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can you buy the acne treatment called skinID in stores or is it only online?
home remedies for poison ivy?
Is smoking at 14 wrong?
what does throwing up blood mean?
I've just started smoking. How cool is that?
What's your favourite home remedy for beating a cold?
can i start smoking at 13 years old?
Swine flu - are you worried about it now there are more cases of it in Australia?
Why is swine flu spreading quicker in Australia than other countries?
Can you get pregnet from kissin n stuff?
can i get a STD from the public toilet ?
why i like smoking weed so much?
So I always forget to breathe?
Male supervisor put his hands on me at workk?
Is there any harm in smoking pot once or twice?
how can i get my 13 year old to quit smoking?
Whats the point of smoking cigarettes?
I was coughing and some weird smelly thing came out of my mouth. what is it?
Throat burns when smoking? ?
What's with the dandruff?
Is there a more gentle alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide?
Im 20 years old and been smoking cigarette's for 6 years, every morning I cough up black stuff what is it?
Should I go to the ER or wait until monday to see the doctor?
when a person dies is their last breath an inhale or exhale?why.?
How do I get my parents to stop smoking?
how do i break my habit for biting my fingernails?
why do i feel thirsty for blood?
Have you been impacted by swine flu?
I'm Just So Happy!!! Want to share.?
What can and can't I eat with braces?
What's the best toothpaste, for coffee drinkers?
Ok, so i have herpes and i'm pregnant, is that ok? :(?
Help.. I think i got alcohol poisoning and my dad never took me to hospital.?
So I smoked weed for the first time 2 days ago?
I'm coughing up blood in the morning does this mean I'm going to die? ?
How do you prevent getting colds and coughs?
him........or smoking???????
I was cut by knife while cutting vegetables....Is there HIV risk?
I'm 14 and have cancer, they need to shave my head. Should?
what is the pleasure in smoking cigarette's?
How much smoking will get you addicted?
Help! My famiy has a cold or flu (IDK), and I can't catch it or else I'll have to go to the hospital. How do
people smoke next door and it's affecting my breathing?
My child is dying of diabetes, should I pray like I've never prayed before or pick up some insulin from Doc?
im afraid to go to the doctor so im asking you people...how will i know if i'm diabetic?
i have just found out I'm a diabetic what can I eat and drink?
Diabetes, what is your personal experience? How did you find out you had it?
Is it best to hold back vomit or let it come up?
are you a smoker or non smoker?
How can I get rid of stretch marks?
Asthma Attack easy 10 points!!?
All you smokers out there? Why smoke?
Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?
Smoker or non smoker?
what will happen if i smoke weed everyday?
What are the effects of cigarettes besides lung cancer?
HELP!!!! I'M BADLY SUNBURNT! What can I do to get rid of the pain?
Uhh...Hot or Cold showers??
How to stop cutting / get over depression?
Hai are you afraid of death?
i used to take drugs and now can't forgive myself?
If i told you i was going to kill myself tonight, how would you react?
If you live with someone who has hiv, will you eventually get infected?
HIV from kissing?
Smoking.... paper...?
how to get rid of a cough fast!?
negative effects on smoking weed?
i can't stop smoking why @?
has anyone survived the swine flu?
what is this eating disorder called?
Can you get HIV from your cousin?
Can Marijuana get in your system from just being around other people smoking it?
What should I do about the smokers?
First time smoker, how do you start?
anyone else dreading the smoking ban?
What's an STD???
i am 14 and i have had 12 stds' wat do i do?
My friend just fell off of my roof and she broke her leg and I think she is delirious. What should I do?
Does this sound like suicide?
I'm a drug addict. How can I stop?
I'm feeling suicidal.....what do i do?
Why aren't u sleeping?
How can Yahoo! Answers help you meet your fitness goals in 2010?
Will there ever be a cure for AIDS?
How can I get over being embarassed to go and get std test?
i think i found a cure for AIDS but see if this is possible?
can you sleep with contacts?
What do blind people see?
What color would you say my eyes are?
What is the purpose of the eye brow?
What's your eye color?
I just got A1 steak sauce in my eye.... What Now?!?
Can a doctor tell the cops if you smoke pot?
Whats your favorite eye color?
Please help me, I'm 14, and a bit fat. what can i do?
I'm confused. Am I fat? ?
What is this feeling of emptiness I've been experiencing for so long?
Suicide. . .?
i think i might end my life?
do you brush your teeth when you get up or after breakfast?
im 14 , should i get braces ?
Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
HyDrOgEn PeRoXiDe for my TeEtH?
I just got braces. How long will it take before it doesnt hurt when i eat hard foods?
Will this dental work I am getting hurt?
Do I need braces? *Pics*?
are my eyes "ugly" ? ( PICS )?
Can a 13 year old girl wear contact lenses?
can u tell me my eye color??!?
I have brown eyes, I want blue!?
Born with blue eyes?
i want to wear glasses and i dont need them.... what are the side effects and will it matter that i got it ?
What color contacts should I get?
which is the good food for health vegetarian or non vegetarian?
What is a good workout rotune for teens, that I can do in thirty minutes.?
Should i start smoking?
Do you snore??????????????????????
my hip is killing me.. what can i do.?
HELP~! I have a bad habit, I can't stop cracking my fingers?
Other than standard daily vitamins, what would you consider the most important supplements to take?
What's a natural way to treat insomnia?
what is a famous cure for hickups?
Can you get a disease from kissing someone?
Can a woman give an man a STD?
What's The Best Way To Stop Smoking?
i'm a 14 year old boy and started smoking cigarettes and worried about my parents finding out that i smoke?
Are Vampires at high risk of receiving HIV/AIDS etc.?
why am i coughing up blood?
i didnt tell her i have a std....am i a bad person?
Does beauty sleep really work?
Should I cut my pinky off?
what's the fastest way to stop the flu and a good remedy for sore throat?
Should i quit smoking cigarettes?
What's the best hangover fix?
First time using toilet tissue, how do I use it?
OK DUMBEST question ever but I want to know...?
Can you get aids from someone's saliva?
how can i get rid of blisters on my feet after ice-skating?
What are ways of healing a sore throat?
What helps a scratchy throat?
What's the worst pain (physical) you've ever experienced?
Do braces hurt? 10 points!!!!!!! please answer!?
Does getting braces hurt?
How can I draw attention away from my braces?
I just swallowed one of my spacers! What do I do? 10 POINTS!!?
Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled out ?
Why do my feet itch after a shower and how do I make it stop?
how to cure dry lips?
sore, dry lips? How can I get rid of it?
i think i have aids???
Been with my wife for 12 years, she tells me she now has herpes,never before had an outbreak, has she cheated?
how do you.....................................…
What does it mean when someone says they have "Crabs"?
Does deoderent give you cancer?
Do you ever miss the someone who lost their battle to cancer?
My Dad died several weeks ago. I need advice?
Do you smoke?
Are there any easy ways to fall asleep before bed at night if your not really tired?
How much water is a person supposed to drink in a day?
what is the easiest way to fall asleep?
Cut knee on glass please answer fast?10 points first answer!!! please!!!!?
i'm 16 yrs old, and i still bite my nails..any tips to stop??
What do u do when you're really really mad?
Why can't I have everything?
Best 'cure' for common cold?
What is your favorite cure for constipation?
is obama going to legalize marijuana for medical AND OR smoking use?
I got my son a crab. He has 5 medium legs and one big leg in the front. Do crabs carry diseases?
If a girl has a nasty looking sore on her lip does that mean she has herpes? I mean she even tried to hide it?
Can HIV be detected with the naked eye, after the blood has been drawn into little plastic tube things?
My gf has aids !! should i get checked !???!?!??!!?
a way to prevent bad BO + armpit sweating?
how can you get pale white,ice cold skin ?
why do people cut themselves to make scars?
How come Men don't get breast cancer? ...Is it hormone related?
Telling my boys we will NOT be going to the beach because it hurts their skin?
i think i have cancer?
Is it possible for a Male to get breast cancer?
After recovering from cancer is it healthy to smoke weed?
why do people start smoking?
PEER PRESSURE HELP!I dont know if I should try it atlest ONCE.!?
Reasons why I am ugly.?
what's the way out of loneliness?
am i emo ???? please help me !!?
i need to get a ring off my finger and its really tight, how do i do it, if i wanna be safe?
Should I go to school tomorrow?
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
help!!! my son got hurt at school and we don't have insurance?
i'm 22 and still a virgin - can anyone sympathise!?
how would you feel if your boyfriend or girl friend asked you to get tested for aid or std's?
is sleeping pills bad for you?
What is the best cure for a hangover? And don't say " Stay drunk!"?
I have heard it is beneficial to drink urine. Should this be one's own urine, or a friend's?
PLEASE READ THIS........i need help!!!!?
cigarettes and secondhand smoke are the same exact thing really it is?
Im 13 and i smoke cigs.?
i can't stop smoking weed...?
Do you really drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day?
Can you say well done to me? I quit smoking 6 weeks ago today and I'm so proud of myself!!!!?
i shot myself in the leg with a nail gun at work today and i'm wondering if i need to get a tetanus shot?
HELP OMG! IM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Am i weird? ( 10 points)?
Have you ever feel like you're screaming inside but no one can hear you?
are people really that gullible?
what is the best face wash for acne?
no silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?
Treatment for acne, I need help!?
Suicide > Should i or not?
I can't sleep because I'm afraid of the dark?
Am I the only mother that would do this?
what doesn't cause cancer?
People think I'm faking cancer?
Working out with stitches?
what do i do for broken toes?
how much sleep should teenagers have daily?
Cheek/lip chewing - how to stop?
I am 13 and want to use whitening strips but my parents say I'm to young. What do you think?
Is getting braces scary? Do they hurt? Please answer?
how old is too old to get braces?
Is it painful to get braces removed?
Should I take acid or no?
ways to sleep other than sleeping pills?
new girlfriend has herpes, says I probably won't get it...true?
Is it possible to be allergic to fruit?
how can i stop nose bleeds?
I can't get my ring off!!!?
Can somebody help me?
Throat Cleaning?
My girlfriend insitsts that she is alergic to nuts, but i dont believe her. Should i put them in her mouth...?
Everytime I blow my nose there is blood. why is this happening?
Does getting your nose hurt getting it ?
Do you think it's fair for a whole school to ban peanut butter just because one kid is allergic to it?
why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?
Is it bad to hear voices (in your head)?
Breast Cancer!! I'm only 13?
What can i do for a friend who is dying?
I've found a lump in my breast...?
If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?
Im anorexic and nothing is working?
please help?
I Know People Don't Like To Talk About This But>>>>>?
VERY bad habit...help please!?
i think i cut my wrist too deep, will i die?
If you had to choose eather being blind or deaf.?
Acne please help just fast tips.?
Please help me heal my sunburn?
What is the coolest drug to use?
What's a good cure for a hangover?
How do i relieve from stress & anxiety ??
Am I Really Crazy or Just Different? ?
How many hours sleep Adults for per day ?
Am I fat if I'm 14 yrs, 5"1, and 114 pounds?
I'm Thinking of Turning Bulimic?
what's a way to build cardio stamina without machines or running?
Is 96 pounds overweight?
Do I look fat?
When i'm around cats why do i itch??
Friend is allergic to cats, I have 4 and she's coming to my party... HELP!?
I hate myself. What should I do?
I need your answer! What should I do?
i honestly just feel like dying.?
A guy threatened to kill himself over me?
What the best way to keep mosquito's from biting you? I am getting munched alive?
How do I cure a stuffy nose?
Can you be allergic to water ?
I can't stop coughing, any home remedies?
How do you cope with the summer heat if you don't have air conditioning?
Is smoking weed REALLY bad ? Like cigarettes ?
Need help with suicide thoughts!?
never sleeping??????
i heard swimming is fattening...is that true?
Weight loss question...?
Can i get a guy, im fat?
Is Marijuana smoke as harmful to you lungs as cigarette smoke?
stopped smoking two weeks ago?
My son's eye is pink, puffy and irritated. Could he have pink eye (conjunctivits)?
Do you hate Tesco?
My daughter has just been diagnosed with wheat, egg, milk, soy, and corn allergy. Anyone have any advice?
how can i get my nose to bleed?
i tryed to break my wrist but all i did was bruise it ?
how often should I shower?
what are various disease that occured during summer and rainy season?
best food that cure's eyes weakness?
why is CIGARETTES addicting?
nits, nits , nits...?
What are you allergic to?
Am I allergic to deodorant?
I called upon the Lord to save me from my depression, but he hasn't. Why not?
Do you think I'm destroying my body?
How do you stop suicidal feelings?
I'm 19 and I still watch Telitubies.What is wrong with me?
Help!! Braces,,,,,TOMORROWW!?
What do you think when you see people who have braces?
what color rubberbnds (for braces) should i get?
Is it Ok to eat something with traces of nuts even if I'm allergic?
I stand up and I go blind, what does it mean?
If you're allergic to penicillin can you still eat blue cheese?
Can You Have A Big Nose and Still Be Hot?
Flashing lights in vision? Help ASAP- I'll lose my friend if i don't tell my mom by 10 PM!!!?
I have been prescibed with glasses will i need them for the rest of my life now?
Is there a such thing as having purple eyes?
is there anything wrong with my eye?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Im 16 and I weigh...HELP!!!?
I think i look too skinny- do you?
Am i fat, normal, or skinny?
am i fat?please answer. pics?
Whats the cure for hiccups?
Easy ten points! Is it true...?
I Have a Little Cocaine Problem?
How can I pass out With out being obvious?
My sister came home smelling like nail polish or something of the sort, it's almost 4am. Crack?
What do broken ribs feel like?
Helllllllllllp please answer ?
Why is everyone's blood red?
OMG! How do I get rid of these zits?
Does Urine get rid of acne?
bedbugs? plz 10 points?
Don't you think it's stupid that ten people have already committed suicide due to Michael Jackson dying?
My girlfriend cuts herself and almost?
Depression, is setting in. How can to shoe it away?
some natural remedies for curing headache?
Do teeth braces hurt?
Do braces hurt, tell the truth! ?
I'm having problems remembering to brush my teeth. Help.?
I have perfect eyesight but i want to have imperfect eyesight. How?
My brown eyes are turning blue?
If someone has a 'lazy' eye, which eye should you look at, when talking to them?
What is this eye color?
Ok so im an idiot...?
Can a milk allergy develop in one years old, who drink cow's milk for the 1st time?
What is the best treatment for a sinus headache?
i am allergic to penicillin, should i wear a bracelet to tell people?
Do you think Swine Flu will kill everyone!!!?
I accidentily cut three fingers off on my left hand this mornin. Should I go to the drs or just use superglue?
What do you do to cure a headache?
my 9 yr old has a temperature of 38.8 and a headache. Should i take her to the ER?
After I eat, I sometimes get a clear fluid leaking from both ears. What is this?
Can you be allergic to Egg?
my poor sister is sick and we don't know what to do??? Her throat is very red?
my son's hands have been all red since about dinner time. he says they hurt. what are some possibilities
can the dentist tell if you smoke ?
do my teeth NEED braces or will i be okay? check them out and let me know?
Do retainers hurt?
Should I see a Doctor? (picture)?
I'm 5'2" and 130 lbs, am I fat?
How many pounds do u think i should lose before my stomach looks hot? "pics included"?
embarassing question but plez answer and no mean jokes plez?
am i too fat? (picture) ten points best answer?
Is this fat or muscle? ( pic included)?
I stabbed myself with a lead pencil is it harmful?
What's a g00d way to cure diarrhea?
Is Vomiting Blood bad?
Is drinking water when your not thirsty bad?(Drug test coming up)?
Why are so many smokers under the false impression that they're healthy?
Any ideas what this pain is?.?
i'm so tired and in pain , what can i do?
Should I go to the hospital?
Am worried about my friend - I think hes overdosed?
Am I CRAZY! What are those clear falling things I see in my eyes that only I see?
first person to write either yes or no wins best vote which ever one I'm thinking of?
I have started wearing my girlfriend's clothes. am i turning gay.?
today is my father's open heart surgery ...?
Guys I think I'm sick can you help me?
If more people die from alcohol than marijuana....?
What's the best home remedy for a sore throat?
What's the best way to boost my energy naturally?
can someone be allergic to water?
A cat scratched me! Now its red and swollen?
I'm allergic to detergents,what should I do about it?
can you get a sore/ itchy throat when you have allergies?
I burnt myself and it hurts like hell?!?
What's the worst pain you have experienced?
I have a ring stuck on my finger and it wont come off PLEASE HELP! im in pain!?
I had this problem last night, could it be serious?
I can't reach any of my friends, and I feel like dying. ?
I am 5'7, and I have no confidence in myself because I am too tall...what do I do to feel good about myself
Is this normal to be afraid of.......... ?
Health Problem! Embarrassing! HELP!!! ?
How often do you put body lotion?
I have sunburn!!!Please help?
What's the strongest acne medication you know of?
is it bad to wear contacts while taking a shower?
Eye colour question? ?
contacts at a young age?
How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.
Should I get a nose job?
Sore Nose? Any advise?
what should you do if you smoke quit don't quit ?????
i just had me first ciggie i love smoking !!!!!?
My friend was just describing some problems she has. I'm scared for her...?
Does anyone know what it mean when you can hear your heart beating in your ears?
How to straighten my teeth with out dental work?
I just got my braces on today and they HURT!!!?
what happens if I dont use my retainer?
Yikes! Will it hurt?
What can I do to build a bigger butt?
Am I overweight? I keep getting different answers and different weights I should be??
Am I fat? (pictures)?
Can you take a quick survey by answering yes or no to the following question:?
tell the truth r u fat?
What is your height and weight?
My friend called me fat?
I'm 11 and I'm 94 pounds. is that WAY overweight?
Is she model too thin??? Whats your opinion?
If someone beat you up.......?
what happens if u drink someone else's urine?
should he smoke cigarettes or weed?
why is my urine bright yellow?
Whats the best medcattion to get rid of an awful headache that keeps coming back?
Do I need glasses? Plz answer?
any hits on how i can up all night?
What number is in the left box?
How do you get your eye to stop twiching?
I Got make-up remover in my eye, and it wont stop burning! How can i make it stop?
do i have the swine flu?????????????
are cigarrettes more harmful than marjuana?
I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?
My mom stops breathing in her sleep?
AM i sick with the cold, ?! I cant be!!!?
how do you get swine flu from pigs?
my throat hurts when i swallow..?
cutting wrist :?
What is the worst physical pain you have ever felt?
i'm 34 yr old male healthy, having pains in chest like a dull ache not very painfull but worrying please help?
Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
Is there a test you can take to see if your allergic to cats?
I don't have a cold so why is my nose constantly clogged?
Don't you think that all these people who claim they have a food allergy is all a big con?
what's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?
What is this and what should i do need help ASAP?
why are people so stupid even well educated ones? why can't they use their common senses? on simple instructio
right underneth my bellybutton it beats like a heart why?
Chest pains please provide advice?
I've had 5 mini-strokes within 2 weeks, should I see a doctor?
Would you continue to work with a Colleague with Aids/Hiv ..?
How Many People Died In The *US* from the Swine Flu?
anyone scared of this swine flu ?
headaches!! they won't go!?
I just took a twelve year old Tylenol?
Help! im scared of injections ?
My throat hurts really badly! Is their a drink that can solve my problem?
What is the most physical pain you have ever been in?
How can I prevent a hangover ?
What causes acne???? Dirt? Oil?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a hickey?
How do I prevent myself from scratching mosquito bites?
What are some ways to clear my face of acne?
Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?
Im really scared please help me!?
Help me I want to kill myself!!?
***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
My friend is turning into a huge sl*t and is doing drugs. I'm trying to make hers top but nothing is working!
i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i take them off... is this bad?
survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
i just got contacts....?
If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?
My eye color changes depending on my mood?
omg. brain tumor. dear god. ?
Does anybody know the symptoms of depression?
if i didnt eat breakfest would that help louse weight?
My daughter is getting too fat, what can I do?
Are you a fat person?
I am 5ft8 and 118lb. Am I fat?
What's the best way to lose weight?
My daughter has started smoking! Help!?
i spit blood up every once in awhile not alot and then it goes away im really scared wat could it be?
My lungs hurt. What might this mean?
three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?
Will smoking weed........?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for a sore throat?
What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?
I have pains in my chest in the region of my heart should i be worried?
Can you hear your heart beat?
Is something wrong with my heart? please help?
I need help with an injury???????PLEASE ANSWER!!! I NEED URGENT HELP it's an easy question?
i had my ears pierced about 2 weeks ago and they still hurt when i touch them what should i do?
I've just cut my arm off. What should I do?
in 45 minutes im getting braces?
Braces make a girl less attractive?
Braces!!??!! does it hurt?
How badly does braces hurt?
What color braces should i get?
Glasses?!?!? UGH!!?
can being on the computer cause eye damage?
If you wear spectacles or contacts , how old were you when you first got them?
Glasses or Contact Lenses??
Does it hurt to put contacts in?
i think i might be blind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is painful urinating bad?
I already really don't feel well, and my parents won't let me stay home from school? i don't know what to do!
Im scared, is this a disease?!?
How many times can you urinate in a day?? I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.
Swine Flu???????????????????
swine flu?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
What is the risk of contracting HIV if you kiss someone with blood in their mouth?
Can we all pray for my 12 year old niece infected with swine flu today?
How long after swine flu infection do symptoms start?
not sure if i have the swine flu?? Help?
does olivie oil get rid of ear wax?
My roommates smoke...?
2 months ago i had a serious panic attack n thought i was going to die, but i been smoking weed for years now?
Can I check a pipe for smoking weed on an airplane in the states?
On a scale of 1 to 10, what kind of pain would you say is a 10?
What's the best way to get rid of a headache without taking tablets?
why do you get that ringing in your ear?
my dad is a bit over 40 and he is going to have coronary artery bypass surgery. is it dangerous? could he die?
is heart disease a type of cancer?
Is this bad for a girl???!?!?!?
Losing Weight??
What to eat when you're craving ice cream?
Im fat,200 pounds,15 yr, girl im 5'5 and I cry becuse I have no plan or motavation to loose weight.help me!!!!?
would you say i am too skinny?
am I fat?????????????????????????????????????…
Are eye donations to blind people possible?
Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?
How long can I wear montly contacts?
What is wrong with my eye?? (PICS INCLUDED!)?
Contacts or Glasses?
When was the last time you saw a dentist......?
What age is good to have a brace for teeth?
Chewing gum with braces...?
Is it safe to smoke cigarettes before I go to the dentist?
my eyes are itchy;my throat hurts; stuffy nose and i've been sneezing ALOT;?
Help I'm allergic to anything made of matter. What do I do?
Why do I feel tired all the time?
what would happen to a 13 yr old trying cocaine?
what does meth do to you?
My sister's head is infested with lice, would should I do?
What's the best anti-depressant?
What is the most potent kind of marijuana?
what does it feel like to be high?
Which is more harmful: smoking a cigarette or smoking a cigar?
when is a good age to start smoking?
my nose is stuffy, i can't breathe, help! click quick!?
Will I get mono?
*cough cough* *sniff sniff* I'VE GOT THE COLD!?
Should I start smoking tobacco?
am i allergic to chapstick?
Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
What is good for a toothache? I've used oragel and mouth wash, doen't work..any ideas?
Is it hard to talk with braces?
Is it possible to not have wisdom teeth form? (10 points) Please help!?
What is the best medicine for tooth pain?
Is it possible for a 14 year old boy to have a heart attack?
What is the strangest thing you've every had in a shopping bag?
Why does your heart beat faster when you see someone you like?
Is it possible for a child/teen to have a heart attack?
What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?
My eyes are yellow. Anyone else's?
what is the majority of the populations eye color?
Favourite Eye Colour?
what is your eye color?
Burned TOngue!! HELP! ?
what's the fastest way to cure constipation?
Can you have Schizophrenia, but not hear voices?
I fell asleep on the beach; and now I'm wicked burned. :(?
What Is The Worst Pain You Can Suffer ?
When you wake up do you like to turn your pillow over so the cold side touches your face?
I want to get a tatoo but does it hurt?
Why does my tummy get bigger & bigger even thou I ceased eating rice at night?
Is it better to drink water or Gatorade while exercising?
how to starve myself?
Is 115 a good weight for someone who is 5'7?
My head is itching as a Hell, it is full of lice and i can't get rid of them?
I have a really bad sunburn what should i do?
What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement)?
Can you get a tumor when you're young?
help me i think i'm dying.?
I am dying of of cancer, but i can't tell my fiance or family. I don't want them to fuss over me. I am scared
My co-worker has brain cancer how do I insure that I won't catch it???
is it possible to get lung cancer after 1 year of smoking?
does garggling salt and water really help a sore throat?
I'm looking for "natural" sleep aid's, any suggestions aside from tea?
antibiotics, is it for virus, or bacteria, or both? teacher doesn't really sure abt it?
my mom smokes a lot, how should I clear out my lungs?
how long can your lung hold breath? ?
I'm having a cough and spit phleghm with blood only every morning. Should I be alarmed?
ow! i have a cold and my chest hurts so bad..any suggestions to help my sleep?
my 3 year old son has a sore throat but won't take his medicine?
Can an allergy make you crazy.............?
What's the best way to get rid of house dust mites?
I have the WORST stuffy nose ever...?
I Seriously Think I Have Swine Flu ?!?!?!?!?!?!? :S?
Is the swine flu actually serious?
Swine flu pandemic - what does it mean if it gets to this stage?
I am terrified about having my TB vaccination?
I have headlice, how do i get rid of them? Please help!?
104 fever in 2 year old. Help!?
Glasses vs contacts?
Do your eyes get worse if you wear glasses when you don't really need them?
is floaters in eye bad at this age?
Can you tell if someone is wearing contact lenses?
How long do glasses take to get in?
Bloody Taste In My Mouth?
i need people to help me out!! please i am begging!!?
Am I allergic to cake?
my hamster drinks alot should i be worried?
My boogers stink...is this natural?
Do any of you do drugs?
How do I deal with this (my dad is dying of stomach cancer)?
Why isn't cigarette smoking illegal?
i've heard its cancer causing to sleep with a regular bra at night.
i feel like a failure?
Can I share my boyfriend's antibiotic?
curing hiccups?
Please help, i'm on my 1st day of no smoking,and i'm finding it hard!?
Help!!!! I'm bleeding and don't know why!!!?
What Color Braces Should I Get?
how do i take my braces off?
Do you think a gap between your 2 front teeth is cute?
okay, invisalign or regular braces?
what are teeth made of?
Bad Headache...help!?
Was this inappropriate behavior for a Doctor ???
Bannanas in or out of the refridgerator?
I have migraine every day and have to take pain killers... hould I go to the doc? I'm 14 by the way...?
Ok IM DEAD SCARED OF NEEDLES!!!!!! And i have to get a freakin tetnus shot next week. What can i use numb my ?
U Know ? my wife unnecessarily slapped me in an unusually condition ?
Does anyone in Yahoo Answers have any advice/tips on quitting smoking?
How do i sleep in bed with someone who snores?
Is smoking old cigarettes bad?
Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?
if i hold my eyes open when i sneeze will my eyes pop out?
what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
i have goo in my eye and its all puffed up?
i found out that my friend wanted to commit suicide on sunday night?
What do you worry about in life?
If you cut yourself does that mean you have a mental illness?
I'm feeling really depressed. Can anyone help me?
I'm an obese 15 year old male who thinks he's dying or having heart attacks?
whats it called when your heart starts beating fast?
Can a 15 year old have a Heart Attack?
starving myself will help me lose weight?
I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?
Is it bad to turn a girl down because she's fat?
I'm craving chocolate!! What is a good healthy substitute?
Do my thighs look chubby?
how tall are you?
i get lots of dandruff...?
Does it hurt when stitches are removed?
my buthole itches really bad?
I've got something in my eye. How do I get it out?
Can alcohol make you fat?
Have scientists really found a medicine for sorrow?
Anyone know anything about the causes of headaches?
my son has upset stomach please help?
How should I act around my Aunt who has lung cancer? ?
How Do Cigarettes Cost?
is weed worse than cigarettes?
If a woman...?
i am in soo much pain! should i go to the hospital!?
I have a splitting headache, the chills, and I just vomited. What's wrong with me?
help I'm in pain?
I know I should go to the Doctor, but right now finances are low, can someone help me?
I can't sleep because my toes are to cold! help me!?
Have you ever been in excruciating pain before,...?
braces? just got them today?
am i lactose and tolerant? please help 10 points!?
Is it possible to be allergic to water or the chlorine in the water?
What is my eye color? Please awns-er!?
What am I seeing?
How do a blind person know when to sleep?
Eyes changed from grey to brown when I was a baby. Is that really possible?
Is it harmful to look at the sun?
Is there anything you can smoke that isnt harmful for you?
Did anyone else besides me not know until very recently that Obama is a smoker?
how do u make ur self get asthma?
Im a girl..is smoking weed or cigarettes a turn off? ?
Swine flu Please Help !?
Is my daughter ok? I need some serious advice.?
what is st john's wort used for?
How safe is to experiment with LSD, since it is not as bad a drug as the other ones!?
I think i have Swine flue. Help?
Could the swine flu be the end of human race?
Are you worried about Swine flu?
do i have the flu thing?
Where did Swine Flu start Mexico or in the US.?
Why are people so scared of the silly swine flu?
I have swine flu should i do this to resolve it?
I can't stop biting my nails, can you give me some advice on how to stop please?
Colors!!! (braces)?
colors for braces, if you don't know anything about colors on braces LEAVE NOW!?
How do i get my younger brother start brushing his teeth?
what's the most (physically) painful thing that you've ever experienced?
What damage will this amount of cigarettes have done to me?
when i try to talk woman,my face getting red and i feel like my heart is ponding,what should i do??/?
Is it true that if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?
My dad is dying please help...?
I just found out yesterday that my cancer has spread to my right lung and now have to undergo very very?
Please pray for my ill father?
Should I Go To the Doctors?
Blood Pressure 145/90..Is this too high?
What's Wrong with my Heart.?
Is there a way to reduce cholestrol besides drugs?
How in the world can I lose 20 pounds in 2 months???? ?
If you eat 2 meals a day,will you lose weight?
honestly how much do i look like i weigh? (pic)?
im 5'3 and wheigh 170 lbs fat or wut?
Is anyone allergic to something they really wished they weren't?
i have this feeling in my throat is it serious?
I lost my nose, help!?
I've always heard that carrots were good for the eyes. Do you know of other things, or is it mainly vitamin A?
will taking 8 extra strength tylenol hurt you?
What is the worst physical feeling in your opinion?
I found a lump in my neck, what could it be?
My wife hit the side of her head & now getting very sluggish, do I left her go to bed, now?
Should I wear glasses all the time? I'm short sighted.?
I am sacred that I will need glasses. Please Help!!!!!!?
What's wrong with my eye!? (pics included)?
I can't stop blinking my eyes.?
How will smoking affect my looks?
What could this breathing problem mean I have, im a little scared?
how can you stop someone snoring?
Tuns out I have Pneumonia but...?
My lungs hurt?
will i die if i cant breathe and keep coughing?
does alcohol cure a hangover or will it make you feel worse?
Why do so many people dislike Chiropractors?
I often have trouble falling asleep because my mind won't relax. Any remedies besides warm milk?
I want to die I think about death a lot?
IS it bad that ive already planned out my death?
This is an important question, it will decide on a very big problem which is quite personal. Yes Or No!?
Have you ever considered suicide?
Help! I need a quick hickey fix!?
Do I need to shave my head, to get rid of lice?
Acne problem.... Why do I only get acne on my forehead, chin, and around my mouth?
Bad breath?
What color braces should i get?
toothpaste. do u squeeze the end or the middle of the tube?
Were you ever afraid of the dentists?
I have not smoked weed in 2 weeks and i have a piss test in 3 days any ideas for a way to pass don't?
I can't sleep at night? Should i get sleeping tablets?
do you believe cell phones cause cancer?
Will I get cancer?
I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
how can i get myself to vomit?
Help! My fingernails smell like poo and its making me feel sick but, I can't stop smelling it!?
What's the best way to clean Ear wax? My doctor told me not to use a Q-Tip!?
can one eye be bigger then the other one?
Is it weird that one of my pupils is bigger than the other?
Caffine makes me cry?
People that wear glasses: Please answer these eye questions?
i see weird moving lines / dots whenever i look into the sky?
Do you have glasses ? (This is a serious question)?
My heart feels like its skipping a beat and I don't know. Now i'm freaking out. Why is this happening?
What is bad for the heart apart from cholestrol levels being too high, being overweight? Anything else?
What's a natural way to lower cholesterol?
On a scale of 1-10 how bad does a filling hurt?
After brushing your teeth, are you supposed to rinse your mouth with water?
How can you get rid of a loose tooth easily?
How painful is wisdom teeth extraction?
Im scared of the dentistt, and next week....?
What are some fizzy drinks that can help an upset stomach???
My mom seems to be the only one slightly allergic to our cat, does vaccuming help?
Has anyone heard of an allergy to shave gel?
How do you know if you're allergic to something, but you can't figure out what?
Best cure for the common cold?
What are the best sleeping pills?
Do you believe that Herbs can heal?
vodka and orange juice for a cold?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cough?
whats the best remedy for a headache?
What's the worst pain you've ever had?
Do you consider this fat?
Is my daughter overweight?
How many sit ups do i have to do to get abs?
Be honest... Do you think I'm big for my age?
is 5'8 a bad hight for a girl?
i wont to be anorexic?
Quitting Smoking?
how do i get rid of this cough?
PLEASE HELP ME! I cant breathe when i....READ DESCRIPTION!?
I have cut down my smoking, from 20 a day, down to 8 a day...??!?
i have a purple spot on my nose but nobody punched me in the nose?
is my nose really horrible?
How do i know if im allergic to milk?
What works best for you?? Claritin, Zyrtec or Benadryl?? Please someone all I want is sleep!?
I ate too much, now I feel like vomiting. What will stop the feeling?
im always cold, why is that??
What should i eat?
I've been smoking for likea year or so think i have lung cancer?
My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 months ago, he seems to be doing well. It's hard to beleive.
Why can't we find a cure for cancer?
If we cured cancer, would that not be a mistake?
what time did you wake up this morning?
do guys htink visible hip bones are attractive?
What do you think, please help this is urgent.?
Do you think you have a high pain threshold???
i burned my finger, on a hot hot lamp? how long is the healing process?? WHAT SHOULD I DO?
how to get rid of acne?
how to get rid of dandruf? what is the cause?
Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?
At 16 can your eye color still be changing?
Is there any way to permantley change your eye color?
I dropped my contact and it dried out if i soak it can i reuse it?
What is hotter glasses or contacts?
Why do some people brush their teeth in the morning (before breakfast)?
My teeth...have moved...help?
How often do you replace your toothbrush?
if someone is allergic to bee stings, what happens to them when they're stung?
My nose keeps bleeding y?
How can I stop myself from thinking that I'm so much better than everyone else is, all of the time?
My heart hurts a lot and need you to help!!?
Is it normal to throwup when your stressed out?
Help! I think theres something wrong with my heart?
Why does my 12 yr. old son occasionally feel light headed.?
What is the best way to get rid of cold?
i didnt eat anything today?
Pleas help me becuase i fell as if i am dying and i am only 16?
What is Down's syndrome? ?
I'm scared.... I'm 14 and I smoke and I'm showing the signs of cancer?
I've just recived the worse new in my life!?
Can a sinus infection be transmitted to another person?
How many women sleep with a snorer?
i have really bad chest pains and finding it hard to breath..?
My throat is killing me, and I'm coughing blood!?
Why do some people kill others before comitting suicide?
Why should anyone care that I commit Suicide?
is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?
is drinking alone wrong?
What color are your eyes?
At what age is a teenager ready for laser eye surgery?
Hi, Does inserting eye drops hurt?
What color eyes will my baby have? My eyes are light brown, my bf's are blue/green.?
how do you fall asleep???
What's your eye color?
how to make them stop calling me anoreixc?
How can Cheese Pizza be that bad for you?
Do you think a person that weights 113 pounds and is 5'6 is FAT?
I'm 5'7 and weigh 145lbs. Do I Weigh too Much?
where do you ITCH right now? (10 points to whoevers itching same place as me).?
What relieves a cold??
I have bought some new shoes & they have caused an allergic reaction?Am I entitled to a refund?
Just got braces and need help!!!!!!?
how can i take better care of my teeth?
Braces teeth pain?
Does kissing really cause Cavities?
Getting my braces done again tomorrow. What colours could i pick this time?
My girlfriend can barely move all of a sudden, says she feels numb and is in pain. What's going on?
what should i do because my bf is being abused by his own parents?
do I have to go to the doctor for swine flu?
If you had the Swine Flu would you admit it to your girlfriend or would you just go ahead and pork her?
Ok, My boyfriend said that he wants to french kiss me and I totally what him to?
Are freckles poisonous?
is it normal if i can see my vein?
Help me please!!! Sunburn itch, contemplating suicide?
why some people get scared of a peanut?
Question about the common cold!?
What would happen to me if it is my first time smoking?
What does it mean when your chest feels tight, like theres alot of pressure on it and its hard to breath?
What's wrong with me?
whats the quickest way to get rid of a headache without taking pills?
My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?
Is it possibly to numb your taste buds so you could eat anything?
i'm under so much stress?
What happens if you have cancer but don't want treatment?
Do you know anyone who has cancer?
To pavarotti my heart goes out to you and your family (please sign if you support victims of cancer)?
what color of braces should i get.?
Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
Are you supposed to brush your teeth before or after eating breakfast?
When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I'm 17 and my mom might need a heart transplant, can I give mine?
I'm 27 why is my blood pressure 156/113?
If my brother ever threw up blood should I call the ambulance?
Can a 13 year old get contacts?
What is your eye color?
Why does everyone say contacts hurt?
Contact lense question?
What's your eye color, and if you could change it would you?
Is it okay to squint to see rather than wear glasses?
Should i go see a doctor? or not? HELP?
If someone has a broke neck, would they show signs? What would be the signs?
I've accidently taken too many Ibuprofen, will I be ok?
HELP im really worried?
is surgery painful?
How can i make myself throw up?....?
Is it possible to die from eating too much soy sauce?
i have a lisp its where i cant pronounce my S's properly how do i get rid of it?
Bulimia.... why does my breath stink....?
does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?
Honestly, do you floss daily?
· Which is better- brushing your teeth before or after your eat breakfast?
am i too fat to wear a bikini?
13 year old girl 5"5 134.2 lbs... over weight? perfect? anorexic? ?
What causes people to keep eating when they are already full?
Am I obese for my age?
Is straving onself the fastest way to loose weight?(PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT OFFERING PRODUCTS)?
No friends, never had relationship, anti-social, heavy depression, and miserable. 21 years old?
I've been feeling?
How can I stop cutting myself ?
What should I do? Please can anyone help me?
what's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Is this normal for a teenager to go through?
What is strongest pain reliver?
I think I'm addicted to prescription medications, what to do?
Best methods to use to get rid of a headache?
Really bad headache for over a week now, any ideas?
how do I get rid of my cough?
What are those disgusting things you can cough up?
has anyone stopped smoking and actually been happy about it?
what are the harmful effects of smoking? drinking?
For how long can you see when your eye is pulled out of your head?
Can I get colored contacts if I don't have seeing problems?
Eyes red from contact lenses?
Can you wear contacts if you don't need them?
is it true that if you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
Is cancer actualy curable?
my boyfriend has cancer in his left lung and half of his right lung. He's only 21 can I give him one of mine?
can you die from lung cancer?
a question about swine flu?
what is the danger of not washing new clothes before wearing ?
Strep Throat?
Can you contract AIDS from a fart?
i've been eating lots of turkey sandwiches recently... today i feel feverish and sick. Have I got bird flu?
can drinking lots of water prevent you from getting the swine flu?
Do you pick your nose?
I have runny nose what is the fastest way to get rid of it?
What Are You Allergic Too?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
My nose has been stuffed for like 3 months?
Will a dentist be able to tell if your bulimic?
is it true that people can die from not brushing their teeth everyday?
Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?
Which is most unattractive - crooked teeth or yellow & stained teeth?
What is the best ance treament?
What is best for Incect bites relief! I can't stop it itching!?
I don't like my acne and need help on what to use to get rid of them?
emergency please read?
Experiencing a relative dying for the first time?
I'm always cold. I wear pants and hoodies year round...?
Why Am I Having Chest Pains? What's Causing Them?I'm 18 years old, and have been having chest pains for the
What does it feel like to get high?
How can you tell if the person is a smoker?
Who knows CPR?
My mom is 90, w/ diabetes & congestive heart failure. Is it time to stop all meds and let her die?
Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?
I just took 7000 mg...?
does it hurt to have your footranover?
What hurts more - giving blood or having a tooth taken out?
what do IVs really do?
I'm Contemplating Suicide?
What's your phobia?
Really really depressed someone help?
what's a good stress reliever?
Could i be addicted at 15?
Any Good remedies to get up in the morning?
I have a migraine what should I do to stop the migraine?
Is there a way to avoid a runny nose?
What are the most common side effects for someone allergic to dogs?
Drinking milk when you're lactose intolerant - can it kill you?
Can you develop a food allergy from food you've never had problems with?
How to stop laughing so much?
my eyes go blank when i stand up?
I cryed alot and now i cant cry!?!?!?
eye color question just curious?
Green contacts on green eyes?
i know its not wise to do but whats the best way..?
i bit my lip and it hurts SOOOO much?
How often are you supposed to get a new toothbrush?
What's the best cure for mouth ulcers?
Should I get braces again? (look at my pic)?
A 13 year old boy... WITH BREAST CANCER?
I don't drink or smoke,don't you just love me?
my friend says she'd rather have her sons smoke cigarettes than pot. I disagree. what say you ?
Am I fat?????? (pix included)?
how can i motivate myself to run?
If I don't eat anything until August how much weight will I lose?
I don't understand fat people?
If I am 5ft 4in. and weigh 260 lbs how many pounds do I have to lose for my height?
is 9 stone ( 126 llbs) a healthy weight for a 20 year old woman of 5'5?
what's the worst physical pain you've ever been in?
i have this weird high pitch in my ears what is it ??????
Weird, my throat hurts?
Does popping your knuckles really cause arthiritis?
my throat hurts. how do i treat it?
I am a millionairess trapped in the body of a poor person: Is there a name and/or cure for this condition?
Alcoholism - I've drank a lot for the past 5 years. I stopped and now my entire body?
My mother is an alcoholic, but she won't admit she has a problem. What can I do? I'm 19, and I'm feeling lost.?
how much sleep does a 15 year old need in a night?
can you get high off of chapstick?
What happens if you try to commit suicide and survive?