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 Any miracle cures for snoring?
My husband snores so loud and non stop. It doesn't get better when he rolls on his side either. He just gets louder and louder. Anything work for yall...besides ear plugs? I have a baby to ...

 Pulmonary Edema would see the biggest change in what? PCO2, PO2, or pH?
In Pulmonary Edema, you would see the biggest change in
A) PO2
B) pH
C) PCO2...

 coughing and hiccups -- help!?
I've had a sore throat / mild cough for the last 3 days now. Today I woke up and got to work, and by the time 10 AM came I had a terrible case of hiccups. They were somewhat mild, normal at ...

 I think I get panic attacks but I'm not sure?
Okay well I've seen some of the symptoms of panic attacks and I sometimes get them. Like whenever there's an earthquake or when I'm stressed out I get shaky, it's kind of hard for ...

 how to stop congestion?
Im feeling like i can't breathe and theirs junk in my lung my lungs and throat it feels like its Liquid mucus. i Had swimming last night and i could breathe so i would like some medicine or just ...

 If you do not have asthma can Ventolin hurt you?
A few months ago my dr put me on Ventolin Inhaler but now it turns out I may not have asthma. Is this harmful at all?...

 im tired but cant sleep?
is there something wrong wwith me?...

 i inhaled burned plastic, will i be alright?
. tried to smoke out of aluminum and a plastic pen and i may have burned a little plastic. i dont feel lightheaded, i think it may have been very little.. i'm not feeling sick at all. can ...

 Why would I have a 7mm tb test result? Does it mean I have tb?
I had a TB test the other week. It came back as 7mm. My doctor is saying that I might need to go on medication for 9 months even if my chest xray comes back negative.

I thought that under 1...

 what might happen if a blood clot forms inside the circulatory system and lodges in a major blood vessel?

 How does asthma effect/contribute the following :-?
How does asthma affect society ?
And what are the small scale effects ( family).
(Small scale effects of asthma)
And the long term effects (country or the planet )
(Long term ...

 My 10 year old daughter is throwing up, no congestion?
My daughter is throwing up yellowish-brown liquid with lots of mucus in it. She doesn't have any coughing, congestion or head-ache. Any thoughts as to what could be causing this?...

 Is there anything that actually works for snoring?
Does anybody know anyone that uses some sort of snoring aid? If so, does it work and what is it?...

 A 45 years old man has had a fever and dry cough for 3 days ,and now has difficulty breathing and a cough prod?

 Why is my vomit clear, but with Green stuff in it?

 what makes one run out of breath when there is no physical activity involved?
am not ...

 just found out my girlfriend has pneumonia?
can she die of pneumonia ? :(...

 How do you cope with unexected stuff when quitting smoking?
I just put the patch on 2-3 hours ago, and have gum on hand. I went 3 weeks once, when my friend got put in the hospital so I started again. I'm ok for now, and tomorrow will be good as I feel ...

 are whooping cough and tuberculosis the same thing?

 Can you ALWAYS smell smoke on a smoker?
I have a character who's a smoker, and only a few people know, and his wife and two step-kids don't--is that possible, or would they definitely smell it on him?...

What would cause me to feel like I am drowning from fluid in my chest?
It started about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I got a cold. It started as a runny nose & then a sore throat with coughing. Now I feel fine, but I still cough deep & I feel like I have a lot of fluid in my lungs. Whenever I lay down I end up waking up in a panic because I feel like I am drowning in my own fluid. What would cause this & how can I treat it? I am a 34 year old female, if that makes a difference.

It could be a lot of things, but what comes to mind first is pneumonia.

You need to go see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis along with proper treatment.

that's SERIOS you need to see a doctor immediately

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