problems, please help?
What causes leg cramps and how to prevent them?
whats your WORST pain ever in health wise?!!!! id say TOOTH / EAR and ofcourse...exceptionals for love...?
Explain my extreme and constant tiredness?
How to get my dad to quit smoking?
What are contact lenses used for?
whats my eye color can YOU GUYS HELP ME!!!?
Glasses??????? updated? hurt my eyeeees?
Are there any eye excersices for the eyes to improve vision?
Does diabetes make you skinny? Where can I get it?
Does Masterbaiting cause dizzyness and drowsy eyes?
Eye exercises to help improve my vision?
How much does lasik cost?
swine flu thing i got it?
Daughter has cough, swine flu?
what,is hepatitis? how dose one get this dose it have anything to do with the liver?
How do you help the pain of sunburn?
Have you ever had itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose and you can't stop sneezing?
What's wrong with my eyes?
What Color Are My Eyes?
brain pain, a good friend has severe pains in her brain?
I can not swallow my pills! HELP!!?
Will my spine straighten or get better or worsen with my growth? I have scoliosis. HELP!?
Did you know there is an AIDS cure?
how could i tell if I'm even a little bit dehydrated / and how do i rehydrate my self?
I have swine flu.....it doesn't feel THAT bad.?
is it possible to sleep with your eyes open?
I have been seeing a black dot in my left eye for almost 3 months now. Its motionless, what is it?
How can i GET bloodshot eyes?
Foot cramp? What can i do?
i want to wake up early but i can't woke up what can i do?
How To Sleep Quickly?
Should I seek a second opinion?
Everytime I wear eyeliner my eye turns RED!!!?
what are the bad things about glasses?
What color eye contacts would best suit me?
Is it normal to have headaches?
I have something in my eye and i need help?
Eyes changing colours? Can someone explain please?
could i have the swine flu?
Sore throat after vomiting?
Which will heal a cut more quickly, talcum powder or baby oil?
what has stronger bite ant or mosquito?
I feel like 236 lbs! Pictures included.?
Is it cancer please help ?
my 11 year old daughter with cancer gets picked on bad! help!?
What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of cancer?
What do you do if you look at the computer so much that your vision is blurry and your eyes hurt?
This is only my second day wearing contacts, and every now and then my eyes blur out and I have to blink a lot?
Could I go blind from this?
whats the difference between Oxycodone and Vicodin?
Is this like.....bad?
my hubby has been having shoulder/neck pain noone knows why any suggestions.Has been over 1 year now. HELP!!?
Can you tell my glasses are fake?
ugh my computer keeps saying i have infections..how do i fix this wihout paying?
Help Do i have the swine flu?
how can you get swine flu?
Can an ear infection be painless?
What is the best thing for a sore/raw throat?
swine flu a little ridiculous?
Does anyone know where I can buy swine-flu vaccine, please?
what is the best cure for nosebleed?
Diabetes Question for those that have it............Doctors inputs too.....?
Head-On. do YOU apply directly to the forehead?
Do IV's hurt?
How to convince the optometrist to let you get glasses?
Should I see an eye doctor?
My eye has been watering nonstop for 2 days, what is wrong?
Why do I see (a) black squiggly line(s) when I look around with my right eye?
Problem with wearing glasses!?
The floor looks like it's moving after I use the computer too long?
how do i get a splinter out?
Question for medics preferably : Is it normal to bleed from nose and throat whilst suffering from flu?
how can i help reduce risk of swine flu?
Um I don't really know if i should ask but...(adult question)?
Swine Flu Over-Exaggerated?
I got Beat up And i am HURT!!!!!?
has the cure for cancer been found?
cancer question??
How can I make myself need to wear glasses?
should eye tests be free of charge?
has anyone ever sneezed with there eyes open?
What would happen if........?
Contact lense problem :(?
i used to have an ingrown toe nail, i cut it off but the infection is still there?
I have a cut on my arm. It's still bleeding for a month and i don't know how to stop it. What should i do?
my earring's stuck in my ear how do i get it out?
Do blokes get Bird Flu or is it just women?
oh hi my dad says that everybody is getting swine flu because i got a D on my math test is this true?
What's the best kind of medicine for a sore throat?
Can contacts make your eyesight worse?
How would you wear glasses if you only had one ear?
my eyes are stinging me! i'm facing the computer screen, i'm on it quite alot, should i cut down abit?
my stomach has been burning and feel like throwing up what is please tell me?
what causes a red rash on a baby that looks like the baby got burned???
When a wasp stings, does it die?
What have you thought about the most in the last week & why?
How can I cure lower back pain!??!? I'm only 21!?
I burned myself with 380 degree gun from a hot glue gun. What should I do? It hurts real bad.?
why don't they reduce the chemicals in cigaretes?
This is not exactly the best forum for this, but I'm depressed?
Am I being 'wound up'?
How will you commemorate World Diabetes Day this Sunday, November 14, 2010?
Anyone had Lasik surgery on their eyes? I'm scared they will mess up and I go blind?
Do I have the Swine Flu, If not what do I have?
How to strengthen your immune system? ?
Swine Flu Strikes, but is it all a cover up for something dark?
Will the swine flu outbreak ever "go away"?
Why don't bandaids stick anymore?????
I'm 89. When will I be considered OLD?
How powerful can a smile be?
HELP!!! How do Unclog your ear?
I have a sore arm..mid-arm and at the elbow..how can I best treat it?
hi everyone ive been getting really bad headaches l8ly and the bottom of my head really hurts wat cud it b?
Do I have the Swine Flu virus?
Paranoid about the Swine Flu!?
what drink is best to avoid vomiting, ginger ale, Sprite or water?
I'm 16 yrs old, and today at work i was cleaning a table (waitress) when a sharp, sudden pain occured above my
my 3 year olds fasting sugar was 328 is that normal?
diet items means cancer true or false?
Im fat,200 pounds,15 yr, girl im 5'5 and I cry becuse I have no plan or motavation to loose weight.help me!!!!?
When's the best time of day to exercise?
If i leave my plugs out for a day will it shrink too bad?
I've been constipated for weeks! What do I do?
Why is my right shoulder lower than my right?
Sharp jabbing pain in my rib when I breathe?
does piercing ear hurts? this is my first time goin for piercing, should i pierces my top ear ? ?
Have you had the swine flu vaccine?
The thumb nail on my foot, has changed color and has become dry & britle. Any idea what this is, if so any rem
Best Shoes to wear while working on concrete floors?
I'm depressed. My car just got towed and I got fired on the same day,my girl just dumped me can some1 help me?
Bad headache, any one know the cause?
Are you worried about the Swine Flu?
Why do some people believe that AIDS doesn't exist?
puss from my ear. What to do?
kissing question??????????
does anyone get cravings for alcohol?
I need a good sugar substitute without using Aspertame?
If you have a stuffed up nose and you're kidnapped and your mouth duct-taped, can you suffocate to death?
My Chest Hurts And I Don't Know Why.?
My big toe hurt underneath... help!?
what is the best way to get rid of a head ache?
How to stop cracking my neck?!?
my 12 yr old has a temperature of 39.47?
will the swineflu ever end?
Sever strep throat!!?
what causes swine flu?
why do you get diarrhea?
What problems do you face when returning to ‘normal’ life after cancer treatment?
I was coughing in the shower this morning and all of the sudden my head started pounding-- it hurt so bad.?
I can't escape to get to the store... How can you get rid of a headache without medicine?
My mom's boyfriend is,,,?
I was prescribed Tamiflu but now everyone is telling me not to take it - is it safe?
Swine flu and pregnancy?
How fast is swine flu spreading?
Is the Toddler REALLY the first US death due to Swine Flu?
any cures or remedies for snoring?
Why does my right toe hurt?
Are coloured contacts safe to wear?
i have cancer given few days to live its termanal pleas help im blue?
Genetic testing: Could this tell if I'll get breast cancer in the future?
Can you get mono from sharing a bong?
can i go to a hospital for...?
Do ice kill germs?
Why do peoples eyes change color?
my sister in law is a diabetic...please help me with this!?
What to do about crazy hives (on skin)?
do i just have a cold or the flu?
how do you know if you have kideny disease?
How can I help break my daughter's fever?
How can i make my self get a fever or throw up ?
Ive got a bad phobia of SPIDERS i hate the word.?
My left eye looks smaller?
why did my eye hurt really bad when I put my contact in?
Is there any way to improve one's vision???
HELP: my ear sounds weird?
if you have a blister on teh top of your foot should you pop it ?
Question about Vicodin and Ibuprofen... HELP!?
What to do when at night, you try to sleep but you just can't?
in tattooing what do the tear drops under the eye to signify ? also what do spider webs on elbow signify?
how long can you live with type 4 lung cacer?
Can eating ice cause cancer of the throat?
How soon after wife's chemo can a guy expect to get some luvin?
Jealousy of a family member with cancer?
what happens if you smash a Tylenol and sniff it?
I am sick...HELP PLEASE (doctors, too)?
Chest Pain?
i just got contacts and my eye is red?
Why does my top eye lash always get stuck to the bottom ones when I blink?
is it true ?
I'm feeling generous, tell me anything to get 2 pts and tell me something entertaining to get 10!?
What do you do if u have a scratch that is too big 4 a band-aid?
headache help?
My wrist has been hurting really bad and I want to know what I should do to prevent the pain?
Is taking more than 2 advil overdosing?
Yesterday I pushed a girl down the stairs....?
doctor or no doctor?
how long can you wear contacts?
Hey, How do I look in my new glasses. They have wide temples and rimless lenses?
Whats wrong with my eye?
What happens when you do cross eye for a long time, and for how long?
I have a lazy eye. How do I turn down 3D movies when my friends invite me?
Mechanical Pencil Lead Stuck in hand? wat 2 do?
Needles, IVs, and anything that has to do with a pointy thing :)?
Why is my throat so sore!!!?
Single Dad at home alone with no medicine trying to bring down a fever?
If we start feeling sick, are we supposed to go to the hospital to get checked to see if we have Swine Flu?
When was the last Pandemic... and what was it?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
Why do we only get the chicken pox once?
Why do I feel so old today?
Hi have never smoked in my life?
do mood rings give you cancer?
ive been getting headaches (front part of my head) eversince some 1 bashed my head into a wall about 15 times?
Migraine symptoms?
When I roll my eyes it feels like maybe the muscles around my eyes hurt?
Why don't they invent cigarettes that are good for you?
I just got new eyeglasses; Are they appropriate for wearing at office or are they too glamorous? Please help?
what is my eye colour?
Am I the only one who thinks that.....?
Painful Blisters!?
how to help 20 ant bites on 2 fingers??!!?? please help?
itchy and swollen tongue after eating banana's or melons?
what causes eye twitches?
my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help?
I'm starting to see black specks in my vision, what is it?
Can anyone interprete my eye prescription?
Contact piece stuck in my eye?
I'm too skinny!!! Help?
burning itchy legs from being in the cold.?
I just burned my finger on 425 ' oven . I have big bubbling blister.What should i do to it?
Help! My friend swallowed a paper clip!?
I have a sharp pain my left ribs now and then i'm quite worried can you help?
Barely walking, eating, or sleeping.?
What are some really effective pain killers? Better than Ibuprofen and paracetamol!?
Im sooo scared! Do sixth grade shots hurt?! How many do I get?! Im sooo scared!?
have you ever lost someone you love due to cancer?
Do I have a cold or a fever?
Why can't antibiotics cure people who have Malaria?
Swallowing a little bit of hand sanitizer?
Does a Swine Flu freak you out? how much do u know about it?
How come the government (US) doesn't just make a facility to hold all people with HIV?
What do you do if someone appears to be dehydrated?
During laser eye surgery are you allowed to blink?
I burnt my finger on the stove. How can I make it stop burning?
Am I intolerant to milk?
Best eye color in your oppinion?
Can I leave my contacts in for 9 hours straight?
::::Help please::::Do I have food poisoning?
is samonella contagious?
when you have a fever,what is the best food to eat?
If your pulse is 104 beats per minute is that normal?
What's the best way to go about getting glass out of my foot?
What to do when you have some cement or rock lodged in a small cut on your hand?
Swine flu plz answer?
Massive Migraines!?
My body is KILLING ME. Please help!?
doesn't restless leg syndrome sound made up to you?
Can I get cancer from eating cancer?
Is Farrah Fawcett's death insignificant because we have a black man for Pres.? Are white women the true?
Why does when I try to put my contact in my eye really stings?? No mean comments please!?
OMG is this weird?????
Anyone had laser eye surgery?
My mom's back hurts.?
Is there anyything I can take for my period pains?
Is it right for my sons teacher to be poking him in the chest and lead him forcfully by the arm?
What is the most painful household incident you can think of?
Is it wrong to feel joy?
What's good to eat in the morning, or any time of day, to get your mind focusing more?
im bleeding to death with the anaconda bite i got last week what do I do?
what are the symptons of the mexican swine flu?
If I've already had swine flu, do I have a lower chance of catching it again?
Symptoms of swine flu?
just been diagnosed with swine flu (oink oink)?
How concerned are you about Swine flu ?
Need Help Losing Weight and Keeping it Off?!?!?
Is 20/20 vision good?
Is it bad to keep your contacts in while you sleep?
Are these symptoms of dry eyes?
What can you do for a really bad sunburn?
Pain in Right Arm... Typing Too Much?
Why do i get severe leg cramps every night?
URGENT! RIGHT NOW! P A I N F U L!! I have a huge headache/migraine and no medicine. What should i do!?
Dizzy when I stand up fast?
i am Scared of swine flu spreading?
swine flu?????? im really scared?
I feel sorry for the scottish, first the bird flu and now swine flu.., why does it always start of overthere?
am i going to have the plague?
Where can I throw away my used insulin needles?
Why Do We Feel Pain ? Ehh?
My mom's eyes change from green to blue, like mood swing eyes. Is this normal?
do i need to wear glasses 24 x 7 ?
Would I need glasses for this?
Why would a man shave his head and tell everyone he has cancer and the baldness is due to chemo???
hey doctor is it possible for a non smoker to get cancer?
Should I go to the doctor?
I think I've thrown my back out, any suggestions?
How to get rid of a Calf Cramp?
what is normal blood pressue?
Okay, why are they counting the death in Texas as a U.S. death (Swine flu)?
what does contagous mean?
Are these flu symptoms?
what is wrong with my eye?
Contact lenses prescription?
I really dont want glasses..help?
I had to get glasses today!!!?
What can I take if medicine isn't working for a cold,sore throat and runny nose other than tea?
Based on my picture, am I overweight or underweight?
why does a bullet wound make someone feel cold after a while?
Whats the big deal about swine flu?
Should I get the flue shot this year? I never got one before. My company will pay for it.?
im a bit worried about swine flu!?
Do Braces hurt?
i get sharp pains all the time?
Why do I get a headache after the gym?
i know this sounds dumb...?
What's the best way to make a 2nd degree burn on the palm of your hand and fingers stop hurting?
What would happen if I use non-Astigmatism lenses?
COntact lense problems!! Please hep!?
What's healthier to wear... glasses or soft contact lenses? Why?
how do you give an eye exam to an illitereate (someone who can't read)...or even to a foreigner?
i'm so scared i just smoked?
Can chemotherapy harm your baby if you're pregnant?
hi, my doctot told my brother that he is experiencing the fist stages of diabetis....what does thathis mean???
i cant believe it omg thank you?
what does a blood sugar level of 27 mean?
I have history of obesity in my family.?
How do I tell my manager I'm quitting today? W/O notice?
I took a shot of peniciline due to my throat infection. Yet the fever keeps coming? Any tips?
Can I get tested to see if I have Swine flu?
Can you spread HIV through spitting/sneezing/coughing?
Symptoms of swine flu?
where can i buy a flu jab?
Can my eyesight?
can't find my contacts in my eyes is it dangerous?
i want eye contacts lences?
I really want purple contacts!?
Eye doctor told me to wear contacts most of the time instead of glasses?
Who here is battling any kind of cancer or has survived any kind of cancer?
How can I support my boyfriend with cancer?
I think I'm getting sick.........???
I am terrified with the swine flu! I'm going to travel to Europe is it dangerous?
Is the swine flu because of pigs?
I'm too lazy. What can i do 2 reduce it? Plz answer...?
How I'm supposed to take care of somebody who has just burnt a hand??
I have gotten a splinter on my foot sole for about a year now! I do not know how to get it out!?
I saw a lightening bolt the past two times I blinked?
My eye doctor said this, what does it mean?
I just got glasses, and my vision bends around the edges. Is this normal?
do you smoke?
How can I stop myself from feeling sick........?
My child has cancer any tips or advice?
If you are diagnosed with cancer, an INCURABLE DISEASE, what is the point of treatments?
have you ever lost a parent or a loved one due to cancer?
Is Marijuna addicting?
does smoking "causes" cancer or "contributes" to it?
help my sister fell down and wont wake up?
what's a good sugar substitute?
True or False? Antibiotics are bad for you, so it's best to stop taking them as soon as you feel better?
Swine Flu , what are youre thoughts?
How can you tell if you have shingles?
chicken pox and flying?
Why did the Native Americans get sick..?
What could be the reason for my migraines?
I don't have vision insurance but need to see an optometrist, I have a stye that isn't going away. How much...
When I wash dishes I put a little bleach in my water.Do u think that will help to kill germs&bacteria?
How do you get the flu?
how to heal a black eye?
i almost broke my leg this morning playing rugby?
what are the symptons for swine flu?
A friend of mine is feeling really sick, and needs to go to the emergency room but she can't afford to.?
Why am I still so tired after cancer?
when should you get your first cervical smear test?
What causes cervical cancer?
Does sleeping with a Bra on cause breast cancer ?
lung cancer at 15? ?
what's the best hangover cure?
Do you like running or walking better?
Is this anywhere close to normal?
How can i remove something that is stuck in my ear...?
What are some home treatment for a sore throat?
Does Marilyn Manson really have swine flu??!?
Can I drink with a mild case of mono?
Am I going to get lead poisoning?
has the swine flu reached northern CA?
burnt my hand and it hurts?
whats a goood pain mediction for chronic back aches?
I Took Two 10mg Vicodin Pills & I feel A little Off Balanced?
I am only 24 years old and I have stopped growing!! WHY?
muslim and diabetic wanting to fast - what advice should be given?
how long does it take a dot size scab to heal?
I spilled Hydrogen Peroxide on my hand and it's turning my skin white!?
Wrist pain from laptop use?
What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?
if i don't smoke pot or pop pills for my physical pain, then what do you suppose i should do?
I bite my dry lips wayy too much. How to prevent ?
Do I have strep throat? It's been about 3 days?
How do you know if you have parasites in your head?
this is my fifth day of having a cold and im really starting to get fed up of it.?
The H1N1 virus DO YOU believe in the vaccination?
Should I be worried that I'm going to mexico when swine flu is around?
Can a Flu Vaccine prevent the contamination Swine Flu Virus?
Wigs, do or don't?
What's a sign of having lung Cancer?
If you've ever heard the words, "your tests came back positive for cancer," what was your first response?
Migraines. How do you overcome them?
From your experience, what is the best way to alleviate mid-back pain?
can I cure my UTI by drinking lots of cranberry juice?
how do u prevent getting a cold?
white spots in the back of my throat?
question for smokers!?
My 60 yr old mother gets awful leg cramps.?
Need Help!?
What Vitamins Can I take So I Don't Feel Cold?
Are your feet tough to where you can walk barefoot on stones and it not hurt your feet?
What's the most painful way to die?
Can people hear anything underwater?
do you think I am short for my age?
If your sore does that mean your getting stronger?
Morning Nausea, what's it caused by?
So I woke up in the morning, feeling like P. Diddy?
would this hurt you.......?
what's a good way to relax after so much stress?
Does wearing a bra to sleep really cause breast cancer?
Stuffy Nose and Sore Throat?
how should i respond to coworkers who are pressuring me to ge the flu shot?
Why do my eyes get blurry while shopping?
why does it hurt when you cut your fingernail too low?
what time did you wake up today??
pain relief for mouth ulcers?
PLEASE HELP! am i insane?
Why don't we see answers from doctors?
If you have diabetes how much is alot of sugar?
Diabetes prevention. just curious?
Diabetes IS IT?
What is the best treatment for a sore throat?
Should I get chicken pox at 18?
Why do i keep on having rashes?
Sharp Stabbing Pain in back of my head and now my face??
My Friends Smoke! Should I smoke?
Has anyone ever broke there finger(s) before?
A friend of mine has allergies she says to an ingredient in wine called sulfites? I can see the problems ....?
Some1 told me girls cant *** is that true?
what are the basic complications of diabetes?
Whats the name of this disease?
I got a flu shot yesterday and today I am at home with flu like symptoms.?
do contacts hurt at all?
how to make my eyes not look massive with glasses?
What does it mean if your eyes seem to be more bloodshot than usual?
What do you do when your four year old is throwing up?
WHY can't I sleep at night?
What can I do to prevent a cut from scarring?
lung cancer at stage 4?
im 14 & recently found a lump on a nut. im nt reli sure where to go or anything to check if its cancer. HELP!?
could i have the swine flu?
all of a sudden I can't hear out of one ear..?
I rarely throw up but in the last few hours I have thrown up 5 times. Is there anything I should do?
what's the first body part you wash when taking a shower / bath?
Onset of a Migraine...HELP!?
What is Power of lens?
I keep seeing a single dot of light falling at the edge of my vision -- I'm completely freaked out!?
omg help, my eyes have gone wacko?
My power in right eye is 0.5 and in left is 0.25. Do I need to wear glasses all the time or only at work?
I Have the symptoms of prediabetes and my mom won't talke me to get tested what do I do???
My blood pressure is 99/64 and my heart rate is 54 bpm. Is this normal?
My brother told me HIV is not real?
How do I help diarrhea?
I think i may have swine flu. What are the first signs?
Whats so bad about swine flu anyways?
People with braces?
are glue sticks edible?
Can a urine test reveal if you have testicular cancer?
Which hurts worse SHIN PAIN or BACK PAIN?
Pink eye, eye drops don't seem to work..?
what eye glasses prescription is considered strong?
What is more convinient to use? Contac Lenses or Eye glasses.?
Could you get an eye infection from sleeping with your contacts in?
is`Sleeping`Naked` Better`4`your`Health``
What should you eat to get a stomach ache?????????
how i can increase my MEMORY?
my daughter has pink eye how contagious is it...?
what is jaundice mean?
belly ring infection?
My boyfriend "I'm not a Cocaine addict as I only take it on weekends" Is this true?
whats better to take tylenol or ibprofen?
How do I stop shaking?
Can you catch an STD from giving a boy a bl*wjob?
My nephew started to get yellow skin all over his body! From head to toe! He's 10 months now started at 6mos?
How to improve your eyesight ?
How can I make myself need glasses?
Getting new eyeglasses, need your opinion on plastic or glass?
Can you wear contacts in the shower?
Broken wrist problems ples help!!!!!!!!!?
how do i get rid of blackheads??
where did swine flu start?
bird flu, swine flu,what's next? bread flu?
my friend told me it was on the news that "everyone" is to have a swine flu vaccination, is this true?
I am a sugar patient.I am 27 years old.How many years I can live in the world?
If you could remove something that got in your way what would it be?
Who is worried about the Swine Flu?
how to ged rid of headlice and nits?
Is it that bad? The Swine Flu?
What do AIDS actually do to the human body?
why do my parents REFUSE to take me to the docter?
has anyone ever drowned after falling asleep in the bath?
How do I keep my leg from falling asleep?
How to releive EXTREME sunburn itchh!?!?
Ive been dizzy for almost two hours?
How to die without pain?
16 years old bowel cancer..??!!!??!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?
I stand on my feet 8 hrs a day at my job. Does anyone know what will stop my feet from hurting?
lump in my tongue?
Tips on falling asleep?
I threw my back out this morning, i'm only 17 years old, do i get to a doctor or keep taking my medicine?
how many times do you brush your teeth in one day? ♥?