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 How accurate are swab drug tests on detecting hydocodone?
I took 2-7.5 hydrocodones yesterday. After that I took 12 AZO's, is there a good chance that the swab drug test will detect the hydrocodone?...

 What is a Microplasma test?

 How can you stop some one from spreading HPV around?
I dated this guy for 2 yrs and he gave me HPV. He know the hole time that he had it. When I found out that I had it then he told me that he gave it to me. Know he broke up with me and dating other ...

 HIV and other STD's in water?
can HIV and other STD's live in water for any duration of time or would it dilute out maybe in something like a toilet or bath?
just curious

also are STD's and HIV in feces ...

 if u have aids?
if u have aids how long can a person loose weight before he dies. is 3 years long or does it take more?...

 can a yeast infection be treated by clindamycin hcl?

 how long does it take drugs to get out of your system for a pee test?

 I just find out that i have HPV, and i just want to know what is the outcome of having cancer?

 please tell me?
is stds like aids is it close to ...

 can an adult get molluscum contagiosum from a toilet seat?

 classity the various form of transmissible and non-transmissble diseases?

 How long can it take for stds to show up? How long is the waiting period to get tested?

 Has anyone heard of viva gel?
I was reading an article on a gel that will be available in 2008 to stop transmission of herpes and hiv called viva gel. does anyone know about this and could people who have the virus use it as a ...

 Need help with Hepititis C Did 9 Month of meds its Back any help?
I did nine months of meds had to stop meds because i lost 50lbs I need Advice! Now im 50lbs Lighter and weaker but the good thing is my liver is still in good shape so far so my DR said!
Thanks ...

 who here has gotten an std from an escort?
and do u know how it happened and how has it affected your life?...

 Can you get herpes from using someone else's washcloth?
I just found out my roomate has herpes and she uses my washcloths/we use the same toilet. Can I possibly have it too now?...

 cervical dysplasia?
Is cervical dysplasia always caused by HPV? I recently had an abnormal pap smear, and specifically asked if it was caused by HPV. The nurse told me the results said there was no sign of HPV. But then,...

 how do you know if chlamydia is cleared up if you took treatment for it? what if i still see discharge but no

 Is There a cure for herpes?

 HIV tests??
Out of ELISA, IFA, and western blot what is the most commonly used HIV test, and which is the most effective??...

zia a
what is dengi virus and what is the effect of dingi virus on human health?


Sid Has
It is dengue!!
It has fever symtoms - could be fatal if not treated consequently.

it is dengue
an acute infectious endemic and epidemic disease caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes causes severe pain in bones and muscles and swelling reddening and pain in the joints
at times it causes skin eruption
incubation 3-5 days
presents suddenly with high fever of 3-4 days then subsides followed by a second episode
recovery is slow
complications rare
is widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions
also known as breakbone fever or dandy fever

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