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 Smoking: is this true???
is it true, if i breath in my smoke too hard ill get throat cancer????


 terrible chest pain!!?
i am having horrible chest pain and not sure why. Its been 100 degrees out lately and not sure if my chest pain has to do with dehydration? but right now the right side of my chest is just aching and ...

 Asthma Help Please!!!!!?
I 80% sure I have asthma. I know I have to breathe in something. If I breathe low and do no breathe hard will the machine automatically say I have asthema or will it know? I need in inhaler, my ...

 why do I cough and vomitt after food?

 I'm scared of driving, i can drive but I'm just scared! any ideas? i think its a panic?
i think its a pani attack but i have tryed everything to get rid of it!! please help me! I'll be very grateful!...

 I'm scared i'll choke on my vomit while sleeping?
Okay,so i wanna make this quick.I have food poisoning and of course when you have food poisoning you vomit.So i'm scared cause i've heard about people and celebrities choking on there vomit ...

 Why does a cough sound different when there's flem?

 Isn't it good now the smoking ban's in that we can stand under a dry bus shelter without harming our health
Its nice to have a choice that isn't - stand out in the rain/suffer smoke inhalation....

 I'm having a birthday party today and I have a really sore throat?
is there anyway that I could get rid of it quickly?
the party is at four, so i have some time.
or if i can't get rid of it,
is there anyway i could at least not be so sick when ...

 What are the symptoms due to the exposure of carbon monoxide?
Okay, here's the story: So, I was on the computer, and the carbon monoxide detector went off (Yes, I called the fire dept. to come over) . Once it went off, I felt very light headed and dizzy, ...

 Do I need antibiotics for a chest infection?
I have had a tight chest for the past 2-3 weeks. Over the past 5 days a chesty cough has developed with the production of green sputum. I have mild asthma and as such have started having difficulty ...

 HELP! I'm sick! I need help, there's something imortant coming!?
I have a cold, no sore throat but I'm VERY stuffy. The thing is, I'm singing for my grandparents' 50th anniversary in 6 days. Any help to get over a cold fast so I can sing?...

 Is smoking marijuana less harmful than smoking cigarettes?
I think weed is less harmful than cigarettes but I need a source to confirm it....

 how do i solve this problem? If 6 out of 10 patients admitted to the hospital are discharged in three days or ?
less, how many out 12,689 admissions recorded were hospitalized over 3 days?...

 I need mature answers ,When did you smoked your last cigarette, X - SMOKIES?how did you managed?

 Shortness of breath, Chest pain and chest tightness.?
For a while now, I've had shortness of breath. I recently quit smoking and It seem to help it, but I still experience it everyday. Yesterday i had some sort of an attack, Similar to the symptoms ...

 my snoring is becoming worst. can somebody tell me whats the best cure for snoring?

 Could using a Asthma Inhaler cause you to not feel right?
Today I just learned I have Ashtma (Excercise Induced) and he gave me an inhaler I have to use 2 times a day. I used it once today and now I don`t feel good. I ate dinner, and it didn`t taste right ...

 is asthma contagious?
my friend said that asthma is contagious and it can be passed on by sharing or coming into contact with other people who have asthma. so she won't share a bottle with my friend. is it really ...

 Im peeing out blood.?
ive been peeing out blood for a day. and i cant go to doctor. what should i do?...

people always cough around me?
when i am out or at places people always sneeze and cough its really irritating. I shower everyday where deoderant wear clean clothes and this always happens. Does anyone have any advise?


yea smack em in the face and tell them to quit spreading germs. Thats so nasty!

Sarah S
If you have problems like these you shoud always tell your docter.

well uh obviously something's wrong with you
maybe you stink

maybe ur deoderant scent is kinda strong and some of them are allergic to it ..

well...... keep up what you're doing, and when you're around them, try not to touch your face, cause your nose and eyes are the most vulnerable, those are the thinest membranes that germs can get through (when the germs get through, thats when you get sick) also, try to keep your hands clean at all times...... I hope this helps! :)

~* ☼ ♥ Summer Babii ♥ ☼ *~
Turn the other way and find a way outta there!
OJ and hand sanitizer baby!

You are just paranoid. People are not allergic to you. You probably noticed it once and now every time somebody coughs you recall the first time you noticed it.

ASk them to please cover their mouths

Charity Jones
Stay at home.

Sexy Homer
They are allergic to your shampoo or deodorant.

In crowded areas it is very easy get different kinds of air diseases.

A preventive is to take A and D vitamins and an antiviral. In the case of. You will never be enough shielded by deodorants. Better take advantage. And have C vitamin by fruits and milk for A & D.

May you should switch to odorless deodorants and shampoo. Also, don't wear perfumes or colognes or anything that smells. You might be wearing something that is causing allergies.

I have reactive airways disease and strong odors can really cause a bad coughing spell.

And shame on those blaming the people suffering.

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