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 HIV/STD Testing... "know how"?
I am going to go get tested at planned parenthood this week. Is there anything I should be smart about? ie. Give a fake name? Or the average cost? Or what to expect as far as the types of tests they ...

 my nephew has little bumps on the tip of his tongue, what is this?
My 17 year old nephew was complaining that his tongue was hurting, i asked him to show me his tongue and i seen a cluster of little bumps on the tip of his tongue. There were at least 10-15 little ...

 help please.... tested positive?
okay, I work for meijer. I fell over a shopping basket and fractured my left elbow, i had to take a drug test twice. tested positive because of prescribed medication, (hydrocodone 500mg) but i just ...

 if I have a normal pap smear should I still get blood drawn to check for any STDS?
I recently found out I was tested positive for clymidia. I took medication for it already and the doctor said it should be gone within a month. But i'm afraid that I need to go get blood drawn ...

 can a complete body detox help fight HIV?

 how can i be part of the team that want to discover a real cure for aids.?

 What kinda protection is there for a handjob?

 can you get tested for std at plan parenthood for free?

 Will I absolutely get herpes 2 from a core sore?
My boyfriend went down on me and didn't tell me he had a cold sore. It was very small and I didn't notice it until afterwards. What are the chances of me not getting herpes 2? I'm ...

 Cantact hiv from contaminated ky lubricant?
Hey me and my gf use ky jelly, and the was a leak in the bottle, and we arnt sure if her 'permiscuis' friend had used...and I worry that maybe somehow hiv fluids got in the bottle,(somone ...

 For those who have had chlamydia before...?
How long did it take to clear up? And before u criticize, I got it from my cheating husband of 6 yrs. Last week I went into the DR. and was told I have chlamydia. He gave me 1 dosage (2 pills) of X...

 can you get herpes from a toilet seat?

 After so long i've found my other and true half, but she has asymptomatic herpes?
I'm really not concerned of contracting it myself, i love her and i want to be with her over all things, but she said she'd feel eternally guilty if she gave me something she didn't ...

 Where can I get STD checked without parental consent?
I live in Canada, city of Hamilton. Where can I get checked for an STD where my parents won't be contacted? If I have an std will they tell my parents ?...

 rash on privates with itchiness?
i have had a rash for the last 3 or 4 months on my privates. very itchy but lately its getting worse can you tell me what this is and what i can do for ...

 can a women give a man the hpv virus?

 Help with the HPVirus?
help. I don't know anything about it and I was just diagnosed as positive. dont think badly of me please. it was through rape. but I need some help with knowing what will happen to me. ...

 Is there a known cure for herpes?
or an experimental ...

 wht are the symptons of hiv and stds ???
when do these symptons start showing ...

 Is this true about Cervical cancer and HPV?
Is it true that most women that get cervical cancer usually have had HPV or left HPV untreated and thus got cervical cancer? I do realize that cervical cancer can be heridtary etc....

can the doctor tell wheather i have a yeast infection from a urine sample?
okay i think i have a yeast infection or a bacteria infection or something, i was at the beach and my boyfriend fingered me and he didn't have clean hands, and its now really itchy and stuff, i googled symptoms and stuff and im pretty sure it's a yeast infection.. im 15 in a month, so i feel pretty ashamed and embarrassed, way to embarrassed to go to the doctor, so i put in a urine sample to see if i had a "urine infection" lol will they be able to tell that i have a yeast infection without me actually having to go in and say i think i have one? please don't lecture me about my age and everything, thanks xxx

Technically speaking, if it is a true clean catch urine specimen, then no, not unless the infection has spread to the bladder. A pelvic exam is the best sure-fire way to tell. While it is possible that a "regular" urinalysis (wherein people don't wipe and catch the midstream--they just pee with no prep whatsoever) will catch it, it's not guaranteed.

First let me say a yeast infection is not an STD. Even babies can get a yeast infection. Im a pediatric nurse and we see this often. It is more common than you may think. Dont be embarrassed to go to the doctor and tell them your symptoms, you dont have to tell your doctor the whole story about being fingered. Anyone can get a yeast infection or a UTI (urinary tract infection). And yes your doctor can tell if you have a yeast infection by looking at your urine results. They may send it off to another lab to be tested again to be 100% sure, which should normally take 2-3 days. In that time your doctor should have perscribed you an antibiotic. If you still feel ashamed to go to the doctor you can buy vagisil at any drug store, but while on vagisil remember not to have any kind of contact down with tampons, fingers, or anything else for that matter.

first it will depend on what test should the doctor ask for... a simple urine analysis can detect the presence of yeast cells and bacteria. on the other hand... it won't rule out the possibility of a yeast infection if the test yields a negative result.

yea they will be able to tell by a urine test you dont even need the test though if you suspect it just start using an over the counter yeast infection cream such as monistat 7 or vagisil cream

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