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Ashi J
I have a bleeding mole?
Alright, a while ago I scratched my face. Just yanno casual rub or something, nothing itched or hurt.

But I just sat there all of a sudden my cheek was dripping in blood. A good some. My mole is very, VERY small! Like a pinch bigger then the period dot on here .

Alright, so now it's just kinna scabbed over, fine and all... But does this mean something more then just a lil scratch or anything? My mom freaked me out with "cancer" stories so I thought it best to ask.

Ray E
Yes she could be right get it checked before u lose your head

haha..alright ive got a funny story for you..one of my friends has a pretty big mole on his cheek and my brother had a tennis racket.. for some reason or another my brother swung at my friend with the racket and cut his mole in half..it bleed, scabed over, then healed up and he hasn't had any problems with it, so you should be fine.

I've gotten a lot of blood out of a very lightly nicked mole too. Don't be concerned if, when the scab fades, the mole is a lighter color.

doesn't sound like it was a mole...

You have a bleeding mole!?!
I have a Sodding Hamster!

...sorry, I could not resist...

Keep an eye on it as time goes by....couldn't hurt to go to the doc anyway.

Kevin B
take a simple trip down to ur doc and ask if it's cancerous. only way to be sure.

No, it's most likely normal. I'd go to the doctor just in case.

Ben V
You have nothing to worry about, when you go for a check up show your doctor to be sure, but like i said don't worry about it. Mole's can be cancerous but when in places like on your back...and even then its not a huge chance. I recommend you stop picking it just because it could lead to scaring on your face just like picking at pimples.

moles have capillaries bringing blood to them so that's why it bled when you scratched it... it should be fine but you should get it checked out by a doctor just to make sure...

would get this looked at asap. Could well be cancerous, moles do not usually bleed like that, your mum is worried so get it checked out.

A bleeding mole that is of cancerous nature is usually associated with other symptoms such as itching, swelling, and a mole that do not heal easily. These visual symptoms have other indications such as scattered border or rough mole edges. Other cases of cancerous moles show moles that have more than one color; the other part is darker and the other part is lighter with different color combination in it. Moles that are not symmetrical on both sides are potential for melanoma and moles that grow larger than the pea size is dangerous.

Good luck

Smack it on the snout with a rolled up newspaper.

my brother did the same thing he had to get his cut out,( I know that sounds awful but its really not bad) it was small though

I would definitely go see a dermatologist.

go to your doctor, and have it removed (v.simple procedure).. not worth taking a chance.

9 lives
I have had moles my whole life and agree with Frankie have it removed by a dermatologist since you stated the mole is small It probably is not cancerous but the type of cancer caused by moles is swift and deadly so please take it seriously.

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