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Pain in chest/heart and back. Hurts when breathing but no cough.?
I've never come on here for a health question but considering I have a lot of specific details and have seen some legit answers on here I thought I would ask.

My back has been hurting by my shoulder blade extremely bad for the past three weeks. I think it's just a pulled muscle. The pain keeps changing and getting worse (the actual pain has lessened but now it's constant instead of just sitting or laying a certain way.. which I consider worse.)

Today though I rode my bike about 4 miles (2 one way, 2 back home). I got home and it felt like I was having an asthma attack. I don't have asthma but I was hyperventelating and it took a long time to breath normally. My lungs and heart hurt too, especially while breathing. I thought it would go away but when I woke up about 8 hours later it's still here. Every once in a while it feels as if my face is too tight too (as if there's not enough skin? Hard to describe that one). It feels like somebody is standing on my chest. It hurts to breath in deep. It not only hurts in one lung, but both AND around my heart. My back is still hurting too and I'm not sure if it's related.

I have NO cough, I don't feel any other symptoms (besides feeling run down from everything hurting). I'm 20, I smoke but haven't been smoking much at all lately since this all happened (I'm trying to quit anyway, this should help). I don't think I did anything to my back. I probably pulled it without noticing but I didn't do anything drastic. My lungs and heart didn't hurt until I rode my bike. I'm not extremely active but ride a bike a lot so I see no reason that this would cause anything odd.

I also just got taken off my mom's insurance so I'm asking to see if anybody thinks I should go to the doctor or if it's just something that will pass.

Maxine H
You should really go and see a doctor. This is long term chest pain that is really not getting better. Smoking doesn't do this, however some diseases represent themselves with chest pain. A doctor is needed even if you don't have the money to go.

name waster
Well your cause of your problem is from smoking.
It really doesn't matter when you stopped smoking, all that matters was you smoking.

"What is inhaled from smokes goes directly into your lungs. Your blood has a path it takes, into heart, through lungs, back to other side of heart, out to body. So your blood gets the chemicals smoking leaves behind and takes them to your heart. If you love your heart, do not smoke."

So basically the chemicals are causing your stamina to decrease because its going into your heart and your heart can't function properly. Which is also probably why your skin feels too tight, because smoking tends to dehydrate the skin. Soon your skin will be like a leathery texture. Since your smoking, the chemicals are taking over the oxygen. Your lungs aren't getting enough oxygen that you need. That's the cause of your chest pain.

My suggestion, unless you wanna live and you care about your heart.
Quit smoking.

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