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 For the last 3-4 months i have sore cuts on my palm line on my hands. its red and sore any advice??
on my right hand i have a sore cut on my palm lines. it is bvery sore and i have this problem for months. i hav seen a doctor and he gave me fusicidic acid cream but this has not worked and my doctor ...

 I have a wort on my finger, it's over where a cut from a scare used to be?
I have a big wort on the side of my right index finger, and its really annoying. i've had it for like a year and a half. i scratch at it sometimes, and little layers sometimes come off, and/or ...

 How and why does itching occur?
How and why does itching occur?...

does it hurt the second time you get your bellybutton ...

 can u get a infection from masterbation?
i kno this is gross but i need 2 ...

 What is this spider?
There was a spider in my bathroom and i don't know what kind it was. It kinda had the body of a black widow, big round back and a small front. The big round part was kinda puke green colored and ...

 which soap is the best?
hiii .. what are the best moisturising soaps for the dry irritated skin...? I read about susan's soaps and more. .in a magazine... but hardly got any reviews for that... what about the forest ...

 Plantar wart surgery?...please help and hurry!?
I have to have plantar wart surgery in 2 hours... i'm really scared. what do they do now a days? does it hurt? AHHH I"M SOOO SCARED ITS GOING TO HURTTT!!!! HELP ME!...

 what is this??!!?
I have these bumps near my eye they FEEL like a scab. I keep picking on it. its like a small bump. ANd if possible how can I get it off? There like near my eye line. For god sakes Im only 10. I don&#...

 I have a Bump Near ear; right near earlobe and one along the jawline where wisdom tooth was..what can it be?
about a week ago i got bit by a bug on my eyebrow and it was swollen for a good week, that day i noticed two bumps on my face near ear and jawline. At first i thought it was cuz of my wisdom tooth ...

 does smoking have any effects on acne on the face?

 can i have a breast implant even if I have psoriasis?

 Please help! What's best out there to fight acne?
I feel as if I've tried everything to help control my acne at 27. Proactive doesn't work. And most of the products at the drugstore are too harsh on my skin. I can't afford to see a ...

 why do i have green spots appearing on my nose?

 how do u get rid of strech marcks?

 AHHH. help me please?
i had a sunburn and i applied aloe vera on it. this was on thursday. now, it's gone away a lot but the part that's left is raised, red, and slightly bumpy... how do i deal with it? aloe ...

 a brown spot on my lip?
i just got a bump on my lip and then i noticed there was a brown spot that just barley showed up and my lip skin was peeling off i peeled off the skin on my lip and underneath is blood i dont want ...

 what might happen if the cornea becomes inflammed and as a result more fluid collects there?

 My face is nice and clear when i wash it, but gets darker during the day...why?
When I wash my face in the morning in the shower with the noxzema microbead cleanser w vitamin c it comes out looking fresh and clean but later on in the day my face sweats and then it looks all ...

 how do u remove scars from arm?
please help me.....

The friendly atheist.
Help with red itchy bumps all over my body? PLEASE HELP?!?
I just moved to a new area and ever since I moved I've been getting little itchy bumps scattered all over my body. Mostly on my arms and the back of my legs. And some on my scalp. Well they started out as one bump scattered but now that one bump has turned into a little patch of bumps in one area. It itches really really bad. I put itch cream on it but it doesnt seem to be working. Can someone help me with this?

You can try going to { genniesalve.com } This should help with the itching. Good Luck.

Tina A
it may be your nerves,moving in a new area,sister-in-law done like that,docter told her it was her nerves and gave her some kind of cream for it,it worked out fine for her.I wish you luck.Tina

it sounds like you have some type of allergy causing your skin to errupt like this, it could be due to the fibres in your carpets or curtains or a plant at your house, see your doctor, he may prescribe an antihystamine.

Kelly S
You say you have just moved? Could there be a flea infestation in your new place? If not, you could be throwing an allergy to something so get yourself some antihistamine tablets from the pharmacy right away. An allergy which is left to itself can become life threatening as it can eventually affect one's breathing (analaphytic shock). So go right away.

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